Sample Sunday; L’oreal’s Youth Code Products

Sample Sunday is on two L’oreal’s Youth Code products. I used these two samples on two different days. I wanted to try them back to back so I could compare them.

The Youth Code ‘Serum Corrector’ was exactly as stated; a serum. It has a smooth consistency that my skin drank right up. I had enough to work into the outer corners of my eyes. It even had a bit of a cooling sensation.

There wasn’t a coupon with this card, however. And since the price on these two products is higher than what facial products used to cost at the drugstore, it would have been more enticing had there been a coupon. However, I found the serum to keep my skin moist for several hours. It wasn’t a sticky feeling, just a plumped skin feeling.

Next I used the Day/Night Cream. This cream was thicker than I expected. Yet, when I applied it to my outer corners of my eyes, again my skin absorbed it readily. I stayed stingy with it to use some at bedtime. The cream, just like the serum, kept my skin feeling soft for many hours.

The Youth Code Serum Corrector promises fewer dark spots and more luminous skin in just 8 weeks. It states it will work on sun damage as well as post-acne marks. That’s a bold statement to make and some of the newest tags on facial skincare seen at the drugstore. 

The Youth Code Day/Night Cream claims to help the skin regenerate quicker. When the skin cells turn over faster, it will keep the skin looking healthy instead of sallowy or pasty. It also allows collagen to stay in that area longer than without any product used.Keep the collagen in the skin and you keep wrinkles at bay.

The Vanity recommends the Serum Corrector if you want to work on just the beginnings of dark spots on the face and plumping up the tissue around the eye area. And I, wholeheartedly, recommend creating a regimen for this the moment you see your skin getting discoloration. The quicker you act upon dark spots, the better your chances of keeping them at bay longer. Since I have normal to dry skin, I think that my skin more readily absorbs in some products. The Serum Corrector was no exception. I liked how my skin felt after applying this.

If you are just beginning to show signs of dry patches, tiny creases around your eyes and mouth, then Youth Code Day/Night Cream is a good place to start. I would recommend those with sensitive skin and highly oily skin to tread lightly with this one. It may be too greasy for those skin needs. 

I don’t see any need to use both of these unless one has super dry skin. And even then, I would use a completely different product rather than using two.

Do you use either of these L’oreal products?

Sample Sunday: Garnier’s BB Cream

One day early for the Sample Sunday, as I will be at an industry show tomorrow. 

If you read glamour/fashion magazines and other beauty blogs, you will already be acquainted with BB Creams. A BB Cream is a tinted moisturizer that will not only moisturize, but also will replenish, tone, accelerate turnover and brighten your skin, all in one product.

I got this sample of Garnier’s BB Cream in one of the glamour magazines…

I have been curious about trying a BB Cream but, quite honestly, I didn’t know if one product could do all the things I need for my skin. But, I was happy to get the opportunity to try one out.

This Garnier sample had two different skin tones to try…

I opted to try the lighter tone because, well, I am rather fair. The darker tone was too dark but, I wanted to check out how the texture felt. This cream does have the texture like a hybrid between a moisturizer and a foundation. It wasn’t really light, however I did find it to be creamier than what I’d expect from a foundation.

And to be extremely honest, there wasn’t enough here for me to get a good feel as to how this would work for me. This was barely enough to cover my chin. And, actually, I’m sure it was just meant to be swiped across the back of a hand. I just wanted to see how it looked on my skin. 

Since I use mineral foundation, I found that this BB Cream felt heavy. And there is this chalky look that some liquid foundations create on my skin. I feel like I have to put on more to work at evening it out. Then, that IS too heavy. But, after I let it sit on my skin, it didn’t seem so weighty. When I ran my finger over the tested area, the cream didn’t roll or come off. And, my skin felt soft.

I did get a coupon with this sample. And almost all stores will take returns if you don’t care for a product you have purchased. I’m still mulling around with the idea of trying it. But, I just don’t think BB Creams are something that I will be adding to my own skin routine. Maybe I enjoy the pleasure of using different products for different purposes. And that way, I can always tweak it by changing just one product but still keep the others.

What are your thoughts on BB Creams? Is there one that won you over?

Sample Sunday: Dove’s Nourishing Hair Oil

A favorite glam magazine of mine is Allure. I don’t feel too disheartened by a lot of ‘youngster’ stuff. I don’t want to feel like I’m reading my daughter’s magazine. (If I had a daughter.)

