Phantom Fright’s Last Night

First, I love glitter polishes. I’m a human magpie. However, I am going to draw the line with the Halloween shape glitter from Phantom Frights. These cute but evil polishes are a pain.

This one is totally high maintenance…

No name but I could come up with a few not so nice ones. Grrr… How about ‘Star Blight!’

I dumped a spot of this polish onto a sheet of paper and fished out the glitter, then applied with a dotting tool. I’d rather just get loose glitter and use that because it was gloppy the way I did it.

 I knew it would need a base color, so I used Color Club’s ‘Sheer Disguise.’ I think it was a good choice. And, I’ll get back to that thumb in just a moment.

Here’s my right hand which I use for experiments. If I haven’t done a particular look before, I’ll test it out on the right hand. Sheesh, this is a fail!

On the middle finger, I used ‘Sheer Disguise’ as the base color. Then I used China Glaze Crackle ‘Lightning Bolt.’ On top of that I used that damned glitter. N.O.P.E. On the ring finger, that’s a base color of Color Club’s ‘Who Are You Wearing?’ Hmph…good question. Want to know more about the pinky? Read on.

I wasn’t privy to get Wet ‘n Wild’s On The Prowl. I still have hard feelings about that. *weeps softly* But, love & beauty came in to soothe my distraught mind…

I’m likening it to Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Tangled in My Web.’ Click here to check out my gal pal, Nouveau Cheap’s blog, where she swatched it.

Do you think it is sort of like ‘Tangled in My Web’? I think the black glitter in a clear base is more dense, here, with love & beauty’s ‘Black’…

And here is it swatched over ‘Sheer Disguise.’ Oh, and I’m renaming ‘Black.’ First, let me yaawwwwn, there…now I can tell you that is should be called ‘Black Dot.’ Well, just a wee bit better, no? If you go back up to the photo of my left pinky, that is ‘Black Dot’ over my naked nail: no bottom coat.

Let me say, I liked ‘Black Dot’ a LOT more than ‘Star Blight.’ And, ‘Black Dot’ applied down flat so it was barely gritty. After a top coat of Lumos, the grit was gone. Oh, and it came off very easily. I can’t say that for ‘Star Blight’; I had to use the foil method to remove it.

These are my lovely assistance in this performance…

Color Club’s ‘Sheer Disguise’ and ‘Who Are You Wearing?’

‘Star Blight’ is going, unceremoniously, into the trash.

Do you have any shape glitter that gives you grief? What do you do with it?

A Handful of Forever Lilac

I’m being a geek and too panglossian!!  The NOTD is yet another sheer!!  I’m trying not to be naive, I think I’m just being hopeful.  Well, it is a pretty color, but not giving me the coverage I want.
Today I used Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength ‘Forever Lilac.’  This is one of the polishes that I got at CVS during their current 75% off cosmetics promotion.

                                             This picture is next to a sunny window.

                                           Mani and Bottle taken in a sunny window.

This shows the polish at it’s most true color.  A lilac color that is actually darker than a lilac flower; this is more pink.  There’s a silver shimmer to it.  On the nail, the shimmer really shows off.  

                              This picture is taken outdoors, sunny.  Very true to the color.

A nail on my right hand broke, so I put on extra layers of polish today for re-enforcement.  This mani has one layer of Base-Ics Ultimate Base Coat by Olan Labs, followed with a coat of Seche Clear.  Then 2 layers of the Forever Lilac.  I think I would have gotten a bit more opaque-ness if I would have used one more coat, but I just stopped at 2.  Then I used 2 more coats of Seche Clear, with Seche Vite to finish it all off.  The Seche Vite gave it an even glossier look.
Forever Lilac is a beautiful color, don’t get me wrong.  Maybe next time a coat of white or opaque pink first, will keep the VNL at bay and give me a better feeling to the FL look.  This SH says that it is a ‘no chip nail color.’  Let’s see!

Tell me what you think of this color?  Good idea to put a more opaque color underneath?  Have you ever heard of, or used Base-Ics Ultimate Base Coat?  I get mine at Ulta.