Interesting Uses For Witch Hazel

I get to have major surgery for my Christmas! Oh, goodie! (NOT!)

I have tried to be on the nice list but, having 2 major surgeries in one year puts me in a fowl mood and knocks me right off the nice list onto the naughty one.

I found some fascinating reading on all the uses for Witch Hazel. There are a lot! One says it helps reduce the appearance of scars. Well, I have one huge one now that will get a twin next week! I’m looking for something natural to help heal it and to soften the scar as it heals too.Not only is Witch Hazel cheap, it’s generally known to be very safe. I’ve used Witch Hazel in the past and it’s rather soothing to my skin. So, I don’t really have anything to lose.

Click the link below and read about Witch Hazel for yourself!

40 Amazing Tips and Benefit of Witch Hazel

Here’s to wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!

Kimberly and Libby

M Steves Skin Care Products

It was planned to put these products in the monthlyReject or Repurchase post. However, I felt that these two can stand alone in their own review.

These are two products that I was sent by M Steves. I received them late, last Summer. However, once you read through my review, you’ll see why I never got around to using them up…at least, right away.

I received the Multi-Benefit Moisturizer and the Ultra-Nourishing Boost…


I’ll start with the Ultra-Nourishing Boost. That this the product on the right in the above photo. It is made from rose-hip seed oil. Rose-hip seed oil doesn’t smell like roses, that’s for sure. I knew that even before I received these products. Rose-hip seed oil is the foundation of these products. And, per my conversation with the creator, M Steves, this is what she created to heal her cystic acne when everything else failed.

Granted, I do not have acne but, she said that it was nourishing for all skin types. When I received it, naturally, I tested it out immediately on the back of my hand. Then I smelled it. That’s where the love left me. I found this difficult to put on my face as the smell reminded me of the linseed oil I used to clean my oil paint brushes. Even though I tried to use it several times on my face, the smell didn’t dissipate. I figured that a skincare product would never smell like that and, surely, I got a bad one.

I called Ms. Steves to tell her. She told me that it isn’t supposed to smell like roses and that some folks do find the smell to be on the strong side. But, she said it was possible that I received one that could have sat on a shipping truck in the heat. So, she sent me another one. Unfortunately, it smelled the same as the first one.

I set the Ultra-Nourishing Boost to the side and never used it again. There’s no way I can get past the repugnant odor. And, it didn’t go away after hours of being on my skin.

There is a recommended way of using the Ultra-Nourishing Boost along with the Multi-Benefit Moisturizer. But, I skipped doing that after day 2 and went straight to using the moisturizer.


This product didn’t have quite enough moisturizing elements to make my skin feel hydrated. This would be a product I’d recommend for someone with slightly to mostly oily skin. I have normal to dry skin. Luckily, this product had a pleasant, light orange fragrance.

I wash my face first thing in the morning and then put on a moisturizer. I used the Multi-Benefit Moisturizer because, after I have a cup of tea, I workout. Then I take a shower. After that, that is when I use my complete skin care routine. In other words, I use that first moisturizer of the day to get me through until I shower. It isn’t one that needs to get me through the entire day.

Thus, after several months, I finally did use up the moisturizer…


The Ultra-Nourishing Boost costs $68. The Multi-Benefit Moisturizer sells for $48.

Setting aside the fact that I found the Ultra-Nourishing Boost to smell terrible, these products would be better suited for someone with oily to oily/normal skin. As for my opinion, these two items are not for me and, I can’t recommend the Ultra-Nourishing Boost as I feel most users would be highly put off by the odor.

Have you tried this brand? Have you used rose hip seed oil?

Walgreen’s Studio 35 Beauty Warming Facial Mask

Even though we have had plenty of snow, here in Colorado, I’m still playing the moisture ‘catch-up’ game with my skin. I know this is just how it will be as I age. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to give up the fight! I’m more diligent than ever, especially during the Winter.

I have been searching out masks that help moisturize my skin while exfoliating the dead cells. Creating that turnover of skin cells is vital to keeping lines and wrinkles away as well as keeping my skin glowing.

