OPI: Just Spotted The Lizard From The Spiderman Collection

OPI has very recently released a collection in conjunction with the new Spiderman movie. This seems to be quite a theme, not only for OPI, but other nail polish companies as well, to have nail polish collections that pay homage to an upcoming movie. Remember, the Hunger Games? How about The Muppet Movie? And, way back was ‘Burlesque’.

Although I was not particularly excited about the Spiderman collection, I did pick up two: ‘Just Spotted The Lizard’ and ‘Number One Nemesis’.

Here’s ‘Just Spotted The Lizard’…

The colors that I see in the bottle are deceptive. It looks very much like a duochrome in the bottle. I’m seeing a green, a copper and a bluish-purple flash. But take a look at the color on my nails…

These were taken at the sunny window which, is indirect light. But, as you may notice, even though I am at different angles to the window, I’m seeing the same shiny green shade. I applied 3 even coats. I did top it off with Color Club’s Vivid Color Intensifying Top Coat.

I’m really disappointed in that. I was looking forward to getting a duochrome as I don’t have very many of those in my polish collection. But, I still do like this shade…

It is just not blowing me away like I thought it would.

During the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida meet up, last week, of course we all look at each others’ nails and share what we are wearing. I couldn’t remember the proper name for this one so I jokingly was referring to it as ‘Pet My Lizard’. I think that is funnier than ‘Just Spotted The Lizard’.

What do you think? Will you, or have you, given this on a go?