Cult Nails: Princess From The Fairy Tale Collection

Every little girl wants to grow up and be a princess. Except for me. I wanted to be a scientist and look through microscopes. However, now, I think it is OK to say I would like to be a princess. A rich princess. With lots of makeup and nail polish. And a huge closet full of Princess clothing.

In the meantime, I can have the nails of a princess with Cult Nails ‘Princess’ from the new Fairy Tale collection…


Princesses are stereo-typed as being spoiled. I did have to spoil this ‘Princess’ a bit. This polish dries very quickly. She isn’t one to fuss around. Applying the polish is your job and you must get right to it.

I have three coats here because I was working on smoothing out the look. I still ended up with making patchy areas. Don’t let this turn you away from ‘Princess’, however. This is a beautiful polish! No top coat needed for this one…


What looks like an innocent, soft blue, there is a pleasant surprise of magenta shimmer to this one. The blue doesn’t seem to have a high gloss itself, however, the magenta shimmer gives it a reflective glimmer.


You can not only be a Princess, but you can have ‘Princess’ nails by ordering your Fairy Tale collection from Cult Nails.This is the last polish from the collection for me to review. If you’d like you can click the names and see my reviews of the rest of the collection: Evil Queen with Happy Ending; Feelin’ Froggy; Charming with Happy Ending.

If you are a long-time reader, you will know that Libby is the real Princess at the Vanity. But, her new ‘sister’ is quite a sweetie as well. Kayla has NO pretentious airs at all. After I took these photos of Kayla, she got her tummy ‘nom nom’ed…


Product was provided to me for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Cult Nails: Feelin’ Froggy From The Fairy Tale Collection

If you haven’t given Cult Nails a try, now is a good time. Their new Fairy Tale collection has just been released. And what is a Fairy Tale without there being a frog around?…

‘Feelin’ Froggy’ is the green for the summer. It’s a medium green shade but has a lighter green shimmer inside. 

I have three coats on and topped it off with Famous Name’s ‘Lumos’ top coat. 


The photo above did the best of capturing that shimmer. Cool, eh? Like a summer cocktail-cool!


‘Feelin’ Froggy’ went on sooooo smoothly which is exactly what Cult Nails polishes are known for. And, I did a lot of hand labor during the week I wore this and I was extremely happy that this green stayed on so well. It didn’t……wait for it……croak!!!!

If you want to check out my other reviews of the Fairy Tale collection, click these links:

Evil Queen
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You can place your order for the Fairy Tale collection and other Cult Nails polishes by clicking here.

Have you tried Cult Nails yet?

This collection was provided to me for my honest review. These opinions are strictly my own.

China Glaze: The Hunger Games Collection – Fast Track

As if the movie, The Hunger Games’, wasn’t popular enough, the collection by the same name from China Glaze is being sold out in stores. I’m glad I got my set early!

If you didn’t get any, you can live through my photos…

I was prepared to regret ‘Fast Track’. I already have a crate full of taupes. But, this one is special. Yep. And that specialness is a pistol to capture in a photo…

‘Fast Track’ is a taupe that has a golden shimmer. In fact, when I roll it in the light, it also seems to have a bit of an iridescent shimmer as well.

I have the typical 3 coats and it was a pleasure to apply. Not one bit of a problem…

This is a polish I’d recommend to someone who wants to wear a nude tone but still wants a bit of spice. ‘Fast Track’ is a charmer.

I have Color Club’s Vivid Color Intensifying top coat on to finish off the look…

OK, so I’m going to be an outcast waiting for The Hunger Games to come out on Amazon videos. But, I’m really happy I didn’t wait to snag the entire China Glaze polish collection.

Did you get your polishes? Did you get this one?

Milani’s Spring Collection: Orchidia and Lavender Fizz

Milani Cosmetics was a big sponsor for the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers last month. We got the opportunity to preview a lot of their spring collection. And the nail polishes were PRIME!

Here is the first shade I chose to try out…

This is ‘Orchidia’. Make sure you look closely because ‘Orchidia’ is NOT a creme. There is a shimmer in this that is as dainty as gossamer fairy wings. This shade is so nice that even my camera played nice with it. This is a very good reproduction of the color.

But there was another polish in there that made a spectacular match. The glitter polish is ‘Lavender Fizz.’ And it is a darling glitter bomb…

It’s filled up with purple glitter. ‘Lavender Fizz’ is a one of Milani’s One Coat Glitter polishes. So, I used a very thin coat of it over ‘Orchidia’. Perfect!…

These 2 polishes are right on trend with the brighter pastels of spring. Milani polishes, as well as their other makeup products, are known for being highly pigmented. Both ‘Orchidia’ and ‘Lavender Fizz’ live up to both the color trend and coverage.

