Sinful Color’s Greek Isles; I’m Ready For An Exotic Vacation

Sinful Colors came out, this Spring, with a collection called Cast Away. I really did like very single shade too. I wasn’t expecting to like this one, but I do…

 ‘Greek Isles’ is a light turquoise shade. I put it into the same shade family as a ‘Tiffany Blue’. I know it isn’t exactly like that, I just use that as a reference.

What a fine creme this is. And, the interesting thing is I don’t like those ‘Tiffany Blue’ shades. Well, I have to back track now, don’t I?

 My camera makes me very happy that this photo is very close to what ‘Greek Isles’ looks like in real life. So, even in the sun it looks great. And, in the shade…

Just sign me up for a relaxing vacation on the Greek Isles. I have already packed my nail polish!

This is three coats and I have a top coat of Sally Hansen’s ‘Teflon Tuff’ Extra Strength Nail Protector. I’ll say it again, normally I don’t care for this shade. However, this one just clicks.

How do you feel about polishes this shade? Do you love ’em or hate ’em?

A Pleasant Surprise Pairing Up

As much as I’m on the computer, I’d think I would have read that blogger is changing. Well, I do know that its new name will be Google Blog or Glob Boogle…something like that. ;p

This isn’t a thought-out manicure. I just picked. But, I like pleasant surprises, right?

This tiny Color Club doesn’t have a name but I still love it. Here’s why…

This is a metallic silver with gold micro-glitter. I can see the glitter in the photos, but it isn’t showing up as gold. 
Next, is an unusual crackle color…

Mia Secret’s Crackle Polish ‘Sky.’ I picked this up from a new display at the Beauty Supply Store that I get Kleancolor products. So, I know that the Mia Secret crackles were new in the store. But, the separation of the polish makes me wonder just how old is ‘Sky’? I wonder if ‘Sky’ is as old as…dirt. *goes off to ponder*

This light shade of turquoise is not one that I would like by itself. However, because ‘Sky’ was a crackle shade I have not seen before, I got it. And with a quick pairing up…

Here’s what I got…

I like it! What do you think? ‘Sky’ crackles very well. It applies with ease and is a friendly polish; you don’t have to rush to get it on before it starts to drag.

As with crackles, ‘Sky’ dries matte. I left it that way.

This is a pleasant surprise. And it made me smile.

Are you smiling too?

My Battle of the Turquoise: Winner: Carnation Creation

There is another wave of new polishes coming! I better hurry up and show the swatches I’ve made so I’ll have room for more. 🙂

This is Finger Paint’s ‘Carnation Creation’ and it has been used to compare to China Glaze’s ‘For Audrey.’ I posted about ‘For Audrey’ here.  ‘For Audrey’ has made it into the core line of China Glaze, surely because of its popularity. But, I like ‘Carnation Creation’ way better…

Yet, even with the comparisons, I actually like ‘Carnation Creation’ better. I wish I knew exactly why but, I just prefer this color more…


Listen up…I went to get my gel nails filled in. Over the next weekend, I swatched like a mofo. As I removed the polishes to reapply a new one, the fill-in disintegrated. It did it more and more as the swatch-a-thon went on. Well, damn! That salon didn’t fill me in with gel; they used acrylic! Grrrrr….. Not trying to make an excuse, though. I’m pointing out how I fell for the ol’ switch-a-roo.

Crappy fill-in aside, I now bring your attention to the lovely polish. Not a thing wrong with that! I did three coats and they went on smoothly. I have Seche Vite (did you know that means ‘Quick Drying’?) as a top coat. I was attempting to build up the polish enough to hide the divits. That was a ‘Fail’ too.

Next weekend, I am going to Orlando’s Premiere Show. I hope to find a nail gel that works perfectly every time and one I can do myself. (When I was in nail tech school eons ago, we actually had ‘gel,’ not powder!) And that can bring an end to getting duped at the nail salon.

But, high on my list, is to discover new products and upcoming releases in the beauty and nail industry. Then, share them with my loyal readers. I’m excited!

