Tool Tuesday: Beauty Tweezers

When I think about how many tools I use for my beauty regimen, I guess I’m concerned high-maintenance. But, I maintain myself, so that’s not a bad thing, is it?

Some of the tools that I have shared with you are extra items. I mean that they are not necessarily ‘must haves’. I do think I need them, but you know what I mean. Tweezers are something that we could do without. There are plenty of folks out there that are quite OK with their uni-brow. Many women are perfectly OK with having a mustache. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. Hence, the need for tweezers…

Truly, I have no idea how old these tweezers are. They are at least 2 decades old. I don’t remember a time when I did not have these. And I’m talking about this very pair you see in the photo.
I have guarded these tweezers with my life. I travel WITHOUT them in fear that they would become lost. I threaten serious bodily harm to my hubs if he misplaces them. I have a very good reason too; I can’t replace them. And believe me, I have tried. But even Tweezerman hasn’t measured up to my beloved tweezers.
The scissor-like finger loops make these easy to hold. Precession is ultimately important!!! And, the awesomeness doesn’t stop with just that. In my ode to my tweezers, I covet…the slanted end…
Even though I know there are many different types of tweezers, I have tried many of them, these are my very favorite. These just work for me. I can continue to maintain that awesome brow arch in just seconds a day. No one ever needs to know that I have a thicker mustache than Justin Bieber.
I did try to replace my tweezers, more than once. I even tried these needle-nose type…

This Lacross brand even has a protective tip for the end and it keeps the ends together. You’d think that I could get perfect precession with these too. Any time I have had a spa treatment, the needle-nose type is what they have used. 
They even look medical! But I might as well be using chopsticks when I try these. I just can’t work with these. It’s like the tips are not in alignment, I can’t grab the hair. But, I keep these around just in case, ‘GASP!!!’ something should happen to my slanted pair. 
Are you getting the feeling that I’m obsessed about my slanted tweeters? I admit it. When I find something that works so darn good, that’s a tough act to follow. 
Do you have a beloved beauty tool too? Pleeeease tell me you do!!