I Spy…Glow In The Dark Polish at Claire’s

There are a lot of entries for my last giveaway and even more tweets to confirm. That’s my homework for tonight! Check back for the naming of the winners.

I went to visit a client at an outlet mall today. I stopped in at Claire’s and they had their Halloween jewelry and accessories out. It was just one tower for now. But I found some glow in the dark polishes…

I’m really pleased that this photo does a great job in capturing the true colors of these polishes. The price was $3.99 each. I got it on the sly from the manager…she said come back next week and the Halloween stuff would be buy one, get one half off.

But what I really wanted to get were these…

You wind them up and they walk. See their little feet? They glow in the dark. How sweet is that mummy!! I think these were $4.99 or so.

Another client I visited is a large hotel over by a big-ass convention center. It was the one that hosted the Orlando Premiere in June that I went to. Parking is not cheap there, but I am. I park in the Walgreens’ parking lot and walk to the hotel. I know the parking lot is for Walgreens’ customers so that is why when I come back I make a point of going in there. Clever, eh?

Here’s what I saw…

Sinful Colors ‘Go Plaid’ collection. I’m underwhelmed by this one. I have read on other blogs that the purple ‘Amethyst’ is a new color. I didn’t think it was anything that I don’t have 7 of already. I was tempted by the orange ‘Chelsea Orange’, I believe is the name. But, I’m still holding onto my money for some Wet ‘n Wild collections and Metro China Glaze collection. Oh, and Sinful Colors are 99 cents this week, however, this store didn’t have one sale sign up for their Sinful Colors.

Once the sales clerk moved her….body, I was able to get a photo of this OPI collection…

It’s good and plenty picked at, so I know it’s not new. However, it seems odd to see OPI in Walgreens.
And, see how nice the polish remover bottles are placed around it? The sales clerk worked extra long and hard to arrange these just so perfectly. (Yea, I don’t have anything else to do either.)

On Saturday, I went on an expedition; I wanted the Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Dream Weaver’ collection!!! I googled up 3 Winn Dixie’s right in my area and plotted my attack. If you check out Nouveau Cheap‘s blog, she has a map that shows were these deviously shy motha’s are found. I noticed that a lot of them were found at Winn Dixie’s and that is were I, previously, found the ‘Victorian Collection.’ So off I went.

At the second store, I found them. Just like this…

Holy Moly!! Do they not have any idea how precious these are?!!! They had all of them but one. Here’s what I got…


I haven’t owned any makeup more coveted. I wore the ‘Earth Looks Small…’ (last one) on Saturday to Maria’s, at Cult Nail‘s, birthday party. Today I wore ‘Dancing in the Clouds’ (third from the left…or right, either way). I’m pleasantly surprised that the three shades with ‘Dancing…’ work so well together. I wouldn’t have imagined that. I do have to say, I will have to wear a shadow primer to keep this one in place.

Now I’m out for the BIG score…Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘On the Prowl‘ collection. Just check out Vampy Varnish‘s swatches of these and tell me how delightfully ‘trick-or-treat’-ish they are!!!

And, hey, if you don’t know this already, many Walgreens get their holiday items out on the floor and prepped but, they have them on the high shelves over the products.

Last year I was pulling the Halloweeen Wet ‘n Wild’s down and helping myself. The sales clerk magically appeared to ask me if I needed help. I said ‘Yea. Hold this while I get another display down.’ She proceeded to tell me that these where not ‘out’ yet and I couldn’t get them. I must have the icy-est stare because she backed down in a hurry. And, I walked out with new Halloween makeup.

I Spy…New Stuff At Walgreens 6/28

Just a quickly before I spam you tomorrow with a July 4th manicure.

This week, I must have stopped off in 5 different Walgreens looking for new Wet ‘n Wild stuff. Nada!! But, this display was new to me and caught my eye…

This is Revlon’s new, summer edition called ‘Sweety Seductive.’

There are 6 sets of polish with a matching lippy.

This is why they caught my attention…


And, you can see just a bit from the yellow shade that these are scented.

Quite honestly, I am surprised I didn’t cave. But then, I had an orthopedic doctor’s appointment the following day and I didn’t know if I was going to have to have surgery or not. Happy, happy!!!!…I do not! We, originally, thought I had a partially torn rotator cuff. But it is just hugely inflamed.

Anyway, back to makeup world…I can see why it may be a problem in finding some of the new Sinful Colors displays if other stores follow suit…

Maybe only one has sold out of this new collection. The display backboard is jammed up behind the shelf above it; you can’t tell what collection this is. I think this is the ‘Get Swirling’ collection.

