Revlon’s PhotoReady Eye Art: Topaz Twinkle

How have Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art shadows come in under the radar? I went to Rite Aid to pick up the Snowman polishes (only to find out that they are the same colors they had last year!) and found a display with these new products…


I don’t know how I missed reading anywhere about the PhotoReady Eye Art shadows because I would have been on a hunt PRONTO for them! I exercised EXTREME restraint and only purchased one. This is Topaz Twinkle …



And since there were approximately 10 different colors, I picked Topaz Twinkle because there was only one left of that shade. Now, you might, rightfully, ask yourself, if this one is THAT pretty, I wonder if other colors like blue, green, black, and others are as pretty…

DSCF0003 DSCF0004

I will save you the wondering. They are. I’m waiting for a sale! This was almost $10 at Rite Aid and, I see them for $8.98 at Walgreens.

One end, has the metallic-like shadow and the wand applicator is bendy, and you know, I liked how easy and gentle that made the application. The other end that has the glitter, it’s a pointed brush that allows for plenty of product pick-up…

DSCF0013 DSCF0015

In the meantime, here are swatches of Topaz Twinkle to lust over…

DSCF0006 DSCF0005 DSCF0010


I wore my PhotoReady Eye Art shadow with and without eye primer. It was actually good both ways. I got a little bit more mileage with a primer so, that’s how I’m going to continue to roll with this product. I also used the glitter part as an eyeliner, over a couple of Urban Decay pencil eyeliners, over Beauty From The Earth mineral shadows applied foiled as eyeliners and, I used it all over the Topaz cream shadow. I loved it all! An interesting side note: when I apply the glitter, it has a very cooling sensation. I am thinking it may have some sort of alcohol component that allows for it to dry quickly and add to cohesion that creates that cool temperature feeling.

Photos fail, extremely, to show the metallic look of the cream shadow and, the very sparkly goodness of the glitter. This is one product I can’t wait for Santa to arrive to put it in my stocking. I’m going in for early self-gifting!

Have you spied Revlon’s PhotoReady Eye Art shadows? Which one(s) did you get?

I Spy…New Polishes at Walgreens; Hard Candy at Walmart

Today, after doing four projects in four different stores, I still had a conference call at 3. It was getting close in time, so I stopped off at Walgreens just to pass some time. OK…and to look for new stuff.

When I find something new to share in the ‘I Spy’ posts, I’ll let you know if it is new to me. That means I don’t recall hearing or reading about it in all the blogs, tweets and Facebook posts I come across. That doesn’t mean no one else has blogged about it, though. Otherwise, I will comment that I have seen or read about it in the blog universe.

So, here’s what I found/discovered at Walgreens today…

A ‘new to me’ display of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes. There are four polishes they call a base and then 4 glitter overcoats coordinating with the base colors.

Looky here…

These photos are with my phone so the colors are not as vivid as they are in true life. But here’s one that I liked the best…

It is just a bit more multi-colored than the photo shows. But not by much. This had to have been a newly set up display because only one polish was missing.

And, next to it was this Revlon display…

If you check out the model’s hand, you can see that, even with this washed-out photo, that the polish color is damn near the color of her skin. It is. And when I saw this display, it took my brain to see that comparison to realize that the polish isn’t white. It’s just a little bitty bit off. It’s one of those colors that doesn’t fit so nicely in a description. My go at it is to say it is the lightest ever taupy-white. Here’s what I do know: this isn’t a color that interests me.

And one final find. I saw this display at Walmart…

Here’s four Hard Candy products. I have seen these, in quick passing, in the regular makeup aisle. However, this one caught my eye and gave me perchance to pause. This display is called a ‘sidekick’. It hangs on the side of the end shelves and that is called an endcap. I see a lot of sidekicks at Walgreens. And, I’m seeing them more and more at Walmart too. It’s just another way to cram more product into the store. 🙂

In recap: I didn’t buy one item. Nope. I’m saving my money for the Orlando Premiere show coming up in June and then the Makeup Show that is in September. This is going to take more discipline than passing on cake and cookies!

Have you seen any of these items? Did you purchase any and tell me what you think about them.