Studio 35 Beauty is Walgreens line of beauty products. I found this Warming Mask and wanted to give it a go…



This season, I have been cold! So what better way to warm up than with putting on a warming mask. However, I have to say, I’m very disappointed that I didn’t feel any warming sensation with Studio 35 Beauty’s mask. All is not lost, though. It still left my skin feeling soft and moist.

Here are a list of the ingredients…


Again, I find that I have gravitated to another product that has orange and/or Vitamin C in it. Vitamin C has been quite the buzz for skin care for several years. I don’t see it slacking. I wasn’t expecting to see so many other natural ingredients in this mask but gosh, there are lots of them!!!

And, if I didn’t feel satisfied with the results, Walgreens was giving me a 100% guarantee…


For just a couple of dollars, I felt I was going to be OK. And, I was! This mask was very refreshing. Since it was a gel mask, it didn’t get hard or draw in on my skin like clay masks do. I left it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it away. I actually set my timer app and go relax on my bed when I do a mask. I take advantage of having the luxury of being able to make it a spa-like treatment.

The product had a slight tint to it, the first time I used it and, just the slightest bit of a fragrance…


I put on a little at a time as this gel was rather runny. And, I was able to get two treatments out of this one envelope…


One thing that I didn’t think of was to squeeze the envelope and churn up the contents before opening it and applying it. The second time I used this mask, it wasn’t clear like the first usage. This could have had something to do with why I never felt any warming sensation.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the process and after washing the mask off, my skin felt extremely smooth and moisturized. I followed up with my regular night time skin care and noticed how smooth my skin felt.

I bought this mask for $1.75 last month. I don’t know if they are discontinuing it and, I hope not because I would certainly purchase this warming mask again.

Have you tried a warming mask?

PMD: Personal Microderm System

Keeping your skin healthy all year-round is key to having a great complexion. However, if you are putting on moisturizers, serums and balms on top of layers of dead skin, you are wasting your money and your time!

Exfoliating is super important. By removing that dead layer of skin at the surface, your skincare products will penetrate into fresh skin layers and really do their job. My favorite way of exfoliating, and I mean, truly removing the flaky skin at the surface, is with my Personal Microderm or, PMD, an at-home microdermabrasion system…


I love the convenience of using my PMD in my own home. I don’t have the hassle of making any appointments or deal with the expense of a spa. I use my PMD once a week. However, it only takes one treatment to notice a HUGE difference! You know that term ‘soft as a baby’s behind’? That’s how your skin will feel after using the PMD, EVERY TIME! So, instead of just softening the dead, flaky skin, you are revealing the new skin underneath that is primed to drink in your favorite moisturizer and reveal smooth and soft skin while buffing away fine lines and cleaning out pores.

With the PMD set, you get 7 planers. These are the sanding pads that gently remove the dead, dull skin. I start off using the practice disc as it is the most gentle and it does everything I need it to do. There are larger discs for larger areas such as your heels and elbows and, discs with heavier grit.


While you stroke the PMD across your dry skin, the head is actually vacuuming up the flaky skin. I like this for two reasons: One is that there is no dust flying around while I am using it and two, this vacuuming action also stimulates the skin which promotes more blood flow and creates healthier skin.


Using a microdermabrasion system can be very intimidating at first. I am glad that the company thought to include a DVD in the system to take you step-by-step through the process. After one use, you’ll see how easy it is and look forward to creating your own results right in your own home. Besides having immediate results, I like getting the full effort of my skincare products.

DSCF0014 DSCF0017

This isn’t something you can breeze through without looking in the mirror, I should mention. This is a serious treatment and you want to create the best outcome so, don’t get in a hurry. Enjoy the process as it is quite soothing. The PMD has a loud hum to it and it changes when you have created a successful vacuum as you plane across your skin. Start off with clean, dry skin and being planing on the smoother, flatter surfaces of your face, like right under the puffy part of your cheeks. Once you get accustomed to the upward motions, you can start working around your nose and by the chin area. I can get very flaky in the inner crease of my nose area and it’s very gratifying to microderm this area and see those flakes disappear.

The PMD plugs into an outlet, with a rather long cord and, maintenance of the unit itself is very simple. For the cost of just one spa microdermabrasion treatment, you can own the PMD for life. Right now, they have a 10% discount, store-wide, at their site. I totally recommend you get one and start your New Year with New Skin!


