I Spy…New Polishes at Walgreens; Hard Candy at Walmart

Today, after doing four projects in four different stores, I still had a conference call at 3. It was getting close in time, so I stopped off at Walgreens just to pass some time. OK…and to look for new stuff.

When I find something new to share in the ‘I Spy’ posts, I’ll let you know if it is new to me. That means I don’t recall hearing or reading about it in all the blogs, tweets and Facebook posts I come across. That doesn’t mean no one else has blogged about it, though. Otherwise, I will comment that I have seen or read about it in the blog universe.

So, here’s what I found/discovered at Walgreens today…

A ‘new to me’ display of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes. There are four polishes they call a base and then 4 glitter overcoats coordinating with the base colors.

Looky here…

These photos are with my phone so the colors are not as vivid as they are in true life. But here’s one that I liked the best…

It is just a bit more multi-colored than the photo shows. But not by much. This had to have been a newly set up display because only one polish was missing.

And, next to it was this Revlon display…

If you check out the model’s hand, you can see that, even with this washed-out photo, that the polish color is damn near the color of her skin. It is. And when I saw this display, it took my brain to see that comparison to realize that the polish isn’t white. It’s just a little bitty bit off. It’s one of those colors that doesn’t fit so nicely in a description. My go at it is to say it is the lightest ever taupy-white. Here’s what I do know: this isn’t a color that interests me.

And one final find. I saw this display at Walmart…

Here’s four Hard Candy products. I have seen these, in quick passing, in the regular makeup aisle. However, this one caught my eye and gave me perchance to pause. This display is called a ‘sidekick’. It hangs on the side of the end shelves and that is called an endcap. I see a lot of sidekicks at Walgreens. And, I’m seeing them more and more at Walmart too. It’s just another way to cram more product into the store. 🙂

In recap: I didn’t buy one item. Nope. I’m saving my money for the Orlando Premiere show coming up in June and then the Makeup Show that is in September. This is going to take more discipline than passing on cake and cookies!

Have you seen any of these items? Did you purchase any and tell me what you think about them.

I Spy…Sally Hansen’s Spring Salon Effects and Revlon’s Crackle Effects

I just happened to stop by a Walgreens this afternoon after I finished a gig at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I think I was trying to soothe myself because there was nothing new at BB&B. I got my giddy back finding these new things at Wags…

This is the first I have seen of these, so they must be brand new. So new that they didn’t even take the time to price them. But I’m sure they are around the $10 price point the others have been.

Cute names! And I’d be all over the ‘Not a Peep’ if they had been the actual, trademarked Peeps.

 Do these remind you of aprons? Do you even know what an apron is!!

Polka dots; WIN! Every single one of these are dainty and cute. Very feminine and flirty.

Next, I found Revlon’s dual end Crackle Effect polish…

I have read about this collection on other nail blogs. However, this is the first time I have seen it in stores.

 Pairing the crackle with a regular polish is not only a cool idea but the price is decent at $8.

Surprisingly, there are several frosts. I wasn’t expecting that many. Looks like 4 shades. But I think all the base colors are fun and trendy shades.

The display had samples of the finished look. Then, those silly displays are tipped at just the right angle to look good visually, but to photograph terribly.

While doing a project at Walmart, I found something that took me back to long ago…

Do you remember Lisa Frank products? These go back to the ’70’s. I remember getting some of these stickers in high school and putting them up in my locker. LOL Things haven’t changed. There were just two of these books left. I got them both. Would you like to win one? Leave a comment with your email addy and tell me what you like about today’s post. Anyone can win. I’ll keep this open til March 4, 8 PM CST.

Will you get any of the Spring LE Salon Effects? How about Revlon’s Crackle Effects, or, are you like me and just done with crackles?

I Spy…Sally Hansen Greens & Cast Away Sinful ColorsWalgreens

Green polish at WalGREENS! (Insert a PeeWee Herman laugh.)

This past Saturday I went on a mission to find the new Cast Away Collection by Sinful Colors. I did find that collection and, I found some St. Patrick’s Day greens from Sally Hansen.

Just a note, I found a St. Patrick’s Day collection of Sinful Colors. I don’t believe any of these are new shades but ‘Atlantis’ is one to get! That’s a flaky green and it a favorite of mine.

