Manicure ‘Sam-mich’

This trend of creating a nail polish sandwich (we say ‘sam-mich’ in my house….because we’re weird like that) is really cute. And I am enjoying the creativity that it beckons.

Go here and look at Nightly Nail’s sammich. Durn cute, eh? Hey, she says ‘sammich’ too! But she’s not weird; she’s a friend.

And this one….ah, take a look at this one here. This is by Never Enough Nails.

I was at Ulta and spotted this polish by Revlon and ‘sandwich’ was the first thing that came to my mind.

Revlon’s ‘Starry Pink.’ This is a dusty, light-pinkish lavender that has silver hexagon and micro-glitter.

I liked it because it looks like a ‘cheater’s’ sammich…

I’m sorry…my cuticles need 911! And, can you see that I have, actually, put cuticle oil on them too? Sigh…

However, am I on track here with ‘Starry Pink’ looking like a polish sandwich. It was a pleasant surprise that it really did have some qualities of the sandwich manicure.

Granted, I am not a fan of dusty pink polishes. I think they look dirty on me. But this one, it almost gets by…

I wore it for a couple of days and it did start to grow on me. I have on two coats with Color Club’s ‘Vivid’: Color Intensifying Top Coat. I used that hoping it would give some luminosity to ‘Starry Pink.’

So, what do you think? Want some ‘tater chips to go with that sammich? Here’s the tidbit on me today; I am not a big sandwich fan at all. There are just a few sandwiches I like. And, this is one that seems to have won me over.

Glitter Bombs and Sandwiches

Check here where I blogged about some glitter polishes to scream for. I even stopped by another Forever 21 to see if I could find any other glitters like these. But, alas…no.

I did this mani yesterday and it got bumped to the front of the blog. Clear the area…glitter bomb coming through!

I started off with a light lavender pastel shade from Color Club. The one I used is called ‘Secret Rendezvous.’
I, then, layered the Forever 21 newly-acquired ‘Purple/Silver’ polish…

Ta da!!! I put one top coat of Color Club’s ‘Eco Chic’ and the glitter barely feels gritty.

Then, I wondered if I could do the manicure ‘sandwich’…

My middle finger looks better for the sheerness of coverage. However, it’s wacked by a cuticle bed that grows boingy.

Even though ‘Secret Rendezvous’ is not a jelly, it’s a creme, I got a lot closer to replicating the sandwich manicure. The sandwich manicure is where a base color is laid down first, then followed by a clear base glitter polish. Last, it is topped with either the base color again or a sheer polish that lets the glitter slightly show through. It works best with sheer jellies but I used a creme. And, I’ve seen this on other blogs as well.

At one of the stores I worked at today, one of the employees fawned over my nails. That’s enough for me to not change them out for…oh, 3 days, which is long time for a nail blogger. Even longer for someone like me that doesn’t care for sandwiches.

This Wednesday Is A Pink Sandwich

Wednesday = PINK!!! I’m in awesome company; here are others that wear pink on Wednesdays too.

 A favorite blog that I follow, Glitta Gloves, has done a couple of ‘sandwich’ manicures, in which she was inspired by another nail blogger.

A ‘sandwich’ manicure consists of a base jelly polish, a glitter polish and then, topped with the same jelly color.  Kirsten does a beautiful job. I’m inspired. Let’s see what I can do…

Here are the players…

From the Bloom collection, Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Laughing Lilac’. Next is an awesome pink, flakie glitter from Claire’s. And what I’m going to use for the sheer topcoat is Color Club’s ‘Incognto’ from their Alter Ego collection.

First is the base color. This is the ‘Laughing Lilac’, which I love that name….

I only did one coat because I want to keep the sheer look. But this one is a shiner, isn’t it?

Now comes the glitter with Claire’s pink flakie…

 And finally, ‘Incognito’…

 Meh…mine falls flat. One of two things happened. One, my base coat may have not been pale enough. Glitta Gloves uses the same polish color for the bottom and top coat. And second, my glitter is in a colored jelly base. I see that Glitta Gloves uses a bolder glitter but set in a clear polish.

On its own and not in a comparison (like me against Miss Universe!), it is just alright. But it can’t even be called worthy of a now famous manicure ‘sandwich.’

Kirsten, you are the best! Thanks for the continued inspiration. And I’ll try to do better next time.