Be Assured, I Am Still In the Game

As a freelance merchandiser, I’m always on the lookout for what I call ‘forever projects.’  These are jobs that do not have an ending date.  I can do the project for as long as I want/like.  So, I have a new one that is huge!  It’s not a new, per se, to me, job.  I did this same work when I lived In Virginia Beach.  I’m just doing it with a different company here in Orlando.

And with holidays coming around the corner, well…I should be honest; with LOTS of nail polish and makeup collections coming out for the holidays, I will take the extra money.

Just wanted to post that I am not abandoning my blog.  No Way!  And I’m working on one more giveaway to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Also, I’ll share my own story about my close call.

In the meantime, I’d like to share some photos with you.

It’s Orlando and there are tons of landscaping here.  I have clients that are hotels and they will have the most beautiful foliage and flowers.

I highlighted my hair for the first time evaaa!  The base color is darker than I like but the highlights didn’t come out orange.  No hair styling or makeup going on here, so just look at the hair color…please!

I did a swatch on the “Love Bites” polish and Libby’s real brother, Sebastian, came in and just plopped down.  This is one BIG cat!!  He’s going to be 7 years old in February.  And he’s almost 13#.  Ragdoll breeds are large cats so he isn’t unusual for that breed.  And, he is as soft as he looks.

Here I am with my bestie’s little besties!  Just to prove that I really do NOT scare away children.

I won a PilatesStick in a drawing on Facebook.  This is Libby checking it out before I take the equipment out of the box .  Libby doesn’t do Pilates.  She likes to hang around when I do it though.  Pssst….don’t tell Libby because it would hurt her feelings, but with her tummy, she really could benefit from Pilates.  What a visual; a cat doing The Hundred!!!!  Haaa haaa!

Lastly, there is a lot of upset going on in nail/makeup blog world.  There is a website/blogs that are stealing, not only photos, not only articles, but even the followers’ comments.  Very low and dirty.  If you are a follower of any blog that is doing this, I ask you to unfollow them.  I’m going to ask permission first from the great blogs I follow that are being stolen from before I name names.  I just want to throw that out there that this is an issue and I hope it can be stopped.

Dear readers, you will always get original stuff from me.  If I use anyone else’s stuff, I will get permission first and note and link back to original owner; no stealing here.  And with that, thank you for being a reader of my blog.

Can’t Beat Beatz Blog; I Got My Prize

This is what I won from Beatz.  She had a giveaway last month and I was lucky enough to be the winner.

I knew the prize was the set of rhinestone setters.  But, she threw in a little special surprise…False Eyelashes!

Can you see that the color inside each pen is a swirled ribbon?  Neat!!

And just dig these falsies!!  Look at the thickness of the lashes and the topper, those long wispies!!!  I can’t wait to be battin’ those babies!  🙂

Beatz, she’s the best!   She has the cutest eye shadow and lip look today.  I’m totally envious of her skills, both nails and makeup.  Check out her blog.

Sebastian (Libby’s litter brother) and Libby were beside themselves that I was out on the patio taking these pictures.  They know they are not allowed outside….silly Ragdolls!

40 Followers, Better Get Ready For A Giveaway!!!

Libby is beaming with glee.  She has 40 followers as of today.  And even though she is delighted, it really poops her out.
That’s her snoozing with her real-life brother, Sebastian.  Libby often hears her mommy, Kimberly, say that she wishes SHE had the life of a Ragdoll…sigh….

Thanks, dear readers!  Before the week is over I will post some of the giveaway items for reaching 50 followers.  Libby says to make it easy and that it will be more fun that way. 🙂