I used 2 coats of ‘Orchidia’ and one thin coat of ‘Lavender Fizz’. I didn’t need a top coat because ‘Lavender Fizz’ is not only sparkly but it’s shiny too. And these polishes wore without a chip or wear for 2 days.

Can you see the mileage one could get from just these two Milani polishes?

The products reviewed in this post were provided by the maker/distributor. All opinions are my own.

Sinful Colors Puts In A Little Secret With Pandora

Tomorrow starts another decade for me. Whoop-de-do. But, the good news is that you and four others can win some nifty prizes. Jump over here and enter.

Gosh, I haven’t even swatched all of Sinful Color’s Cast Away collection and they have a new one out. I went hunting today but didn’t find it. However, if you want to see what I’m talking about, check out Polish Fixation’s blog.

And there is a new China Glaze duochrome collection coming out soon too! Eeps! I need to get through my Hunger Games collection!

Quick, take a look at this fab one from Sinful Colors…

Aptly named ‘Pandora’. That is exactly what I opened up when I decided to become a beauty blogger. However, at the bottom of my Pandora box was a group of friends I never would have met if it hadn’t been for blogging. Thank you!!!

If you don’t know the story of Pandora, you should read it. It is one of my favorites from Greek mythology. And if you ever hear someone make the statement, ‘You’ve opened Pandora’s Box’, then you’ll learn what that means. (Not to mention that is one of the top best reasons for the Internet and radio.)

This shade is amazing…

I’ll say it is a softened, pastel orange. I don’t have a top coat on over the 3 coats of ‘Pandora’ so it isn’t super shiny on its own. But I totally OWN this color. It doesn’t make me have lobster fingers at all (accentuating the red tones in my skin). And I think I know the secret…


‘Pandora’ isn’t a creme. If you look super close, you will see shimmers of magenta in it. In the last photo, with totally blown-out lighting, I almost fake the look of a magenta shimmer in the reflections. ‘Pandora’ is very, very sneaky.

And, I like this shade soooo much. Why are all these new shades so incredibly gorgeous that I want to wear them for a long time!?? Do you think you’ll like this one too?

It’s so sweet and kind when people ask me how Kayla is doing. She is doing splendidly. She loves her new home and family. As much as she wants to play with Libby and Sebastian, they are still not quite sure about it. However, they do play chase back and forth down the hall. And knowing that Kayla is finally able to run and sit in the sun and be loved every day and any moment she wants it, shows me just a little bit of good in the world that I made for her. I must say that Kayla loves her Mommy. And I am totally in love with her too.

Sinful Colors Cinderella Creates A Ball For Spring

The weather here in Orlando has been very nice…and kind. I’m happy to move into some Spring like polishes to celebrate. Here’s one I recently did…

Light teal or turquoise colors are not my favorite at all. Could be that they look ghastly on me. However, I think I found an exception to this. This is Sinful Colors ‘Cinderella’. The most-fitting name as anyone who has seen the Walt Disney movie by the same name knows that Cinderella’s ball gown was blue.

And, I can so imagine it with this polish…

‘Cinderella’ is a baby blue and the kicker is–it has magenta shimmer as well. Yummy!

I took a lot of photos of ‘Cinderella’ because I wanted to capture that shimmer. It is what ‘makes’ this color for me. I used 3 coats and a top coat of Color Club’s Vivid top coat.

It is interesting, to me, that the first photo shows my nails in the shade. ‘Cinderella’ looks like a cool blue color. Then the near photo, it looks like a turquoise shade with green undertones, with direct sunlight. Well, it’s easy to see how this could happen because if you take blue and red, or pink as we have here, and mixed them together, that is going to make a green.

In real life, I couldn’t get enough of this pretty polish. And, although I love the story of Cinderella (I posted here about one of my favorite movies, Ever After), I don’t like the idea that a woman’s life is improved because she found a man to take her away from ‘it all’. But, a woman can break out of a bad environment and find a better life, and I like that meaning best of all.

Have you found Sinful Colors ‘Cinderella’ yet? Don’t you agree that it is totally a Spring color?

Sinful Color’s Zeus Is A Gift From The Gods, Themselves

When I was in second grade, I read about Greek mythology and I was hooked! One of my top 10 favorite movies is the original ‘Clash of the Titans’. This makes Sinful Colors new Spring collection, Cast Away, even more special to me.

