China Glaze: The Hunger Games Collection – Fast Track

As if the movie, The Hunger Games’, wasn’t popular enough, the collection by the same name from China Glaze is being sold out in stores. I’m glad I got my set early!

If you didn’t get any, you can live through my photos…

I was prepared to regret ‘Fast Track’. I already have a crate full of taupes. But, this one is special. Yep. And that specialness is a pistol to capture in a photo…

‘Fast Track’ is a taupe that has a golden shimmer. In fact, when I roll it in the light, it also seems to have a bit of an iridescent shimmer as well.

I have the typical 3 coats and it was a pleasure to apply. Not one bit of a problem…

This is a polish I’d recommend to someone who wants to wear a nude tone but still wants a bit of spice. ‘Fast Track’ is a charmer.

I have Color Club’s Vivid Color Intensifying top coat on to finish off the look…

OK, so I’m going to be an outcast waiting for The Hunger Games to come out on Amazon videos. But, I’m really happy I didn’t wait to snag the entire China Glaze polish collection.

Did you get your polishes? Did you get this one?

Dress Me Up For The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is the first blockbuster movie of the year. Have you seen it yet? How about China Glaze snapping up the rights to have The Hunger Games nail polish collection? This shade is just about for everyone…

‘Dress Me Up’ is a pinkish-taupe creme. I didn’t expect to like it. However, once I applied it, I was smitten.

I applied 3 coats. However, you can still see a patch or two of nail balding. That is one of the difficulties of creme nail polish. But, in real life, you really have to scrutinize to see this flaw. And I think this shade would be a nice base for shatter polish or nail stamping.

‘Dress Me Up’ is a warm color and yet, it is a neutral that is partial to being perfect for a wedding, as well as to wearing to work. And it might be so neutral in color that almost all skin tones can wear this one easily.

Very shiny without a top coat, I have applied 3 coats. ‘Dress Me Up’ is a pleasant surprise; I like it very much.

How about you? Do you like this color?

Who You Lookin’ At? Says the Night Owl

Seems like there has been a lot of ‘bird’ collections this season. That’s OK with me; these are some fine shades!

Orly got into the game (bird, game…get it) early on. Maybe the early bird gets the worm?

I like this taupe because it goes in my category of ‘pleasant surprises.’  ‘Night Owl’ is a taupe that would not bring attention to itself except for the taupe micro-glitter. I don’t have anything else like it in my collection. Not to say there isn’t one out there. I’m, however, happy to have this beauty.

And the best part is, that the color in the bottle is exactly what I got on my nails. With 3 coats, I got a coverage that was complete and finished. I don’t have a top coat on this manicure; it was shiny all by itself. This could be the smoothest Orly polish I own.

The glitter gives it a whole, new depth to it.

And I must tell you, if it wasn’t for that micro-glitter, this would be a shade my grandma would have worn. Remember the taupe frost by Sally Hansen? Yea, it was grandma’s pick.
I love my grandma with all my heart but, I don’t want to wear her nail polish. I’ll take this cutey, instead.

This is in no way a decent manicure. Bless my eyes, they don’t see what the camera shows. But, that color is BOSS and a wise ‘Night Owl.’

I used to have a cashmere sweater this taupe color. Would you pick this shade to wear? I think this color would be a cool one for some boots!

Hi! I’m One Year Old Today!!

Happy 1st Blog Anniversary, Libby’s Pink Vanity!!!!

All I can add is that this has been the most fun I have had on the Internet. I have new friends, new blogs to read and new products to check out…all I would never have known about without joining this community.  Thank you, dear readers, for being a part of my fun.
I have loads of manicures in the can to post. I’ve given up the hope that I can keep up with my habit purchases. So, unless I wish to declare defeat, I have a lot of fodder to keep the blog rollin’.
Sometimes you  get a story to go along with a nail/makeup purchase. I’ll keep this one short.

I found a CoverGirl NailSlick’s two-pack at the Dollar Tree. There was only one clerk at the register and he was taking his time. He was commenting about every item anyone was buying. I almost put this down because I wasn’t in the mood to deal with purchase commentary. There were at least 5 people ahead of me. The, when there was just one person ahead of me, he pushed the check button instead of the debit card button, I yelled out a ‘NOOOO!’ However, I stuck it out and I walked away a winner.

 I didn’t make thispurchase for this color. This is OMFG UGLY!!!  Applied well; polish wasn’t globby; dried well too. Only negative-it’s ugly. It’s called ‘Sand Castle’.
But here is why I purchased the set…

IceSlick’s ‘Anti-Freeze’. This polish looks like alien go-in-the-dark snot. It’s neat-o.

 I’m not going to spam-alot because my nails were in sore need of a gel refill,  NOT the acrylic one I was given instead. Also, I’ve cut back my nails since. But ‘Anti-Freeze’ just melted my icy feelings about ‘Sand Castle.’  The photos don’t do this polish justice and neither do my nails. What can do it justice is to revisit it under better conditions. I want you to see what a truly cool look ‘Anti-Freeze’ can make.
Sometimes I just have to put up with crap happening around me. Even if I didn’t do the crapping, someone did and someone will have to deal with it. Try not to crap on anyone’s day.