This Go Green collection from Sally Hansen was a surprise to me. I didn’t know about it previously…

I will be going back for a couple of these. There wasn’t a sale going on last week, nor with week, at Walgreens. I think I’ll wait til next Sunday and see. Sally Hansen is a nail brand that has sales quite often at Walgreens. I don’t see me missing out on getting the ones I like. And, they are $1.99 each at their regular price.

 A total of 5 greens to get your green on. The far, two right shades are the same. And I didn’t compare, or check to see if these are re-issues. The two I have an eye on, however, are the 2nd and the 3rd from the left.

OK, once I peeled myself away from oogling that collection, I went on to a bit of hyperventilation when I found the Sinful Colors Cast Away collection so early in the game.

I will be showing a closer look of these in an upcoming post so you can see these in a better light. But, here is a sneak peek…

There are a total of eight shades. I got all but one tiffany-esque shade called ‘Be Happy’. And, another bestest part; Walgreens had their Sinful Colors on sale for $.99; normally $1.99 each.

Which shade from Cast Away should I review first?

I Spy…New Products at Walgreens 1/12/12

This week I mostly did window shopping. In a resolution to lower my makeup budget and put more into photography classes and accessories, I put in some serious resistance this week.

There were some goodies out there. As always, these are new to me.

I dared myself to go into a Walgreens and not buy anything. Think I succeeded?…

Burt’s Bees has started a new line called gud. I think it is pronounced like gouda…without the A. Anyhoo, the sales lady said that she had a $1.50 off coupon for them too. So I did some sniffing and made a pick…

I picked the Vanilla Flame wash to try. My verdict from one use…meh. For me, I felt it under-performed. I think because Burt’s Bees is behind it, I was expecting more. So, this wasn’t any better than a Sauve body wash. However, if you are so inclined to give it a try, there is a QR on the back of the product…

For kicks, I tried it. After sharing my email address, they emailed me a $1 off coupon. (As an aside, the sales lady said that these were not selling well at all.)

Next, I saw this. Now I almost bought this because I had not heard anything about it…

Wet ‘n Wild has a lash kit that has a mascara and a lash booster in it. Seems they have been around as this one was the only one left. I can’t tell you any more than that.

This week was an easy one for work. So, I had more spare time on my hands. I shopped around a bit more, going down different aisles and then I found this…

 It was on clearance…

 Can you tell what aisle it was on?

‘Nuf said.

Sally Hansen’s ‘Moisture Twist’ 2-in-1 Primer and Color. Looks like a color gloss. The swirly colors were what caught my eye. I felt my resolve weakening. Then I told myself to go home and look for a coupon first. 🙂

Now this one, I have read about on other cosmetic blogs…

 Sally Hansen might be trying to give us a sucker punch because the above shown polish is named ‘Hidden Treasure.’ However, here is the original Hidden Treasure‘ I reviewed way back. Nothing even close. Oopsie!

I really like press-on nails. I love how perfect they make my nails look. But they have come a long way with the glue or adhesive. Man, that stuff works good! So I don’t use them unless I want to keep them on for several days. Again, I found myself struggling to keep my debit card in my pocket when I saw these…

 And again, with these!!!

Did you catch that sale price sticker? Buy one get one 50% off. Ooohhh!!!

I spied a LOT of stuff, didn’t I? And I spied stuff today at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I’ll post that this weekend.

Green and Blue Holiday Polish Dupes

Want to see some more Holiday nail polish dupes?? TOUGH! I’m doing more anyway. 😉

Green and blue dupes and comparisons…

These two are not even similar. However, that’s what happens when I look for dupes in my stash hidden placed in my closet. But, let’s take a look at them for the sake of looking at some very beautiful polishes.

Sally Hansen’s ‘Blingtastic’ is from the new Gem Crush collection. It has blue micro glitter and a smattering of silver hexagon glitter. It looks like a Christmas card that has the glitter on it.

The green is from Color Club’s Beyond the Mistletoe. This is called ‘Holiday Splendor.’ Very dense green micro-glitter with iridescent glitter. I’m reminded of a thick Christmas tree with lots and lots of those tiny Christmas lights.

It’s easy to tell the difference between these two. And it is easy to see that I didn’t put on cuticle oil before photographing.