The god of the gods, ‘Zeus’, is a grand polish shade…

‘Zeus’ is a lilac purple color with a magenta shimmer. I think I could wear this polish all spring long, I love it that much.

I have on three coats and that was just the right amount to make it fabulous…

I used Color Club’s ‘Vivid’ as a top coat and went to town lookin’ fresh and spring-y. I had no issues at all with applying this polish and removal was easy. It wore well for the 2 days I had it on too.

I like my nails at this length. It’s long and I’m able to, reasonably, wear them like this. Plus, I’m on a ‘no bite or pick’ mode again. I should get a poster of my nails when they look good and use that as incentive. 🙂 Wearing ‘happy’ polishes like ‘Zeus’ works wonders. It’s a gift from the gods.

I’m reading positive comments on the blogosphere about Sinful Color’s Cast Away collection. Do you have any or is there a favorite shade you want to get?

Don’t Polish Your Nails at the Theater

There’s just a little bit of glee in swatching a polish sent from a friend. Not only do I like the shade of this one, but the bottle is swanky too…

This one doesn’t have a particular brand name, unless it is the ‘FCC’, nor a distinct name, just the ’22’ on the bottom. The one thing I am sure of is that something happened on the way to the theater…what in the world??!

This is interesting and I am sure it has happened to others; the polish looks blotchy and patchy in the photos. But it didn’t look like that in real life. I used 3 coats for this look and no top coat. I am going to give this one another try because it had to be the lighting in the room when I was polishing them that made it look like it was giving great, smooth coverage. I’ll have to sit at the sunny window and do this one; not in the dark living room in front of the TV.

Gads! I don’t know if I want to go any further with this one. Only my index finger is close to looking OK.

Well, I was going to name this one ‘Theater Seats’ because it reminds me of the old town theater I used to go to. I’d hate to see what those seats looked like in broad daylight too!

Have you ever had a polish go demonic on you?

Ashes to Ashes; Charlotte Russe Smolder Nail Polish

Spring is right around the corner (and so is my birthday…oye!) and there are bright, clean-color nail collections sprouting out everywhere. Yet, in a few collections, I am finding a dusty gray or ash color amongst the brights.

Here are a couple I just happened to swatch recently…

Charlotte Russe has nail polish on sale for $1.99. I rummaged through the collection to find something that I didn’t have. I so did NOT need any nail polish, however, I couldn’t resist the heart-shaped bottle. How cute!

This is ‘Smolder’…

However, there is a trick going on here. My index and ring fingers have on a Forever 21 love and beauty polish called ‘Grey’…

So, this polish is a gray that has a light gold shimmer to it.

But, ‘Smolder’ is a creme…

Check it out on my pinky here, that’s ‘Grey’. ‘Smolder’ is on my ring and middle finger.

Yet, it is really hard to see which is which on my left hand…

 This angle got the gold shimmer shimmering!

It’s all in the lighting, of course. But to my naked eye, they both looked very, very close in color and finish. I used 3 coats and a top coat of Seche Vite. Well, I didn’t seem to pick out a shade that I didn’t already have. But, that’s OK. I love these dark, smoky grays.

Which way do you spell ‘GRAY’/’GREY’?

J2 Squared; That’s A Polish?

You know what a magpie is, right? They are birds that are known to be drawn to shiny objects. I’m a magpie. I’m a shiny-seeking magpie and a new and unusual item-finding magpie.

When I saw this polish in a ‘hair store’, (isn’t that so funny to go into a store and buy hair?) I nabbed it right up. I know there were more shades but this purple and square bottle caught my magpie eye…

This is J2’s ‘Plum’. And a big, juicy plum is exactly what this shade looks like.

 I didn’t have any problems applying this polish. I wish I would have purchased other shades now.

Shimmery and shiny, both. I used 3 coats here and no top coat. I’m surprised that after 24 hours, I didn’t have any chips. It wore well.

 I am trying out a gel nail product and am wearing it here. It was hard not to use too much because the product was super thick. In fact, too thick for my tastes. From a distance, it isn’t so noticeable. But with up-close shots, like these, it’s easy to see that my nails look thick. I’m slowly filing it down. That’s dangerous stuff!

 Now that is shiny!! I can see my reflection.

Can you see why J2 would make me a magpie? I still have this cute, square bottle sitting on my desk. There doesn’t seem to be any other square/cubed bottles in my stash so I’m fascinated with this one. And, since I have had ‘Plum’ sitting around so long, I don’t remember which hair store I got it at. Ack! (That’s a sad magpie’s call.) But, if I see it again, I’m sure my ‘magpie’ skills will kick right in.

What are you a magpie about?