This product was sent to me for review. These are my own, honest opinions and results.#pmd #personalmicroderm  @pmdpersonalmicroderm

Eclos: Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream

One of my favorite skincare brands is one that doesn’t get a lot of promotion. I have only seen a small ad of Eclos by Freeman Beauty only once. I’m very happy that I stumbled across it. I bought a sample pack of Eclos almost 2 years ago and have been in love with it since. Here is Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream, full-size, that I just finished up…



Eclos proclaims a lot of healthy skin benefits. What I know for sure is that my skin loves this stuff. A medium-weight moisturizer with only a slight herbal smell, I use Regenerative Cream as a morning moisturizer. Without tightening my skin, I can feel this cream soaking into my skin and softening my fine lines.

I’m very impressed with the list of ingredients in this moisturizer as most of them are from plants I know…

DSCF0006Combined in a high-potency product, the focus of Regenerative Cream is to not only slow down the aging but also keep skin from sagging, brighten it and hydrating it as well. I can recommend this moisturizer to my sensitive skin friends because, just as important as what is in it, is what it doesn’t have. Check out the list below…



I purchase my Eclos products at Walgreens however, you can purchase them online and at Ulta.

I’m sorry I didn’t get a photo of the actual cream itself. Have you tried any Eclos products?


Toss or Trash: September, Part 1

I have learned, since becoming a beauty blogger, the true value of completely finishing a product. Goodness knows, I used to be a one-trick pony using only one shampoo until it was all gone. Never changing facial washes until the one I was currently using was used up. Now, I have no less than 4 shampoos in the shower and at least 3 conditioners going. So, when I finish up ANYTHING, it’s worthy of a post!

I have quite an assortment to show…


From haircare to skincare, this Toss or Trash segment has a main theme of MOISTURIZE. Starting with the big ass can of hairspray…


Tresemme’s most popular hairspray is the Extra Firm Control, all day humidity resistance. Does this one do the job? You bet! And this can lasted me for months. Not that I’m light on the spray, mind you. What I didn’t like was that this hairspray has dried out my already dry tresses. Even applying gently, at least in my mind, it has dried out my hair. I used it all up but, I will not be purchasing this one again. I need a hairspray that puts back in some moisture.

My skin is also dry and, getting drier by the minute. So, a moisturizing wash is a must…

DSCF0040 DSCF0041


I received this small bottle of Shea Terra Organics African Black Soap Body Wash in one of my monthly subscription boxes. I’m sorry that I don’t remember which one. This sample was Menthe or, had a peppermint oil in it. Fabulous! It wasn’t over the top peppermint like some body soaps can be. This was delicate and still refreshing. I liked the way this felt on my skin after a long morning run. I loved using it on my face as well as my body. I didn’t feel like my skin’s acid mantel was being stripped off with this wash. I felt super clean. This is one that I would replace.

After washing with Shea Terra, the next step is to dry off and moisturize my body…

DSCF0036 DSCF0037


The fragrance of Suave’s Moroccan Infusion body lotion is divine. My skin drank this up. I could tell it was doing my skin good because my normally, very dry elbows stayed smooth. I did feel that the staying power of the moisturizer wasn’t there all day, however. I have since gotten into the habit of reapplying a lotion before bedtime. So, I am rather surprised that with all the moisturizing properties listed in this lotion that it didn’t last the entire day. My skin didn’t seem any more radiant, either. For that reason, it’s trash and I won’t be replacing it.

I’m super fussy about getting moisture into my hair but I’m even more fanatic about it with my face. My age and the dry climate where I live are not doing me any favors!! The war is ON!!…

DSCF0038 DSCF0039

Kiehl’s is my saving grace. I’m SO happy I have discovered this brand. I received this eye cream at a store grand opening almost 2 years ago. Even though I have not used it regularly, as I test other eye creams out, this was my go-to when I wasn’t testing. I’d say it’s my staple. Rosa Arctica Eye Cream is thick enough that I instantly feel the moisturizing happening. However, it isn’t so heavy that it makes my foundation look off or clumpy. There isn’t really any smell to it but I can tell that it is a higher-end product by how well it performs. I am definitely replacing this.