I Spy…Sally Hansen’s Spring Salon Effects and Revlon’s Crackle Effects

I just happened to stop by a Walgreens this afternoon after I finished a gig at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I think I was trying to soothe myself because there was nothing new at BB&B. I got my giddy back finding these new things at Wags…

This is the first I have seen of these, so they must be brand new. So new that they didn’t even take the time to price them. But I’m sure they are around the $10 price point the others have been.

Cute names! And I’d be all over the ‘Not a Peep’ if they had been the actual, trademarked Peeps.

 Do these remind you of aprons? Do you even know what an apron is!!

Polka dots; WIN! Every single one of these are dainty and cute. Very feminine and flirty.

Next, I found Revlon’s dual end Crackle Effect polish…

I have read about this collection on other nail blogs. However, this is the first time I have seen it in stores.

 Pairing the crackle with a regular polish is not only a cool idea but the price is decent at $8.

Surprisingly, there are several frosts. I wasn’t expecting that many. Looks like 4 shades. But I think all the base colors are fun and trendy shades.

The display had samples of the finished look. Then, those silly displays are tipped at just the right angle to look good visually, but to photograph terribly.

While doing a project at Walmart, I found something that took me back to long ago…

Do you remember Lisa Frank products? These go back to the ’70’s. I remember getting some of these stickers in high school and putting them up in my locker. LOL Things haven’t changed. There were just two of these books left. I got them both. Would you like to win one? Leave a comment with your email addy and tell me what you like about today’s post. Anyone can win. I’ll keep this open til March 4, 8 PM CST.

Will you get any of the Spring LE Salon Effects? How about Revlon’s Crackle Effects, or, are you like me and just done with crackles?

I Spy…New Revlon and Maybelline at Bed, Bath and Beyond 1/14

As promised, I am going to show you some of the new things I spotted at Bed, Bath and Beyond last week. It just so happens that the department associate was putting up new displays.

This is Revlon’s jump into the trend of gel-like polishes…

I see a wide array of shades. Since I’m seriously behind on swatching, I didn’t make a purchase. But, after pulling a couple of the bottles to show you up close, I’m thinking I’ll probably change my mind…

Gosh, that’s a pretty green. Being Irish and all, I would love that one around St. Patrick’s Day.

And for those that have a warm spot in their heart for a peacock blue or a dark teal…

Ahhh…another lovely.

Then I found these lippies…

The sales associate, that was setting up the displays, was rather excited to tell me about this Maybelline lipstick. And, rightfully so. Gone are those two-step processes of putting on a drying lip color, waiting for it to dry, then putting another product over that to give the lips some moisture. This one states it does it all in one product. And even if it lasted HALF as long as it claims, I’m sold.

Again, I pulled out just a couple to give you an idea about packaging and shades…

I took these photos with my phone camera and all but this last photo (got blurry) have impressed me with what my phone can do. These colors are spot on, even under fluorescent lighting.

After I do some merchandising projects, I have to take a photo of the finished deal to send in with my report. I have to do this for the BB&B project I do. What I should make a point of doing is taking the photos of the makeup stuff BEFORE I do the merchandising work. My polish is chipped and shows in a couple of these photos. Blech.

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Whimsical Kool-Aid Manicure

Who doesn’t want glitter nail polish??? I’m giving away two prizes for the stuff! Enter here.

Revlon’s ‘Whimsical’ polish is the newest polish to cause a ruckus…

It’s funky-looking to me. But, in a cool way. ‘Whimsical’ has this milky-blue base with a scattering of pink and teal colored hex glitter. There’s teal regular glitter in there too. What a unique soup of polish. Well, I understand that it is a ‘dupe’ of another high-end polish. However, this is a mixture that is totally new to me.

Since I find ‘Whimsical’ to be on the thin side, I wanted to pair it up with a base color that would show it off. I picked a favorite polish of mine, Cult Nail’s ‘My Kind of Cool Aid’. ‘Whimsical’ muted down the gray/lavender of ‘MKOCA’ just a bit, but I don’t think it took away any of the charisma of either polish.

 I used 2 coats of ‘MKOCA’ and two coats of ‘Whimsical.’ Darn sparse glitter!!! Y U No come off on nail!!!

