A Positively Purple Polish

This comparison is quite by accident. And so is much of the cool things I have discovered in my life. That’s why I’m so big on things I call ‘pleasant surprises.’

After I did this post on Cosmetic Arts nail polish, I went looking for a new polish to swatch. And wouldn’t you know it, I found this one…

This one is purple. No doubt. Take a look at it side by side with the previous Cosmetic Arts I reviewed…

Now there is no doubt that the one I first reviewed, which I named ‘Shifter’, is a green. There’s a lot less slate color present, as it showed alone in the previous post, when you match it up next to the purple.

So, I’m always thinking of a name for these no-namers whilst I polish. I have to, sometimes, really think it over. But most of the time, it will just pop into my thoughts. This is one I had to mull over…

I don’t write down a bunch of names and pick from those. It isn’t that important to decide, really. I don’t get any money or even brownie points. It’s just a fun game. So, here’s the one I got: ‘Positively Purple’.

And it has a LOT going on! This is 3 coats with Color Club’s ‘Vivid’ Color Intensifying Top Coat.

It is a bit of a shifter, itself. Glimmery, gritty, glitzy all happening at the same time.

Depending on the light source, there are many looks/shades to this Cosmetic Arts ‘Positively Purple’ polish.

What do you think…a cool purple? Between ‘Positively Purple’ and ‘Shifter’, which is your favorite?

Not Just An Everyday Blue Shade of Polish

It’s Friday and no one should be blue. That is, unless you are nails…

Lots of blue! Pretty blue. love & beauty comes from Forever 21 retail stores and I love looking for new polishes in those stores. I haven’t found anything recently. However, I did nab this one before Christmas.

In real life, this blue is just a bit darker. But the shimmer cannot be diminished. It is there but not in an over-kill way.

For $2.80, you are not breaking the bank for a really decent nail polish. This one applied like a dream. I did not have one bit of an issue with it. I have 3 coats here and I did put a top coat of Lumos on. (I really want to get more than just this little sample of Lumos. It’s something I do want to share with you. love.)

Looks like a galaxy of stars. Even though love & beauty don’t like to give their nail polishes ‘real’ names, as this one is just labeled ‘Blue’, it could do well with ‘Blue Galaxy.’ Anyway, I think it is out of this world.

It is pretty, don’t you think?

A Mystery: By Cosmetic Arts

There’s something mysterious, to me, about Cosmetic Arts nail polish. I think it might be that I don’t find the polishes anywhere but Ross Dress For Less and, that they don’t have a name of the shade printed on them.

Then, naturally, they come out with a shade like this and really adds to the intrigue…

You know I’m going to name it…’Shifter’. This one went from drab green to smoky slate. And then there is a shimmer of gold running through it.

Here is a better look at the gold sparkles.

And here is the work for your review…

The sunlight was bold and strong. Lots of over-exposed lighting but it can’t hide the buffed look of this one.

Too much light made it hard to capture the gold sparkle but you can see just a faint amount on the index finger.

And the shaded light even shows the buffed look. I didn’t put on any top coat because I liked the suede appeal of ‘Shifter’.

Sometimes nail bloggers will run across a shade that is just hard to pinpoint describing the essence of the shade. So, tell me…what would you say this shade is? Slate? Green?

Zoya’s Kylie: All Purpose Nail Polish Shade

Zoya Nail Polish is one of those companies that can make their customers fall in with them. They have frequent giveaways, many deals and collections that are popular and fun.

I was not personally acquainted with Zoya until I started blogging. And, I must say, that I am more than pleasantly surprised with the quality of these polishes.

After a season of glitters and sparkles, my eye fell upon this cutie while looking for something different…

Zoya’s ‘Kylie’ is a dusty pink that has a faint magenta shimmer.

In super bright sunlight, you can see the softness of this color. Need a polish for an interview? Check. Want to wear a polish, other than a French manicure, for a wedding, whether yours, you’re in it or just attending? Check. Have a young lady going to her first junior high dance? Check. Want to look feminine and chic? Check.

As you can tell, I think ‘Kylie’ is a shade that works in about any situation.

This shade of pink works really good with my skintone…

 Afternoon sun.

Afternoon shade.

Zoya’s polishes are so smooth and easy to apply. I have 2 thin coats on (hence, you can see a tell-tale nail line) that dried quickly and evenly. When it came time for removal, ‘Kylie’ was easily removed with Zoya’s own polish remover, Remove+.

It’s sort of nice to wear a quiet and peaceful nail shade. How about you?

A Grand Blue Christmas

Here’s something I got for Christmas…

Fresh, new-fallen snow. Living in Orlando, this was a wonderful Christmas gift. I went to Denver to see my family over Christmas and it snowed the evening I got in.

