Pure Ice Nail Polishes

(These polishes were provided to me for my honest review.)

Sometimes, when you just need a little pick-me-up, a simple pleasure in purchasing an inexpensive nail polish can do just the trick. Plus, it’s calorie free.

I have several Pure Ice polishes that were sent to me to try out. They are all pretty and, the selection was a wide range of colors and types.

pure ice 2 pure ice 4 pure ice 3

After Hours is a warm pink shade. It’s a great shade for Summer. I have applied 3 coats, as I did with all swatches here…

pure ice 1

Next is Viva Las Vegas. Again, three coats of this rockin’ bronze polish…

viva las vegas 3 viva las vegas 4 viva with matte 3

Sea Glass is my favorite of the ones I got to sample. This is a very sweet, fun and not in your face shade. Even though it’s green, this polish goes with just about everything because it is demure…

pure sea glass 2 pure sea glass 3 pure sea glass 6

sea glass 7

This is Ballet Slippers and, if you are looking for a wedding polish or, one for a very young miss, I highly recommend this shade…

pure ice ballet 4 pure ice ballet 3 pure ice ballet 2

I applied a coat of Sea Glass over one nail for an accent…

pure sea glass 7

This is Private Show and what a stunner. Seriously, just three coats to awesomeness…

pure purple 4 pure purple 3

pure ice purple 3

pure purple 27 pure ice purple

Wide Awake is a sheer, glittery brilliant blue…

wide awake 3 Wide awake 5 wide awake 4

wide away 10

I wanted to work on accenting Wide Awake with a coat of black polish underneath. I love the multi-dimensional look it made…

wide awake 7

wide awake black

Pure Ice is found, exclusively, at WalMart. The line has a multitude of shades from cremes, to metallics and fun glitters. They cost only $1.99 and that, my friends, is cheaper than a therapy session.

Which of these 6 is your favorite?


Products were provided to me for my honest review and opinion. 



Fast and Furious Glitter Drive-by Glitter Manicure

Fast and Furious! I did this mani the other evening and was out the door early the next morning. I usually take my photos before I leave for work. But, not this time. This is after I got home.

As you can tell, a lot happens to my nails from the start of the day to when I get home…

I started out with a base color from Color Club. This is ‘Pretty in Platinum.’ And I am in love with this platinum. It wasn’t one bit streaky and was actually set to go after just one coat.

I used ‘Pretty in Platinum’ to showcase this glitter overlay…

Forever 21’s love & beauty polish called ‘Red/Black/Silver.’ Well, I guess that doesn’t leave me taking up any time describing it, does it?

I tried the glitter over a medium green creme, wanting to stay within a Christmas color theme, but I had to go so light with a green for the glitter to show, that it wasn’t even close to Christmas. In fact, it seems weird-looking.

Here’s what a platinum shade did…

Two issues! One, I had to dab the glitter on as it was just bunching up at the tip. Second, this made the glitter coat so thick it took more than forever to dry. As I mentioned, I polished my nails the night before and they were still tacky the next day.

The expression, cool. The play out, meh, could be better…

And I’m not even giving my thumb any face time. Notice on the middle finger how thick the polish is. And that nail seems to have the least amount of glitter too. I did do two coats of ‘Red/Black/Silver.’ I didn’t do a top coat over the glitter so it was a bit gritty too.

What color would you use to show off this glitter?