Dusty Shopping in My Own Backyard

Do you know what shopping for ‘dusties’ is? It’s where you go to stores that sell nail polish, or maybe did at one time, and you look for those old bottles that are sitting back on the shelves collecting dust. I’ve even heard  it to be asking a store, like Sally’s, to bring up from the back office, any polishes they have pulled that didn’t sell. Think of it as a nail polish scavenger hunt. And the Holy Grail is to find a long-lost hard to find shade. This will not only make you ‘squuueeeee!’ but when you blog about it, all your nail blogger friends will ‘squuuuueeeee’ too and they will give you accolades of admiration at your success.

I’ve done a bit of this myself, early on in my blogging life. But today, I did it in my own home. Yep, I have so many unswatched bottles. I was digging through them a week ago and pulled out all these vampy, dark Halloween-ish shades.

Here’s my first one to show….

Sinful Color’s ‘Rich in Heart’ is just the deep, inky burgundy with a bit of sparkle that looks hot. Smoldering hot. The base is black but there is so much of that dark burgundy shimmer that it all comes together like a cold, dark rainy night…

I have no idea how I got a bit of a finger print smudge on my pinky. I guess there’s always going to be something to keep me from capturing that awesome effect. I had a great thumb photo but there was that one piece of fuzz hair….grrr…if it isn’t on my nails, it’s in my eye; I swear!!! *darts eyes quickly at Libby*

This is just 2 coats. I used a bottom coat and a top coat by Color Club’s Eco set of each. That top coat makes a killer shine. I can almost see my reflection in my nails too.

In the shade, it’s almost totally black. Lady vampire nails, yes? YES!

Down-right saucy!!!

I love vampy, dark blackened shades. What color is your favorite to see blackened?

The Ugly Series: Part 3, What Vampires Wear

Ready for some more ugly?

Up front, I’ll confess, this is a total contradiction.  This is a brownish-red vamp color. It’s Sally Hansen’s ‘Vivid’. And it is from at least 2 winters ago.

I admit, I only think it is ugly in the bottle. But once it is on, and particularly in the sunlight, I am ready to wrap myself in a crushed velvet cape and fly off into the twilight. OK, so it’s not an original idea, but you get the point.

Some of photos drive home my feelings that this isn’t such a hot color. But, alas, confession is good for the soul…I stared at it while I was sitting at stop lights.

Ah, this is the best rendition of ‘Vivid.’ Yes, indeed, it is vivid. I have on 3 coats and feel that a better talented nail person could have got it in 2. I topped it off with Color Club’s ‘Eco Chic’ top coat.

Here’s the reason I picked this one. I asked my husband to, quick, name a color! He didn’t answer right away and started laughing and backing up at the same time. ‘No! No! This isn’t a trick’ I tried to soothe him over. Once he realized I was definitely not set out to trick him, he chose RED. I then took that as my lead to find a red in my huge stash that I felt was ugly.

In the shadows, this color isn’t so pretty. Pull it out into the sunlight, and it begins to show off. And you can’t do that with ‘real’ vampires. I tried to explain to my husband that ‘real’ vampires cannot go out into the day time and they not shine either. He was left in a more confused state.

Do you find vampy reds to be beautiful?

Being a Nail Polish Matchmaker

Borghese Nail Polish as always struck me as a chic and cosmopolitan company.  Truthfully, I have no idea about them.  It’s purely on speculation.  It’s from the name, from the shape of the bottle and right down to the sophisticated colors.
Here’s ‘Bella Berry’…

Almost sounds like ‘Build-A-Bear’!  hee hee!

Just the slightest bit of tip wear after 2 days.  Enough to annoy me.  However, the polish applied easily.  I could have gotten away with 2 coats but I did three.  I have Seche Clear and then Vite on top.

A true vampy color, I just adore!

I know this will be annoying to some that I have failed to do a decent clean up.  I’m blaming it on not having enough corrector pens.  The only one I had at the time was smeared from a blue polish prior.  Eh, I’ll just admire the deep, velvety purple color instead.  I must say, vampy colors are truly the only creme polishes I love.

Before moving on to the next mani, I put on an overlay, just to play…

From one of Revlon’s newer collections, this is ‘Slipper.’  Created to be a top coat, this one WILL be showing up again later in the year on this blog.  Glittery goodness!!

Provided this had been a ‘fresh’ manicure, this would have been a complete success.  A happy marriage of Borghese’s ‘Bella Berry’ and Revlon’s ‘Slipper.’

Are you over all these ‘Twilight’ references as I am?  Do you hope vampy colors stay in vogue for a long time?  I think they are staples just like jeans and blazers; they’ll always be around.

The Vampy Giveaway

It seems that Halloween is the favorite season in makeup/nail blog land.  I’m actually finding people who love it as much as me!  In fact, I love Halloween so much I wanted to marry it!!!  Well, I wanted to get married on that day.  But my husband said no. >:(  So, we settled on All Saints’ Day, November 1.

There’s no holding back on the giveaways (yes, that is plural!) I’ve got planned for this month.  There are lots of good reasons for them.  I hope you find this a fun one too.

This is ‘The Vampy Giveaway!’

These are a few of the ‘Vampy’ goodies I have so far.  All deep, mysterious, sexy polishes.  There’s a HIP Intense Black eyeliner too.  And, I will be adding a sexy red RED lipstick!

So, this is just the core of the giveaway:

Wet ‘n Wild’s Eggplant Frost, Borghese’s Plumaggio Purple, Confetti’s Masquerade Ball

Salon Perfect’s Glitter nail Polish: Spellbinding Top Coat and Metallic Nail Polish: Claw Polish

Love & Beauty’s Disco Duo, MBA’s 10 in Starstruck, Wet ‘n Wild’s Craze in Morbid, L’Oreal HIP Pencil in Perfectionist

Borghese’s Stellare Notte, Wet ‘n Wild’s Black Creme

And…more to come!  I think this is a ‘Treat,’ wouldn’t you say?

Here are the rules:
1) You must be a follower; let me know how you follow
2) You need to leave me your email address so I can contact you (all your entries HAVE to have your email address!)

3) Put this on your blog with the first photo, link back to here, and you’ll get 3 more entries
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   One per day and give me a linky so I know it’s legit.
5) Share this on your FaceBook, link it back, let me know about it and you’ll get an entry
6)Tell me what your favorite candy is/was to get for Halloween and you’ll get another entry

Please don’t cheat.  It’s not good karma.  Post in the comments for each entry, separately or all together.  It doesn’t matter.

Giveaway is open internationally and to those who have won with me before.  

This giveaway runs quick so I can set up another one right away!  I will close this one Oct. 9, 2010, Saturday at 10 PM EST.

You can email me at libbyspinkvanity(at)gmail.com if you have any questions.  Or, even if you just want to chat.  I’m also on Twitter as KimberlyIsHere.

Oh, came back to tell you my favorite Halloween candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  I can smell all the chocolate just walking down the Halloween candy aisle…dangerous!!!!!

Happy, Vampy Halloween!!!