As a merchandiser, I think the company that sells Sinful Colors would have an issue with their product’s placement. Did you know brands ‘rent’ spots (or, real estate, as we merchandisers call it) where their merchandise is placed? When you see a particular brand or product being displayed in a window or an endcap, that company is paying the store extra to have that exposure.

Even people in retail don’t know this and thus, never realize that there is a ‘purpose’ for plan-o-grams. Thus, why I have a job; companies don’t trust stores to put products where they are supposed to. That’s what I get to do. 🙂

What Do We Wear on Wednesdays? PINK!

Being a part of ‘On Wednesdays We Wear Pink‘ will be pretty easy for me.  Does it not tie-in with my blog’s theme, or what!  Check out the other awesome nail bloggers that are part of this clutch here.  Be ready to be impressed.

Naturally, I’m going to push the envelope.  Now, I am wearing pink; I just embellished it…

Don’t think for a minute that pink is timid and little girl-like.  This mani is ultra hot and sexy.  I wore Sinful Color’s ‘What’s Your Name’ alone for a day.  It’s a shade that is black with flecks of teal micro-glitter.  It’s a deep color that, on its own, is vampy…

I have on 3 coats here.  So, how can you take a color like this and get a pink mani out of it?  How about China Glaze’s crackle in ‘Broken Hearted’?

You only need one coat of the crackle to get the distressed look.  It dries super fast and to a matte finish.  You’ll need some serious shiny top coat to get it to shine; ‘Broken Hearted’ and all its counterparts from the collection ‘eat topcoat.’  That is, it takes more than just one, or even two coats, to get it to shine.  But when it does, it gets attention…

What do you think about these colors?  If you have the crackles, I bet you are having as much fun with them as I am.

I Spy…New Stuff at Ulta AND Walgreens 3/24

I stopped off at two stores today, Ulta and Walgreens, looking for particular items and found neither.  Hmph!  But I did see some new to me stuff.

At Walgreens, I finally found the new Spring Sinful Colors collection…

Only one bottle was missing, so they must have very recently put it out.

Here’s a new color, I believe…

And, I was walking around with this one, along with the dark griege/taupe ‘Nirvana’, when I saw that both of them were already in the core selection…

I thought ‘Unicorn’ would look cute dotted on the ‘Nirvana’ and, vice versa.  I left, not breaking a no buy (of something I’m not originally looking for) rule.  *shifty eyes*

Yes, I know, I went to an Ulta yesterday looking for for ‘I Juggle…Men’ and the Silver Shatter, however, I happen to do some work in another mall today.  I popped into that Ulta and still, no luck.  But this is what I did spy…

OPI’s Shatter out the glass!!!!  Hee hee!  Finally, a company that gets hot products out while they are….well, hot!!  I already got mine so there was a no buy at Ulta’s this time.

My stalking at Walgreens is for the spring LE Spring collections.  They have to be showing up soon…I hope.

Have you seen these yet?  Are you going to get OPI’s Black Shatter?

China Glaze ‘Atlantis’ vs. Sinful Colors ‘Nail Junkie’

If today’s weather would be like this all year ’round, I’d love living in Florida.  Alas, it is not!  However, I did take advantage of tons of sunlight and did swatching galore.

I know that every nail blogger has had this happen to them.  You do your nails in the evening, carefully applying, as you always do.  Finish up and have all the intentions to photo your swatches in the morning, provided there is sufficient sunshine.  You find that there is and you are happy!  You run to get your camera, step outside, aim your camera and what do you find?  A hot mess!  I did this with a pedicure.  My toe nails were not filed evenly, the cuticles were as dry as a desert and the polish seemed dull.  Scratch that!

But the polish I had used was this…

It’s Sinful Color’s ‘Nail Junkie.’  It is just too sparkly/glittery not to show up as a post.  But when I originally went to try this as a pedi, I thought I was using this…

This is China Glaze’s ‘Atlantis.’  Ta da!  A dupe post was created.

Here’s the line up I used: the new Finger Paint’s Base Coat, China Glaze’s ‘Atlantis’, Sinful Color’s ‘Nail Junkie’ and as the top coat, China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward Top Coat.’

Not exact dupes…

There’s more green glitter in ‘Atlantis’.  But I could only see this in the blurred photo.

Starting with the thumb, middle and pink fingers have ‘Atlantis.’  The index and ring fingers have on ‘Nail Junkie.’