I first tested ‘Whimsical’ out on an old OPI mini to see if I could make my nail line disappear. It worked, but I wanted something with a bit more character. That’s why I went to ‘My Kind of Cool Aid’.

Even with the unevenness of my nail length, I still got a compliment on them. And that was at Walmart, of all places! That young lady was paying attention. 🙂

Have you been able to find ‘Whimsical’?

I Spy…Walgreens 11/11/11

These are a few random products I found on those top shelves at a Walgreens…

 New designs from Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Nail Stripes.

Cool, eh?

Then I saw this larger display…

It’s a new display for Revlon. First, I think they are just waiting to make some room for this one because it says ‘Holiday Season’. Next, I was holding my camera over my head to snap these photos. It was too large of a display to take down safely.

But I did take some pieces down to show…

There’s glosses and polishes. Oh, peek!!! There’s a $1 off coupon pad on it too!

I got up on one of the stools that the store uses. So I always feel guilty helping myself. Thus, I hurried and didn’t get any names of these cuties.

I know, you’re surprised to hear me say I’m guilty when I do this. There is a tinge of guilt. But not enough to stop me! Anyhoo, I thought this was a cool murky olive polish. I almost got this one too.

OK, everything I take single shots of I want…

I do NOT need any more clear, glittery lip gloss (repeated until I left the store).

And one last display…

See the first two on the left and how they are not matched up with the same colors in the back row? That’s because I took them down, looked at them, figured they were new, then ran out to my car and got my camera.

This spy project isn’t a good one. My instincts told me that I was going to get asked to stop. That didn’t happen. However, the young lady that was working in the cosmetics department told me to be careful when she found me standing on their stool. I think she remembered me as the ‘nail blog lady.’

Anything here tease you?

Purple Hex Glitter Troubles

When I was a kid, I used to get into trouble (sort of) because I didn’t like to follow directions. More realistically, I wanted to play outside the box. So it’s no surprise when I show these types of swatches.

First, I try on Forever 21’s Love & Beauty ‘Purple’ all by itself. Let me show you how awesome this glitter is…

Hex-y-topia glitter in there!!

Jam-packed full of glitter, make that ‘hex’ glitter. There is that gotta ‘gemme’ large-shaped hexagon and then billions of micro-hexagon glitter in there. The base is clear and maybe a bit purple tinged but then, that could be my eyes tricking me too. And it seems as if the large hex glitter is a different shade but I feel that it just refracts the light differently.

Here’s what it looks like as a polish all by itself…

This is a couple of coats and I could see that a solid base color would bring out the Hellmen’s best. But being that it was glitter, I really didn’t want to start all over again. Hey, look! There’s the right hand waving ‘Me! Me!’

So, going against “somebody’s” rules, I painted my right hand a few different base colors. I picked up three polishes that I wanted to experiment on…

Oooowwwwww…stray hair, Y U not show up before photos?  On my index and middle finger I have on Confetti’s ‘Moonstruck.’ On the ring and pinky finger, I have Revlon’s ‘Perflex.’

On the thumb, this is OPI’s ‘Totally Fort-Worth It.’ 

My blogger pick is….

Love & Beauty’s ‘Purple’ over Revlon’s ‘Perplex.’ That’s the pinky and ring finger.

I wish my left hand nails would be as long and uniform as my right hand….except for that stupid hair. (And, I read that Ragdoll cats are low-shedding. Whoever said that needs to have a week’s worth of vacuum canister ‘waste’ dumped on their head to show them what ‘low-shed’ looks like. *scowl*)

Gotta passion for purple? What if you could get a purple glitter that has tiny hex glitter and a few larger hex shapes thrown in? I thought so. Do you have fun breaking the nail polish rules occasionally?

Manicure ‘Sam-mich’

This trend of creating a nail polish sandwich (we say ‘sam-mich’ in my house….because we’re weird like that) is really cute. And I am enjoying the creativity that it beckons.

Go here and look at Nightly Nail’s sammich. Durn cute, eh? Hey, she says ‘sammich’ too! But she’s not weird; she’s a friend.