The last two issues I have received have been rich with samples. They are small but I get a bit of glee discovering them. Perfume samples are fun but little smears of a skin care or hair care samples are more interesting. I like expanding my horizons with new products.

Here’s one of the latest I got from Dove…

Dove is one of the body lotions that I like and their shower creams are so good for my dry-ish skin. Oh, and I use their deodorant too. Not only do these products work for me, but I also love the fragrance. I’ve tried their hair care line as well and it was OK.

This is the sample inside…

Well, first I smelled it. Hey, you would too, especially if you are going to put it on your hair! And I was surprised that this hardly had any fragrance at all. That seems odd coming from a brand that is known for its fragrance of in products.

However, this sample only contained the equivalent of 2 drops…

One of which was absorbed on the back of my hand. Grrr. That didn’t leave me enough to give a good saturation of a clump of hair. But I tried. I have wiry, brittle hair, right above my temples. It’s genetic hair-thinning. Crap! But, I give it a try, albeit on one side, to see how Dove’s Nourishing Hair Oil works. Sadly, it truly wasn’t enough for me to give a try.

Here’s what the advertisement says…

Key points that turn me on: Argan Oil. That stuff is Da Bomb! But better yet, my hallmark of hair care oils; Macadamia Oil. (I’ll save that for another post.)

Here’s what I discovered about Dove’s Hair Therapy…it has a very light fragrance that is so light, it is barely there. It was a fresh smell and not something that would ever over-power the nose. It didn’t feel as slippery as other hair oils I have experienced. This could be a very good thing for someone that has thin or, fine hair as this probably wouldn’t weigh it down. And lastly, I have seen this product on the shelves along with the other Dove hair care products.

This is what the Vanity is giving has its verdict: Perfect for the two benefits listed above: light-weight and no overwhelming fragrance. I only remember that the price didn’t make me gasp but, as to what it was exactly, I don’t remember. If you like these benefits, I think it is a great hair oil to try. As for me, Dove’s Nourishing Hair Oil didn’t dethrone any of the current hair oil treatments I currently use.

Does Dove’s Nourishing Hair Oil sound like something you’d try?

Sample Sunday: Avon’s Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid

This was a FUN weekend! The Central Florida Beauty Bloggers had a meet-up at Cafe Tu Tu Tango on Saturday, here in Orlando. We were sponsored by several, wonderful, WONDERFUL companies. And I got to meet some of the smartest, gorgeous and supportive women in the beauty blogging world. I want to start planning our next event NOW!

Yours truly, is the first on the left. From Tampa to Viera and all in between, these are the beauty bloggers of Central Florida.

Please stay tuned for reviews of the items I got at the meeting. I’ll also share links to blogs by these fabulous women.

Today’s sample is courtesy of Alyssa Eckhoff, an Avon representative, who knows about my love for the Anew skincare line. One of the samples she shared with us at our bloggers meeting was this…

I used half of this sample last night and the other half this morning, so it is spent. But I couldn’t wait to try it. I have read about it in an online magazine and was very interested in what I read. This product sounded for me. It’s suggested to use both in the AM and PM skincare regimen.

This is Avon’s Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid. Phew! The names of skincare products is getting long!

The promise of this fluid is that it is almost (79%) as effective as a professional microdermabrasion treatment, sans the irritation. What this does is retexturizes your facial skin. It removes the top layer of dead cells. When your skin does this, it creates a faster turnover of your cells replacing itself. Think of it as sanding wood to a fine, smooth finish. Well, it IS called ‘abrasion’! Just not that rough at all!

True to the name, this is a fluid. It’s not a serum, which is thicker. It’s not a cream. But it’s something right in between. And when I used just three drops, I not only covered my entire face and neck, but my skin absorbed the fluid instantly.

This product is for those that want to lessen the appearance of fine lines. It’s for those that want to tame down acne scars. And people that want their true glow to show on their face, will find that this may be a product that works for them.

Now, granted I have only used this twice in the last 18 hours, so I can’t say it has given me results. However, it felt wonderful when I put it on. The sample has enticed me enough that I will order this from Alyssa.

You can, too, from her website: One ounce is $38. There are competitors that have way more expensive versions of this, and there are some that are less expensive. Yet, I think this is reasonably priced, if it will deliver on that promise. I’ll keep you informed.

Have you tried This Fluid? Anyone else a fan of the Anew skincare products?