Both are jellies and have green, gold and turquoise glitter.  ‘Atlantis’ has less gold glitter.  And ‘Nail Junkie’ seems to have iridescent glitter.  On the nails, you can see that ‘Atlantis’ is a deeper turquoise/blue-green color.  And since I have an OCD about making the nail color the same as in the polish, I have on 4 coats.

My verdict is that I don’t need both.  I think I like ‘Atlantis’ better.  I will make myself a mental note to try both of these as layering polishes too.  I thought the Finger Paint’s Base Coat was alright. I didn’t keep this mani on long enough to say how well its staying power is.  but the China Glaze ‘Fast Forward Top Coat’ seemed to help these jellies dry faster.  However, it is STINKY!!!  A high chemical smell. 

Do you think they are too close in color to bother having both?  Which one do you have?

Can’t Decide Between Crackle or Flaky? Do Both

After trying out ‘Irish Green,’ I couldn’t decide if I wanted to try ‘Green Ocean’ as an overlay or a new China Glaze crackle.  Well, I knew the entire manicure was going to come off that night anyway.  I had a convention to work today and needed something very dull more business-friendly.

That do I do when I can’t decide?  Try both…

I picked ‘Lightning Bolt’ from China Glaze’s crackle collection and I used Sinful Color’s ‘Green Ocean.’  I alternated nails to check these two out.

I will confess, I had to redo the crackle nails.  When I did it the first time, I monkeyed around with the polish too much, thus, it didn’t crackle.  It crapped instead.

The second attempt was OK.  I’m not in love with it.  The ‘Green Ocean’ was the definite winner here.

‘Lightning Bolt’ is a fussy polish.  Man, you have to place it right over the base color.  No fudging allowed!  You can see the base coat showing through at the cuticle and on the sides.  I didn’t put a top coat on either of these polishes.  The China Glaze crackles do matte dry.  However, a shiny top coat snaps it out of the matte.

Oh, and I used two coats of the ‘Ocean Green’ to make it super sparkly.

Did you know you can capture Leprechauns by baiting them with shiny pennies?

They are known to be greedy and let down their guard when they see shiny pennies or coins.  Do you think I can capture one by setting out a bile of shiny nail polish?  If you can capture a Leprechaun, they have to tell you where they have their own stash of gold hidden.

Which do you like better, gold or green?  Crackle or glitter?

The Evil Step-Mother’s Green Apple

There’s a polish that looks juicy and inviting, however, it’s a little green apple from the evil step-mother…

This is Sinful Color’s ‘Irish Green.’  Yes, it is bright but golly, I have on 4 coats and I am nowhere near getting rid of the VNL!!  Since this is paired up with their ‘Ocean Green’ at Walgreens, maybe it is to help hide the fact that ‘Irish Green’ is watery.

I have Olan Lab’s ‘Quick and Slick’ on as the top coat.  ‘Irish Green’ turned rather matte after it dried.

Hooray!  The lilies in the backyard are blooming!  I will ‘fess right up that I ‘borrowed’ this flower pose from Diana at ‘Painted Lady Fingers.’   When you check out her blog, you’ll see what using nature as props is all about.  Not only does she have a keen eye of nature, but she has a sense of prose that will wrap you right into her world.

As for me…

I can see the possibilities of ‘Irish Green’ but it just didn’t give me what I wanted.

My grandfather had green apple trees.  He’d pick one off for us, cut it in pieces with his pocket knife, salt the pieces and share them with us grandkids.  Those green apples tasted the very best. 🙂

I think before I move on to another mani, I’m going to put ‘Ocean Green’ over this one.
What is your opinion of ‘Irish Green’?

Time to Get Flaky

A prisoner spent years digging a tunnel out of his cell to freedom. Finally, he completed his tunnel and he jumped out. Giddy with excitement, he skipped around yelling ‘I’m Free! I’m Free!’ Unknown to him, he had emerged onto a playground. Upon hearing his cheers for joy a little boy replied ‘So what? I’m four!’

OK, groan all you want but you can tell that joke to your grandma!

Reason for the joke: it’s 3/3.

I’m still having some fun with greens for this month. Here’s the next one…

Shiver me Shamrocks!  I read about this one on Noveau Cheap’s blog.  When she likened it to Sally Hansen’s runaway cult favorite, ‘Hidden Treasure,’ there was no stopping that huge lemming!  This is Sinful Color’s ‘Green Ocean.’  If I understand correctly, this isn’t a new shade but, a re-release.  I’m happy with that because, I didn’t know about it the first time around.