Before I left, I happened to pick up a new Sally’s Girl polish. Alas, it has no name, but I think it is pretty…

Just a cute silvery, dusty blue that has a shimmer. But, I didn’t stop there.
Here’s what Sally’s Girl polish looks like all by itself…

The second photo isn’t as good as the first, but I wanted to show that the first one has a glare on it; not a ding.

However, I wanted to play with my new Finger Paint flakies some more and I thought this dusty blue was just the right pairing.

First, on my left hand, I used ‘Flashy’…


Even though I did 3 coats of Sally’s Girl, I only did one of ‘Flashy.’ I think another coat would have made the flakes show more.

On my right hand, I used ‘Twisted’…

Remember, it is my ring finger, here, that has no flakies on it. Again, just one coat of ‘Twisted.’ I do wish I would have remembered to apply two coats.

Sally’s Girl dusty blue is pretty. But if you have ever purchased one of these, you know the bottle is puny, the brush is sub par, and the top sometimes doesn’t stay attached to the brush. If you know these things going in, then you’ll know you get what you pay for, most of the time. I was, most definitely, wanting it for the color.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you Sally’s Girl with a different top coat and see how that strikes your fancy.

I had a grand time with my family this Christmas. My brother and his family live in Denver. My sister and her husband, my dad and step-mom, and my sister’s daughter and family all came in. We had a house full. A lot of things happened during that week and one of the best things to come out of it…I realized that my sister-in-law is one of my best friends.

Did you have a grand Holiday too?

Three Way Holiday Green Comparisons

As mentioned in my last post, I am so loving green polishes this Holiday. And, I’ll say it again, green polish is new to my life in the past 2 years. I must have been in some rut, avoiding wearing green polish. I would wear it on my toes but, just not on my fingers. Too funky.

I’m so glad I snapped out of that one! Look what fun I’d be missing out on…


Three random, Holiday greens. Using the last photo, from the left: from Color Club’s Under The Mistletoe collection in 2009 (no name); Orly’s ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’; and Finger Paint’s ‘Comet’s Collar’.

Each one is worthy of Holiday wear. I like all of them. So, here are the skittles of green…

I used 3 coats on all of these and added a top coat of Color Club’s ‘Vivid’.
On my thumb and ring finger, I’m sporting the Color Club green from 2009. On my index finger and pinky, that’s ‘It’s Not Rocket Science.’ And just on the middle finger is ‘Comet’s Collar’.

As it so looks, the Color Club felt gritty but it sparkles. ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’ is a swampy green that was a hit last Fall. And ‘Comet’s Collar’ is new this season but doesn’t have much ‘umpf’ next to the other shades of green. I’d recommend ‘Comet’s Collar’ for nail art or stamping.

For the Holiday look and feel, my vote is for the Color Club green. Which one do you like?

Greensleeves, Elf Suits and Nail Polish

Mistletoe, Ivy, Elf suits…there are tons of green things around at Christmas time. And even my nails are green. Lots of green…and in a GOOD way too.

This is China Glaze’s ‘Near Dark.’ And, dark it is. Deep, smoldering green, dark.

 I have on 3 coats here, but no top coat, yet.

‘Near Dark’ gives the perfect backdrop for these…

Both of these Finger Paints are called ‘Sparkle Top Coat.’ Yea, so they wanted to distinguish one from the other…NOT.

Both look fab as a top coat, though.

On my index and ring finger, I have on ‘Sparkle Top Coat’ and on the middle and pink, there’s ‘Sparkle Top Coat.’ That’s Dumb and Dumber. Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

OK, no more smartie. The index finger has the top coat that has iridescent glitter in a light milky base. The middle finger has the magenta-like shimmer.

You probably can guess that I like the iridescent glitter more than the shimmer. That glitter looks like a crisp, clear, winter night. But both work for me.

If you would have asked me two years ago if I’d wear green polish on my finger nails, I would have thought you were going quite mad. Now, I’m in love with wearing this blackened green shade.

And, just one last smartie…look at what I just got and will be showcasing very soon….

‘Yule’ Be Seeing Red With These Comparisons

In the years before becoming a blogger, during the Holidays, I’d just wear a red creme polish. I haven’t traveled too far from that love. Red will always be my favorite nail polish color to wear. (Oops, I should have named the blog after a RED vanity, eh?)

These red polishes were fun to compare…

 Sorting through my untrieds, these are some hot reds that I found.

Starting from the left: Finger Paint’s ‘Magenta Mood’; Color Club’s ‘Yule Love It’ (from the ’09 Holiday collection); Zoya’s ‘Sarah.’

This started out as a comparison post and not a dupe one, but you’ll soon find that it all takes a turn…

 Here are the polishes in the order I put them on my nails.