‘Holiday Splendor’ is very opaque. Just 2 coats here. And ‘Blingtastic’, oh my! The silver glitter did NOT want to apply. I ended up dabbing them on. And the polish, poor stuff, pulled really bad.

Next up, another mismatch…

 Very, very similar in the bottle. The Wet ‘n Wild polish is ‘Cost Is No Issue’ from the Ice Baby collection. The Sally Hansen is not a new one, but one I rummaged through my stash and found. It’s name is ‘Teal-y Cool.’

 Good grief. When am I going to learn that these Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears can be as watery as Wonton Soup.

I don’t know if I can even recommend ‘Teal-y Cool’ for a special effects top coat. Maybe I’ll give it one more chance doing just that.  As far as ‘Cost is No Issue’, that baby is dense and opaque in two coats. Oh, and for the record, ‘Teal-y Cool’ is 3 coats.

Because I loved ‘Holiday Splendor’ so much, and I mean VERY much, I took off the Wonton Soup polish (aka ‘Teal-y Cool’). I put ‘Holiday Splendor’ on to make a complete manicure in one shade.

 It’s a ‘Christmas tree with sparkly ornaments’ polish.

 Great shot to show you the sparkle. I’m not exaggerating (this time).

And it is opaque in 2 coats. This time, I did put on a top coat. I used Color Club’s Vivid Color Intensifying Top Coat.

And, I changed things up for my right hand. I used Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Cost Is No Issue’ up against Sally Hansen’s ‘Blingtastic.’ I think this is the pairing I meant to do in the first place.

‘Cost Is No Issue’ is on my thumb, middle and pinky. That leaves ‘Blingtastic’ for the index and ring nail. I have got to just love the shades in the Icy Baby collection. They are very dense with glitter. However, once again, I had to work at fishing out the sliver glitter in ‘Blingtastic’ as well as not very dense in just 2 coats. And, it is much more of a blue shade next to ‘Cost Is No Issue’ which leans towards a teal. No top coats here.

I think it is, without a doubt, that ‘Holiday Splendor’ is my favored polish in this round. It’s not very unique among Holiday green glitters. But what is fantastic about it is the opaqueness and the sparkle it has.

Any favorites here for you?

Comparison Polishes That Are Haute, Glitzy and Sparkly For The Holidays

Let’s compare a few more Holiday polishes, shall we?

This time we have Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘It’s All In The Cut’ from the Ice Baby collection, up against Sally Hansen’s ‘Be-Jeweled,’ which is from the Gem Crush collection…

Oh, these are sooooo dupe-y.

Take a gander and see what they look like on my nails…

On my thumb, middle and pink, I have SH’s ‘Be-Jeweled.’ That leaves the index and ring nail to show WnW’s ‘All In The Cut.’ All are with 2 coats and no top coat. They are so blingy, I can’t see that a top coat would improve them. I would recommend it if you don’t like the feel of gritty glitter or, if you plan on wearing the polishes longer than just the 24 hours I did.

I’d like to have you look closer and notice some issues…

Both of these had drag and bald areas. In fact, I had to dab the polish on in some spots to try and get rid of the bald areas. It worked in some areas but then would pull in others. See how this happened on my thumb?

Both of these polishes are a red-purple micro glitter with regular glitter and that glitter seems to be the same color or, maybe a bit more red and sparkly. I’m having difficulty pinning this one down.

But, can you tell the two polishes apart? I can’t. They look identical. 

Here’s another pair to check out…

On the left is Sally Hansen’s ‘Glitz Gal’ from the Gem Crush collection. And the one on the right is China Glaze’s ‘Some Like It Haute.’  Both of these have blue-purple micro glitter and then is sprinkled with iridescent regular size glitter. Think of the evening sky where the sky begins to be dark enough for the stars to start twinkling. There you have these polishes’ look.

These are another pair that are so close, I can’t tell…

On the thumb, middle and pinky, that is ‘Glitz Gal.’ And on the index and ring, there you are looking at ‘Some Like It Haute.’ I stuck to the two coats and no top coat. Can you tell that these are beyond sparkly? I had fun twiddling my fingers in the sunlight.


I can’t tell the different. But, again, as with the first 2 polishes, there was drag and patchy-ness. When I tried to fix one area, it would create another. Probably a third coat would have overcome this issue. But it really was only noticeable up close and not at a casual distance.