And this one….ah, take a look at this one here. This is by Never Enough Nails.

I was at Ulta and spotted this polish by Revlon and ‘sandwich’ was the first thing that came to my mind.

Revlon’s ‘Starry Pink.’ This is a dusty, light-pinkish lavender that has silver hexagon and micro-glitter.

I liked it because it looks like a ‘cheater’s’ sammich…

I’m sorry…my cuticles need 911! And, can you see that I have, actually, put cuticle oil on them too? Sigh…

However, am I on track here with ‘Starry Pink’ looking like a polish sandwich. It was a pleasant surprise that it really did have some qualities of the sandwich manicure.

Granted, I am not a fan of dusty pink polishes. I think they look dirty on me. But this one, it almost gets by…

I wore it for a couple of days and it did start to grow on me. I have on two coats with Color Club’s ‘Vivid’: Color Intensifying Top Coat. I used that hoping it would give some luminosity to ‘Starry Pink.’

So, what do you think? Want some ‘tater chips to go with that sammich? Here’s the tidbit on me today; I am not a big sandwich fan at all. There are just a few sandwiches I like. And, this is one that seems to have won me over.

I Spy…New Stuff At Walgreens 6/28

Just a quickly before I spam you tomorrow with a July 4th manicure.

This week, I must have stopped off in 5 different Walgreens looking for new Wet ‘n Wild stuff. Nada!! But, this display was new to me and caught my eye…

This is Revlon’s new, summer edition called ‘Sweety Seductive.’

There are 6 sets of polish with a matching lippy.

This is why they caught my attention…


And, you can see just a bit from the yellow shade that these are scented.

Quite honestly, I am surprised I didn’t cave. But then, I had an orthopedic doctor’s appointment the following day and I didn’t know if I was going to have to have surgery or not. Happy, happy!!!!…I do not! We, originally, thought I had a partially torn rotator cuff. But it is just hugely inflamed.

Anyway, back to makeup world…I can see why it may be a problem in finding some of the new Sinful Colors displays if other stores follow suit…

Maybe only one has sold out of this new collection. The display backboard is jammed up behind the shelf above it; you can’t tell what collection this is. I think this is the ‘Get Swirling’ collection.

As a merchandiser, I think the company that sells Sinful Colors would have an issue with their product’s placement. Did you know brands ‘rent’ spots (or, real estate, as we merchandisers call it) where their merchandise is placed? When you see a particular brand or product being displayed in a window or an endcap, that company is paying the store extra to have that exposure.

Even people in retail don’t know this and thus, never realize that there is a ‘purpose’ for plan-o-grams. Thus, why I have a job; companies don’t trust stores to put products where they are supposed to. That’s what I get to do. 🙂

Have a Smokin’ Good Time

Make hay while the sun is shining…what a cliche…lol.  Made more sense before electricity.  Hee hee.  For me, it meant it was a beautiful, sunny day; start swatchin’!

This is Revlon’s Top Speed One Coat in ‘Smoke.’  Such a pretty smoked out blue/gray.  I could have gotten away with that one coat but I did two for good measure.  Even though it looks like a creme, there is the very faintest hint of a pink shimmer. 

 This blue manicure is to help bring awareness to Autism, as this month is Autism Awareness Month.  I saw an entire endcap at Barnes & Nobles today devoted to books about autism.  If you can, please contribute to a friend of Jasmine’s, at ColourCoated blog,  that is doing a walk for autism.  Please click here, to get the info on how you can contribute.  Even $1 will make a difference.

I would consider wearing this color for any season.  It works right now because it reminds me of an Easter egg color or Easster candy.  Remember those malt ball Easter eggs?  These are the main reason I can’t get through the season without candy.

Because ‘Smoke’ is a fast dry polish, I had to work fast as it really does dry up.  It was difficult for me to keep it from being streak free.  I’m just pokey.

Something I do know, this color really is ‘smokin’!  There are so many glitter/shimmer/crackle top coats that would look cool on ‘Smoke.’  But the other thing…this polish STUNK!!!  Pew-wee!  Might I suggest doing this with the windows open. >-<

Wouldn’t you like to play with this polish with  different types of top coats?  What one would you use?