What’s in your arsenal for keeping moisture in your hair and skin? Have you tried any of these products before?

Cellnique Skincare: Advanced Bio Renewal Serum & Reversal Platinum Cream

I have a preference. I bet you do too. In fact, I bet we have very strong preferences when it comes to beauty and cosmetic products. My strong preference deals with skincare. Back in March, I had a birthday. A BIG one. No, not thirty (that’s not big, sorry), and not forty either (that’s getting a big bigger), but BIG…5-0. Even though the ‘fight’ has been on for sometime, I will not allow my face to reveal my age. That’s what I have a driver’s license for.

One of the key points I’d like to make with my blog is, And I’m talking predominantly, your face. That’s my secret, that’s not really a secret but, has been good, common sense.

I have been using two skincare products for the last month that are new to me. I figured a month would give me a pretty good idea on whether I would give a thumbs up or down on these two items.  Before I go on and on about them, I want to say right off the bat, I loved using these!!

Here is what I got…

First is Advanced Bio Renewal Serum. And the other is Reversal Platinum Cream. Both of these are for skin that is, how should I put it…just past peak. That still makes me wince but, it is true. My skin is less than peak. :/ However, I don’t have to give up hope, for cryin’ out loud! I found two products to put into my corner.

As you can see, the packaging is simple but very elegant. These are not flimsy boxes. And that is a positive because these products were shipped from Asia. And, don’t let the thought of ordering from overseas (if you don’t live in Asia) detour you. Cellnique offers free shipping and a 100% refund if you do not like the products.

Their prices are in line with what I would expect from comparable department store brands. But, I was first bug-eyed when I saw these price stickers on the box…

Oh, my goodness!! But, if you go to Cellnique’s website, you’ll find the US dollar amount. The Serum is $51 and the Cream is $103.

Let’s exam the products…here is the Advanced Bio Renewal Serum…

It is in a pump bottle nestled into a sturdy box. Even though the product is labeled a ‘serum’ it isn’t what I expected. This is a lotion, in my opinion. However, it went on smoothly and my skin absorbed it easily. The resume’ for this serum is impressive: it stimulates cell renewal, helps keep pores unclogged, improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And there was barely a fragrance which wasn’t unpleasant at all.

After the serum absorbed, I followed with the Reversal Platinum Cream…

This, definitely, is a cream. The jar has a bluish hue to it but that’s just the color of the jar. Both products where opaque white. And, the cream was a denser consistency than the serum, which is what I would expect. This cream is meant for skin that is drier and focusing on keeping wrinkles and fine lines at bay. This cream didn’t have hardly any fragrance either. It deeply moisturized my skin without making it shiny later on in the day. I could feel that my skin was moisturized and, after using it for a month, my skin is now softer. One of the benefits the website mentions for this cream is that it provides a firming and lifting effect. I didn’t feel that is something I achieved. But, I’m not disappointed one bit.

On Cellnique’s site, they have very extensive information on the products they sell and it points you in the best direction for choosing items that suit your skincare needs.  But, again, if you should not like anything you order, you get a 100% refund.

Cellnique has won me over. I really, really like these two products. And, if the price does put you off some, after using these two for a month and, using them both in the morning before makeup and at night before bed, I am almost half-way through them. Using it twice a day, they will last me at least 2 months. My choice would be to use them just in the morning and use another, specific night cream at bedtime. Then, that would lengthen the usage even more. That is most assuredly my preference.

This product was provided to me for my honest review. These opinions are my own.

I Have Wisdom-See Stars, Not Scars; Part 2

The photos I showed a couple of days ago, I took at the vanity. What looks normal in the mirror, actually translates into a yellow cast as the camera tries to compensate. Thus, all that light that is too warm.

So, I took some photos at the sunny window and close up to show you the facts. Rainer Lara commented on Part 1 that she has a scar and a red spot next to it that really bother her. That comment struck a very strong chord with me.

I was in a head-on collision when I was 20. It was really bad and the EMTs thought I was dead when they got to the crash. I was driving and smashed my head and face into the steering wheel then into the windshield and ended up crammed under the dashboard on the passenger’s side of my car. I won’t list all the injuries but, I do want to point out that this left a lot of scars on my face. I had 4-1/2 hours of reconstructive surgery at my right eye bone and, my upper jaw was wired to my skull, and then, to my lower jaw as I broke my upper jaw bone clear across.

