Thanksgiving Nail Polish Tradition

This polish(es) are really old!  I can’t even tell you how long I’ve had them.  You’ll be able to tell by the bottle shape that these are ancient Sally Hansen’s.

Every fall, around Thanksgiving, I fall in love with this combo.  However, I did some comparisons.

I start off with SH’s ‘Bronzegold Frost.’  This will tell you how old this is; it says it’s made with nylon.  Didn’t nylon go out of fashion when spandex came on board?
Then, over ‘Bronzegold Frost’ I layer ‘Gilded Pink’…

Bronze glitter.  Cool.  Since these are old SH’s, they have that skinny brush that you just want to throw at a Claire Marie writer.  How in the world did we put up with those skinny, terrible brushes for so long?  And then, since I’ve had this since Cleopatra used henna for polish, it was on the thick side.  I’m not ditching these until I find some dupes!

That’s some sassy bronze glitter.  After just two coats, it made a beautiful combo…

Damn!  I buggered up my middle finger.  And wouldn’t you it, I didn’t see it til I got a photo.  sigh

So, I got to thinking (why do people step back 3 feet away from me when I say that??).  What if I have another overlay that would sort of look like this one?

I’ve had this one for a bit, but not years like the first two.  This is Cover Girl’s Boundless Color ‘Ruby Dust’…

This is what it looks like over the SH ‘Bronzegold Frost’…

This is still got that bronze look within.  The glitter is different sizes as well.  The large bits of glitter are iridescent and bronze.  The microglitter is bronze.

And now, a side by side comparison…

Not a whole lot of difference.  The ‘Ruby Dust’ just seems to have the chunky glitter where the ‘Gilded Pink’ is all glitter.  I did use 2 coats on both of these.  And, these are over 2 coats of the base, ‘Bronzegold Frost.’

You may need to stand back three feet, because I started thinking again.
I would not have called ‘Gilded Pink’ pink.  It’s bronze.  So to check for myself, I got out another pink overlay.  Here I’m showing Wet’N’Wild’s ‘Sparked.’

I have Sally Hansen’s ‘Bronzegold Frost’ at the top.  Second row is Sally Hansen’s ‘Gilded Pink’, then Wet’N’Wild’s ‘Sparked’, last is Cover Girl’s ‘Ruby Dust.’  Does ‘Gilded Pink’ look more like bronze and, ‘Ruby Dust’ look more like pink than rubies?

This is my traditional fall/Thanksgiving manicure.  It’s the polishes I use right after Halloween and have, for more years than I care to count up.  But as with almost any look, it’s good to spice it up, update it and then call it ‘Retro.’

Does anyone else have a Thanksgiving season beauty ritual?  Which do you like the best; Gilded Pink or Ruby Dust?

A Rose By Any Other Name

Growing up, I could rarely use nail polish.  Mostly because my father is highly sensitive to odors.  So nail polish, nail polish remover, incense (hey, it was the 70’s!), and perfumes where out of the question.  When I could, on rare occasions, apply polish, it was done outdoors, hours before my father got home from work.

I’m soooo lucky I didn’t inherit THAT trait!  Not that I love the smell of polish, but I just plain like to polish my nails!

And I love, love, LOVE deep, rich colors.  Check out this cutie I got from Forever 21…

Hooray!!  The camera DID pickup on the gold duochrome in this sassy magenta.  But why do they name this lamely ‘Rose’?  At least spice it up like ‘Gilding Rose.’  Forever 21 calls their makeup like ‘Love and Beauty’ which is much more appealing.

Yea, it is sassy on my toesies.  See the brown patches on my feet.  That’s my attempt with self-tanners.  I try to embrace my paleness.  But, well, remember I can’t leave well enough alone?

This is a mini bottle.  It has a rubber-grip top.  That is a nice quality.  With a squared bottle, I like the way it fits in my hand.  The brush is long and thin but nothing weird or terrible about it.  The consistency of the polish is very nice.  It’s not watery, nor is it gloppy thick.  Goldilocks approves it as juuusst right!

I admit I am so smitten by the color, I took more photos of the bottle!    But I am so fascinated with the gold veins in this polish.  Uber love-sauce!

And the kicker, for me, it only cost $2.80!  One last note on the polish; even though the gold shimmer came through digitally, the color of the magenta is a little bit darker in real life.

With this winning cutie, I will say that it has the sweet smell of success.

What’s your favorite smell?  Baking bread?  Babies’ necks?  Newly mowed grass?  Those are a few of mine.