Which color do you like better: ‘Carnation Creation’ or ‘For Audrey’?

I Couldn’t Leave Well Enough Alone, Part I

The title says it all.  I did a manicure and a pedicure and since I didn’t say ‘WOW’, I had to do more.  This will be part 1 of 2.  Here’s the pedicure first.

My parents said this often enough to me, so I’m no stranger to ‘not leaving well enough alone’.  Heck, if one aspirin is good, two would be better!  If one margarita is good, then the next 7 will be even better.  No, wait.  I tried that on my hub’s birthday, 10 years ago.  I had all the margarita’s I will EVER have.  Haven’t touched them since!  In one night, I learned how to leave well enough alone after that!  I think I ACTUALLY decided that the next day, though.

And I couldn’t leave my nails well enough alone.  I finally bought China Glaze’s ‘For Audrey.’  I thought it was a clever name and it got tons of raves in nail blog world.  Wow!  Everyone liked it.  Except me…

Hmmmm….I’m not impressed.  As much as this could get me kicked off the island, at least I am honest.  I think my Mom used to have Tupperware this color.

 No, I’m not impressed.  But I hate to let a possible opportunity pass by.  This is where the ‘leave well enough alone’ comes in…

Let’s put some of that Revlon’s new top coat ‘Galaxy’ on it!  This is just one coat.  I could have worked harder at getting some of those pentagon shaped glitters on.  In the bottle, can you see the iridescent, green, turquoise, and chunky mauve glitter???  Yea, that’s awesomesauce!!!  (If you don’t know what awesomesauce is, go here and you’ll see that I stole this from Jacie. Her blog is awesomesauce.) Glitter like this can be a pistol to get on.  Look at me there with my foot up on my desk.  You’d think I owned the place!  Oh, wait…I do.

For Audrey, it’s a creme, standard issue China Glaze brush and bottle.  Applies about standard, seemed to be fast to me.  Two coats with a clear top coat.  One coat of Galaxy.  Love at first look.  Thick top coat with lots of glitter.  May need two coats, I did just one.

The Galaxy, I’ll keep.  For Audrey, well, I’d give it back to Audrey if she was here.

I’ve seen ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, have you?  Did you like it?  What do you think of Galaxy and/or For Audrey?

A Day At The Office With a Mermaid

Whilst nail polish blogging is fun, it quickly turns into an addiction.  Or, maybe it’s an obsession.  Workout DVDs have been my addiction for almost 8 years.  Even though I started using them back in the ’80’s, I leaped off with it in full bravado exactly one day after getting married.  And I have/had a lot of fun jumping on various fitness band wagons.

As I had blogged here, American Apparel is all new to me.  But not anymore!  They sell 1 bottle for $6, 3 bottles for $15.  Yes, you are right; it made better sense to get the 3/$15!!  Surprise.

Nope. I could NOT leave well-enough alone.  First of all, I used American Apparel’s ‘Office.’  Not sure why they chose ‘Office’ as the name.  Looks more like kitchenware from 1950’s era.  It’s a creme polish that doesn’t have a lot of shine on its own.  It’s sort of turquoise, sort of blue-ish green.  I know I don’t have anything like this in my stock, though.  It is much greener than China Glaze’s ‘For Audrey.’  I just got that one and will soon swatch it.  But even with the two next to each other, there is no duplicate.

Then I started to play with this mani.  I tried out my China Glaze Matte.  Now it looks like some vinyl covering on a bar stool from my hometown drug store!  I wanted to jazz it up so I whipped out the ‘makes every polish better’ Sally Hansen’s ‘Hidden Treasure.’  Ah, that put some piss in the pizazz!

Hidden Treasure with Office (just for kicks, a Hidden Treasure in my Office would be finding that the stapler works on the first try) reminds me of a mermaid.

Gosh, I’ve trimmed my nails since I did this manicure.  I miss them too.  Stupid broken nail!!!  I sure wish my fingernails could be has hard as my biceps. 😉

Got some polish that you have to pizazz?  Do you agree that Hidden Treasure makes a lot of so-so colors better, and good colors great!?