And, this was my outcome. ‘Sarah’ is on my thumb as well as my ring finger. ‘Magenta Mood’ is on my index and pinky. That leaves ‘Yule Love It’ for the middle finger.

Zoya and Finger Paints, surprisingly, are dupes. I couldn’t tell them apart. That is, if I don’t count the application. Zoya reigns supreme in that area.

I didn’t put on cuticle oil before taking photos, and that’s a super bad habit. In this photo, can you see how ‘Sarah’ and ‘Magenta Mood’ are total twins?

Color Club’s ‘Yule Love It’ looks bubbly and gritty next to the other two. It wasn’t bubbly, just gritty.

The opinion I’ll give is that you do not need both ‘Sarah’ and ‘Magenta Mood’. Zoya is going to get my vote because it applied so much easier. Even with just 2 coats, both of these were fine. However, I completed the mani with a total of 3 coats. And I didn’t use a top coat.

Next post will be on Holiday greens. 

Do you have any of these reds? Gotta favorite?

Tis The Season To Dupe

This could be the first post of a series on 2011 Holiday Dupes (or ‘duplicates’).

Some of these are just down-right dupes and some are so close that you can, probably, get away with one or the other.

Let’s start and get you warmed up for the actual Holiday Dupes with a random polish trial. These are not from any current, Holiday collection. On that note, you could easily wear these polishes during the Holidays, should you be inclined to.

These will be glittery beige and shimmery beige polishes.

Please pay attention, readers. Group A will be using just the middle two polishes in this photo. The second from the left is Cosmetic Arts no name (I’ll call it ‘Beige Sand’). Next to that one is Urban Outfitter’s ‘Afterhours.’

And here they are side by side…

Identical twins, maybe?

I’m swatching them together one my left hand, alternating nails…

‘Beige Sand’ is on my thumb, middle and pink nails. ‘Afterhours’ is on my index and ring nails.

Perfect match, I say.

Now, this is Group B, for the right hand, the shimmer beige set…

I’m going to use just 2 of these; on the far left is China Glaze’s ‘Swing Baby.’ The middle polish is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength ‘Shining Moment.’

Not too much of a difference within the bottle…

Here’s what they look like on my nails…

‘Shining Moment’ is on my thumb, middle and pinky nail. I applied ‘Swing Baby’ on my index and ring nail. These photos make them look so similar. However, look at it from another angle…

Ahh, caught ‘cha!!! On the index and ring nail, ‘Swing Baby’ is a beige that has more of a silver cast. It looks like a darker beige compared to the more orange-tinged ‘Shining Moment’ on the middle and little nail.

This is my opinion…

Urban Outfitter’s ‘Afterhours,’ on the index and ring nail, is a complete dupe to Cosmetic Arts’ self-named ‘Beige Sand.’

And, a close imposter (though, which one is the original, and which one is the imposter?)…

China Glaze’s ‘Swing Baby’ on the index and ring nail is a lighter beige than Sally Hansen’s ‘Shining Moment.’

Share your thoughts…do you think Group A polishes are identical? And with Group B, which one do you like best?

Transitioning Into Autumn, Maybe Once, Maybe Twice

Somewhere, along my life, I started liking Fall more than I liked Summer. As a kid, it’s easy to love Summer because there’s no school. So maybe I started liking Fall when I got out into the workforce, and Summer no longer held its spell.

I’ve always loved Fall styles and the trends, though. It makes perfect sense, then, that I love all things to do with make-up and nail polish for the Fall.

Here’s a case in point…

This is Nina Ultra Pro’s ‘Velvet Underground.’  The clearance tag from Sally’s shows ‘$2.99.’ I think this polish is at least 2 years old. It really needs some thinner, and the manicure reflects that.


As pretty as the polish photographs, it was a disaster to apply. It was thick and had a terrible fit when I tried to apply a second coat.

I had this polish setting out well before Halloween, queuing it up to swatch after that holiday.  Before then, I would pick it up and enjoy the swirl of dusty purple, shimmers of dusty gold and purple all mixed up.

I still like the color, but the look after application disappointed me enough that I think this will go into the trade bin.

It isn’t fair to say I hate ‘Velvet Underground’. I don’t. But for someone who is trying very, very hard to achieve better looking nails, ‘Velvet Underground’ doesn’t help me out.  I used 2 coats and did a final coat of Color Club’s ‘Vivid’ top coat.

The name ‘Velvet Underground’ reminds me of my favorite singer and song…

And this album, ‘Buckingham Nicks’, one of my most prize possessions, was given to me because I made a wish out loud that I had passed an earlier chance to purchase it and wished I had it. This will never go in the trade bin…

And, why not pass the autumn night, listening to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, enjoying tea, wishes made aloud and having fond memories of past childhood Summers.