Thanks for tagging along with me. You are all very special. (HUGS)

Don’t Taupe on My Gray Suede Shoes

I’m a firm believer that work should not get in the way of your hobbies.  However, I took on a new company to finance my hobby.  I’m sure many of you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.  I’ve been able to read blogs but not post as much.  If you want to read some nail blogs, just take a look over on the side of the blogs I follow.  Each one of them are super blogs!  Really, add them to your blog list.

I have this bag I keep all my swatched polishes in.  I got through it and try to find the photos that match it.  I have got to find a better organizational method.  I did figure out to take a photo of the color’s name to help me figure out which polish it is.  That’s right; some of us have to stumble into our moments of brilliance. 

One I finally found a match for with photos and a bottle in the bag…*groan*
Here’s Color Clubs’ ‘Positively Posh’.  This one is from the Untamed Luxury collection.

Maybe I’ve been brain-washed from all the ’80’s and 90’s office dress codes, however, this one would not have been ‘appropriate’ then.  Screw that!  I think this is the new office appropriate color.  If you want to wear a darker, somewhat vampy color, try ‘Positively Posh.’  And if your supervisor complains, give her a bottle of her own.  She’ll be rewriting the employee dress code before you can say ‘Quick Dry.’

This polish color is hard for me to explain.  It’s a dark taupe.  It’s a dirty gray.  It’s also a super muted gray/purple.  I’ll pick a shimmer, glitter or sparkle over a creme almost any day.  But I will say, that I rather adore this creme color.

I’ve given up, almost, on those cuticles.  I went so long without chewing them.  Yes, that’s gross.  And honestly, I thought I had the habit licked when I started nail blogging.  However, there is no hiding the fact in my photos.  Favorite place to chew cuticles; the car.  If I was a smoker, I’d be chain-smoking.

Moving on to something un-gross…Color Club has me by the heart.  I love their price, I love their quirky yet fun colors, the way this polish seems to glide on, I like the brush that isn’t skinny and how easy it is to hold the bottle.  Only downers–There’s only one place in Orlando you can get these and I have to order them online if I want to get them sooner.  Not anything hard to overcome, though.

I love it when I see a photo of a nail polish and the light shines off it.  The shine here looks like ripples in the polish however, it’s just the reflection off the window. 

This is with a BC, 1 coat of Seche Clear, 2 color coats, 1 Seche Clear and then one Vite.  What’s missing is an application of Lemony Butter by Lush!  No excuses because that container sits right on my end table in the living room.  It’s handy, no less.

‘Positively Posh’ is a color I love wearing.  And if I was back in the corporate world, I’d wear this.  No questions or regrets.

Do you have a dress code that dictates what colors you can wear?  If you do, what color do you wear, if any?

I Couldn’t Leave Well Enough Alone, Part II

A couple of posts back, I had Part I of ‘not leaving well enough alone’.  However, I have to admit, when I did plop down a sparkly top coat here, it did make me feel I had improved on it.  Remember ‘Home Improvement‘?  Tim never could leave well enough alone either. 

For me, it’s just a wickedly expensive fun hobby. 

Here’s Confetti’s ‘Debutante’…

I’m going to call this a soft, gold taupe.  Very subdue and very office appropriate.  It’s shimmery but not screaming.  I used three coats to make it Solid Gold. There’s 2 coats of Seche Clear and 1 Coat of Seche Vite.  I’m sorta ‘meh’ about this color.  It’s OK, but my tastes usually are to have my fingernails SCREAM!!!

Confetti’s is a new brand, MBA Beauty, released at CVS.  Here’s the scoop on why you may want to get some of MBA Beauty’s polishes before they are GONE! 

I didn’t wait…

If you see a color more than once, that means it’s gonna be in a giveaway.  One for you, one for me.

I’m brazen enough to think I can do better.  Now, I did put on my thinking cap that not only lets me think outside of the box, but also color inside the lines.  If this color is golden, why not try a silver glitter????  Hmmmmm…I DID just get a new topcoat from Revlon.  They released a few new colors recently along with accenting glitter topcoats for…well, not leaving well enough alone!  YES!!  (I have learned, with lots and lots of practice, to justify about anything I do.)  Here’s ‘Belle’ and she is a silver cutie pie.

Top photo is with the sunny window, last one is outside in sunny (read: hot) Florida.  How sad that the silver glitter and holographic larger glitter doesn’t show up on the nails in the photos.  It does a lot more in real life.

Albeit some serious wear in the top photo (that looks really ugl-le), you can see some of the reflections.  And last, a photo of the bottle.  Ahhh, see what I mean!

And, even if I couldn’t leave well enough alone, I feel I made a somewhat boring color a bit more spunky.

When you saw ‘Belle,’ did your mind start reeling as to what other polishes you could use this with?  Which ones?