Almost 30 years since, I still have scars, physically and emotionally. Neither have completely gone away. But let me point out the scars because I now know, you won’t notice them unless I point them out. At the top of my forehead, in the middle, there is a scar that looks like a backwards ‘C’. I slammed my forehead so hard in the crash that, I broke my cranium and my brain bumped forward inside my skull. This isn’t a good thing. I was quickly stitched up before x-rays were taken so it was only after the fact the break and internal bump were discovered. It was a crappy stitch up job too ,and I had glass coming out of the wound for 4 months afterwards. My doctor said that maybe they were just wanting to stitch me up to stop the bleeding and didn’t wash it out very good. You Think??!

Oh, then right in the middle of my forehead, I have 2 chicken pox scars. OK, now you know why I wear bangs. Oh, and I have to give extra sunscreen to that scar otherwise, I end up with a large, red backwards ‘C’.


 I broke the upper and lower bones around my right eye. I have wires in there that hold the bones in place. I have a scar right along my eye brow and that deep wrinkle under my eye…that’s a scar. It used to be right up under my lashes. LOL.

I love the surgeon that did my surgery. I think only I can tell there is a difference.

OK, last bit…

Besides breaking my upper jaw bone, I lost front teeth and my bottom lip was  torn away from my mouth. There is a small scar right above the right tip of the arch of my lip. That was cut clean through from my tooth behind it. I was stitched up on the inside of my lower lip, but I am now thankful they didn’t realize that the cut was clear though on the top; they might have put a stitch there and I would have ended up with a more obvious scar.

There are tons of ‘cat scratches’ on my right cheek from all the glass cuts. I have to look hard to see them now. There are two, small puncture wounds on the top of each cheekbone where the surgeon inserted wires to hold my jaw in place to heal. I had my lower jaw wired to the top to hold it in place, so my mouth was wired shut. I sucked shakes through the hole where my teeth used to be.

One last, big scar is on my right knee cap. I almost severed it off but got a huge stitch-job for that one. I also broke my neck, bruised my liver and broke my left hip (of which they never realized. I had it finally replaced 4 years ago this next Saturday).

My point is this, for a LOT of these years since then, I have been very self-conscience about my scars. I have spent, and wasted, so much time worrying and regretting them. Then finally, after feeling the need to tell anyone who would look close at my face what had happened, I started listening. I heard over and over, ‘Oh, I didn’t notice.’ Never once did anyone ask about the scars before I mentioned them or ask me how they got there. Never.

Please don’t wait to find your own beauty. Focus on what is good, beautiful, pretty about your face (and your body). This is why I can post, confidently, my own, bare face; scars and whatever because, hey, I really do have good skin!! I no longer care if someone thinks I’m bragging. It doesn’t matter to me. I have found something I love about myself and I’m owning it.

Own your beauty too.

Sample Sunday: Avon’s Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid

This was a FUN weekend! The Central Florida Beauty Bloggers had a meet-up at Cafe Tu Tu Tango on Saturday, here in Orlando. We were sponsored by several, wonderful, WONDERFUL companies. And I got to meet some of the smartest, gorgeous and supportive women in the beauty blogging world. I want to start planning our next event NOW!

Yours truly, is the first on the left. From Tampa to Viera and all in between, these are the beauty bloggers of Central Florida.

Please stay tuned for reviews of the items I got at the meeting. I’ll also share links to blogs by these fabulous women.

Today’s sample is courtesy of Alyssa Eckhoff, an Avon representative, who knows about my love for the Anew skincare line. One of the samples she shared with us at our bloggers meeting was this…

I used half of this sample last night and the other half this morning, so it is spent. But I couldn’t wait to try it. I have read about it in an online magazine and was very interested in what I read. This product sounded for me. It’s suggested to use both in the AM and PM skincare regimen.

This is Avon’s Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid. Phew! The names of skincare products is getting long!