The easiest to apply was China Glaze’s ‘Some Like It Haute.’ Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘All In The Cut’ was the thickest. But interestingly enough, all were very sheer with the first coat. This could make them a fairly good choice to use as a sparkly top coat. All were OK to remove. It did take some scrubbing with Zoya’s Remove+ to get my nails clean.

I still have these polishes on while I’m writing this post. Even here in my home office, it is dim. However, these polishes are so incredibly sparkly they are shimmering and glowing. I’m easily transfixed on these very sparkle polishes that are available this Holiday season. It is with full confidence that I can tell you, these are my favorite types of glitter polishes.

Do you feel my descriptions are vivid enough? And, how do you feel about them being true dupes?

Copy Cats, Round Deux(P)

Thanks so much for the feedback letting me know you like dupe posts as much as I do.

Here are a couple more for you to check out…

These twins, separated at birth, are China Glaze’s ‘Lorelei’s Tiara’ and Sally Hansen’s ‘ShowGirl Chic.’ ‘Lorelei’s Tiara’ comes from the 3-D Glitter collection. ‘ShowGirl Chic’ is from the Gem Crush collection. I have acquired all of the polishes, in this post, in the last 2 weeks; brand new stuff.

Here’s a side by side. Cameras do weird things with contrasting sparkles, like here. If you look at the top photo, of the Sally Hansen polish, that is a totally accurate color representation. The bottom photo, even though they still look the same, it looks as if they are smoky or grey. They are not.

On the nails…I used SH’s ‘ShowGirl Chic’ on the thumb, middle and pinky. China Glaze is on the index and ring finger. These polishes are stuffed with silver glitter. Then for a playful splash, there is a bit of deep teal glitter added.

Very hard to see a difference…

The index and the middle finger look so close. I’m not sure why the ring finger looks more pigmented. I did 2 coats on all nails and I didn’t use any top coat. I didn’t figure I needed to because, well, just look at all that sparkle!!

That was the left hand, and here is what I did on the right hand…and yes, I wore these to work just like you see here…

 On the left is China Glaze’s ‘Love Marilyn’. The Sally Hansen is called ‘Cha-Ching!’ These both are from the same collections mentioned above. The photos put up a noticeable difference, not a huge one though. The dominant glitter color is, of course, red…lots of it. And then to spice it up, a pinch or two of regular size silver glitter. (I was thinking ‘Rudolph Puke’….LOL!!)

In the direct sunlight, it seems that ‘Love Marilyn’ has denser glitter.

So, let’s see how they play out on the nails…

 Again, just the slightest bit of difference. Not much. The SH is on the thumb, middle and pinky. China Glaze is on the index and ring finger.  I did experience some drag with ‘Love Marilyn’ and you can even see a bald spot on my thumb with ‘Cha-Ching!’

However, these reds are blinged out sparkly. The SH applied OK, but, in both comparisons, the China Glaze went on smoother. Close up, it shows that ‘Cha-Ching!’ is not as dense in glitter as ‘Love Marilyn.’

Here’s my thoughts on these comparisons: you do not need both unless you are a hoarder polish blogger/lover like me. The differences are slight and, in person, only noticeable to a very discerning eye. But if you want a super-duper, sparkly Christmas look, both colors are going to do you right.

The China Glaze applied the easiest. All were gritty so if you don’t like that feel, you will not like these. I don’t mind it. Wear was good for the day I had it on. These colors made me feel festive and cheery. But they must have loved me just as much because they didn’t want to leave me (aka…scrubbed to get them removed). I only used 2 coats and no top coat. That was a real winner as well.

Are they close enough for you that you wouldn’t need both? Which color do you like best?

Tis The Season To Dupe

This could be the first post of a series on 2011 Holiday Dupes (or ‘duplicates’).

Some of these are just down-right dupes and some are so close that you can, probably, get away with one or the other.

Let’s start and get you warmed up for the actual Holiday Dupes with a random polish trial. These are not from any current, Holiday collection. On that note, you could easily wear these polishes during the Holidays, should you be inclined to.

These will be glittery beige and shimmery beige polishes.

Please pay attention, readers. Group A will be using just the middle two polishes in this photo. The second from the left is Cosmetic Arts no name (I’ll call it ‘Beige Sand’). Next to that one is Urban Outfitter’s ‘Afterhours.’