I couldn’t wait to try this one out.  I layered it over the manicure I swatched for you, on March 1, ‘Venomous’ by Claire’s.  All by itself, ‘Venomous’ was da bomb!  How dare I think I could make it ‘better’…

You don’t have to agree with me, but I think I did!  Ooh, now that I’m drooling looking at this, I should have done one nail with ‘Hidden Treasure’ to compare.  This is a flaky that I think I have to talk you into having!

I put on 2 coats but 1 would have sufficed…

‘Green Ocean’ loves to play in the sunlight.

Even though I did this look in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I will be revisiting ‘Green Ocean’ again, soon.

I did put Seche Vite on to shine it up a bit. ‘Green Ocean’ tends to dull out after it dries.  Don’t let that stop you from getting a bottle for yourself.  Good gracious, it’s only $1.99 at Walgreen’s!  Interestingly enough, I got 3 bottles…for some reason…or another.  I picked up ‘Irish Green,’ a bright, green creme that was the second half of the Sinful Colors display.

Let me say, loud and very clear, No. Buyer’s. Remorse.

Will you be getting ‘Green Ocean?’  If you say no, I have to know why not!!?  🙂

Bubblegum Pink – St. Valentine’s Day Manicure Marathon Day 5

Let’s see what’s up for today…

If I’m short on my budget and still have an itchin’ to get some polish, I can always rely on Sinful Colors.  I get mine at Walgreens and they are only $1.99.  I tend to load up when they have them on sale for $.99.

This is a true bubblegum pink named ‘Biana’…

It’s a flat out creme.  This is 3 coats with a Seche Vite top coat.  If you should happen to notice someone wearing a creme polish and it looks really good, compliment them.  In my opinion, cremes are the hardest type of polish for me to make look well done.  I know it can be done because I follow some nail blogs where the owners LOVE cremes and it shows in their art.

Me, on the other hand, I love the look of pink cremes but they are fussy with me.  They don’t apply easily for me and they don’t wear worth a hoot either.  Bitching aside, I love this color.  It’s a home color of Libby’s Pink Vanity.


‘Bianca’ behaved way better than my upcoming Color Club pink creme.  Yet, ‘Bianca’ makes me happy.  Owning this pink makes me feel fresh and young.  And gives me a craving for some Bubblicious

Some polish wearers love bubblegum pink, others can’t stand it.  How about you?  If you don’t, that’s OK.  You won’t hurt my feelings.  If you do, do you have a favorite bubblegum polish?

A Kaleidoscope Of A Better Place

It was a heart-breaking day when I found out  Michael Jackson had died.  The reality couldn’t sink in.  I wanted the news to be wrong and come back and retract what had been reported.  But it didn’t happen.

Even though I don’t watch a lot of TV, I watched the funeral.  Then, I went to the movie, ‘This Is It’, and cried all over again.

How could I not think of MJ when I saw the name of this polish by Sinful Colors?

 Rats!  The photo didn’t pick up the gold and iridescent micro-glitter.  Twirling the bottle around reminds me of a kaleidoscope.   I had one when I was little and literally played with it for hours.  Well, you KNOW that was well before the ‘digital’ age. 🙂

Even though ‘This Is It’ was thin, I put on enough coats to give it some depth.  I was determined to get that kaleidoscope of micro glitters to twinkle of my nails.

And yes, I do have my bare foot propped right up on my antique desk.  lol  I’m a bit sorry I put this on my toes because, well, my toes don’t get as close to my face as it used to.  However, my foot does come up enough for me to put it in my mouth.

If you have never used Sinful Colors before, they are a very inexpensive nail polish treat you can get at Walgreens for $1.99.  Very often they will have them on sale at $.99.  Even though one color can last forever, a bag full of them will last long enough for you to know you should become a nail polish blogger.

‘This Is It’, in typical Sinful Colors fashion, has a chubby top and, I feel that it’s easy to hold.  The brush is long and a bit on the skinny side so it can take a few extra strokes to cover a nail.  I’m going to say that this is a gold jelly that has the micro glitter kaleidoscope suspended within it.  There is no problem at all with that glitter transferring onto the nail.  However, because it is a thin polish,  I had to use about 5 thin coats to get enough coverage to make me happy.  I finished with Seche Clear and then Vite.

And I can’t close this post without sharing my favorite MJ song:
The Man in the Mirror
There Will Only Be One King Of Pop ~ RIP