The promise of this fluid is that it is almost (79%) as effective as a professional microdermabrasion treatment, sans the irritation. What this does is retexturizes your facial skin. It removes the top layer of dead cells. When your skin does this, it creates a faster turnover of your cells replacing itself. Think of it as sanding wood to a fine, smooth finish. Well, it IS called ‘abrasion’! Just not that rough at all!

True to the name, this is a fluid. It’s not a serum, which is thicker. It’s not a cream. But it’s something right in between. And when I used just three drops, I not only covered my entire face and neck, but my skin absorbed the fluid instantly.

This product is for those that want to lessen the appearance of fine lines. It’s for those that want to tame down acne scars. And people that want their true glow to show on their face, will find that this may be a product that works for them.

Now, granted I have only used this twice in the last 18 hours, so I can’t say it has given me results. However, it felt wonderful when I put it on. The sample has enticed me enough that I will order this from Alyssa.

You can, too, from her website: One ounce is $38. There are competitors that have way more expensive versions of this, and there are some that are less expensive. Yet, I think this is reasonably priced, if it will deliver on that promise. I’ll keep you informed.

Have you tried This Fluid? Anyone else a fan of the Anew skincare products?

Sample Saturday: Biore Restore Skin-Boosting Night Serum

Beauty samples have to be popular. They are everywhere. I am finding more and more of these flat sample packages in my magazines. I get them in the mail. Companies that have a Facebook fan page often have sample lotteries. If I oreder a product, the company usually puts in a wee sample of another product they think I might like. We love samples!

I like them too. There’s a bit of excitement in a miniature version of the large size. Try before you buy. Check it out with no financial investment!

Here is the full-size version of a sample I tried…

Biore’s ‘Restore’ Skin-Boosting Night Serum. Biore is the same company that brings you those nose strips that you wet, apply, let dry, take off and get grossed out with the junk it gets out of your pores. I bet you’ve tried those samples!

Here’s the scoop on the serum before I share my own story about it.

This has been my favorite part of my night time skin regimen for over a year. I love what serums do to my skin. Biore tops them all for me. When I apply this, it slides on so smoothly. My skin drinks it in. And in the morning when I touch my face, I cannot believe how soft and smooth it feels.

This serum is a creamy serum. It feels cool on the skin and the smell is a slight citrus fragrance. I’m showing you about 1/2 a pump from the bottle. A full pump takes care of my entire face and down my neck. I apply this after washing my face at night, I let it dry and then I touch it up with a heavier moisturizer if my skin feels a bit tight on the tops of my cheeks and forehead. I don’t use ‘Restore’ under my eyes as I have another product I use there.

Taken from the box, Biore describes it as follows:

Nourishes & soothes skin as you sleep for a brighter, more rested appearance in the a.m. Oil-Free. (This product) infuses your skin with powerful antioxidants and skin regenerating vitamins A and C while you sleep. Featuring soothing chamomile and aloe, plus a blend of rosemary, sage and nettle extracts, this formula is designed to work overnight to help recharge skin’s appearance so you wake up looking refreshed and ready to face the day. 

All great and wonderful stuff, right? I love it. And when I finished a miniature sample bottle of this, I got more.

So, here’s my story…
I have a habit of saving small samples like ‘Restore’ until I travel. These are perfect for packing into my makeup kit as I won’t go without my skincare items. I got this one sometime back in a sampler kit from Target. Silly me, I saved it for my Christmas trip to my brother’s in 2010.

I, then, discovered, how great this product was. My skin had never felt so smooth in the morning. And I was in Denver with practically zero percent humidity. My skin wasn’t used to that at all, living in Florida!

Thus, I began to use it regularly when I got home. When it got down to the end, I went to buy more. I checked Target, nope. Then Walmart, Walgreens and Ulta. No. I got on the Internet and my heart dropped: they had discontinued it! Gasp! No!!!!

Now, just where do you go when you are looking for a hard to find (HTF) beauty product? Yes, I went to Ebay. There I got a lot of 3 bottles for around $12. The bottle in the photos is the end of the first of those three. It lasted about 10 months.

Moral of my story: don’t hold onto samples because I might learn that I’m too late to purchase full sizes. While hunting for replacements, I see that Biore doesn’t, currently, have any serums in its line of skin care. Biore, please come up with a serum again just like this one!

I have to know…has this ever happened to you?