And here they are side by side…

Identical twins, maybe?

I’m swatching them together one my left hand, alternating nails…

‘Beige Sand’ is on my thumb, middle and pink nails. ‘Afterhours’ is on my index and ring nails.

Perfect match, I say.

Now, this is Group B, for the right hand, the shimmer beige set…

I’m going to use just 2 of these; on the far left is China Glaze’s ‘Swing Baby.’ The middle polish is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength ‘Shining Moment.’

Not too much of a difference within the bottle…

Here’s what they look like on my nails…

‘Shining Moment’ is on my thumb, middle and pinky nail. I applied ‘Swing Baby’ on my index and ring nail. These photos make them look so similar. However, look at it from another angle…

Ahh, caught ‘cha!!! On the index and ring nail, ‘Swing Baby’ is a beige that has more of a silver cast. It looks like a darker beige compared to the more orange-tinged ‘Shining Moment’ on the middle and little nail.

This is my opinion…

Urban Outfitter’s ‘Afterhours,’ on the index and ring nail, is a complete dupe to Cosmetic Arts’ self-named ‘Beige Sand.’

And, a close imposter (though, which one is the original, and which one is the imposter?)…

China Glaze’s ‘Swing Baby’ on the index and ring nail is a lighter beige than Sally Hansen’s ‘Shining Moment.’

Share your thoughts…do you think Group A polishes are identical? And with Group B, which one do you like best?

I Spy…Walgreens 11/11/11

These are a few random products I found on those top shelves at a Walgreens…

 New designs from Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Nail Stripes.

Cool, eh?

Then I saw this larger display…

It’s a new display for Revlon. First, I think they are just waiting to make some room for this one because it says ‘Holiday Season’. Next, I was holding my camera over my head to snap these photos. It was too large of a display to take down safely.

But I did take some pieces down to show…

There’s glosses and polishes. Oh, peek!!! There’s a $1 off coupon pad on it too!

I got up on one of the stools that the store uses. So I always feel guilty helping myself. Thus, I hurried and didn’t get any names of these cuties.

I know, you’re surprised to hear me say I’m guilty when I do this. There is a tinge of guilt. But not enough to stop me! Anyhoo, I thought this was a cool murky olive polish. I almost got this one too.

OK, everything I take single shots of I want…

I do NOT need any more clear, glittery lip gloss (repeated until I left the store).

And one last display…

See the first two on the left and how they are not matched up with the same colors in the back row? That’s because I took them down, looked at them, figured they were new, then ran out to my car and got my camera.

This spy project isn’t a good one. My instincts told me that I was going to get asked to stop. That didn’t happen. However, the young lady that was working in the cosmetics department told me to be careful when she found me standing on their stool. I think she remembered me as the ‘nail blog lady.’

Anything here tease you?

Traditional Sally Hansen Fall Manicure with a Couple of Twists

I have an annual Fall manicure. I cannot tell you how old these two Sally Hansen polishes are but they are old! I bet this is one of the first glitter polishes that company ever made!!!

Click here to see where I blogged about this Fall look last year. I tweaked it then and I’m tweaking it again this year. Take a looky-see…

And then, on the right hand, more tweaking…

The one directly above I tried to take it out of focus to see that holo stuff going on with the ring finger.

OK, break downs…this is the core base colors I used…

Sally Hansen’s ‘Bronzegold Frost’ is the annual Fall base color. This year’s new base color is Zoya’s ‘Codie.’

 The traditional glitter top coat: Sally Hansen’s ‘Gilded Pink.’ Doesn’t look pink but copper to me.

And layering ‘Gilded Pink’ over ‘Codie’ it looks like a left over Halloween manicure. Pretty but I’m so ready to move on from Halloween.

On my right hand, I did the same base colors but with Kleancolor’s ‘Aurora’ as the layering top coat…

Sometimes the star glitter came out, most of the time it just stayed in the bottle. But the effects of the iridescent glitter is enough. I wish they wouldn’t have even bothered with the star glitter.

There’s no wedding planned but I think of it as ‘something old, something new…’ Here’s hoping you look forward to your Holiday traditions whether they are old or new, or a beautiful mixture of both.