Elsa’s Snow and Ice Beauty Book

When I saw the exclusive Frozen-themed items at Walgreen’s, I purchased the elf nine shadow palette, which I reviewed here, and I also purchased the Beauty Book too…



I must admit, I have not seen the movie, as I am not a fan of cartoon movies nor musicals. However, it’s easy to say that I love the color-scheme and the makeup that this collection has.

The beauty book is just like the other elf books that have come before…

DSCF0011 DSCF0010

Along with a mirror, there is a two-look tutorial underneath that…

DSCF0037 DSCF0036


With a shadow brush and eight shadows, there is a face highlighter, two eyeliner pencils and a lip gloss…



The brush isn’t my favorite but, it can get the job done. I like to use it if I’m just going to wear one or two shadows. For a more intense look, I use other higher-end brushes for precision application and better blending.

The shadows are neither chalky nor crumbly. I found them to blend amazingly well and the colors tie into each other nicely…


Elsa Book Swatches

The eye pencils are both black. However, one is a flat black and the other has silver sparkles. I found that once I had them on, I couldn’t much tell the difference…


The lip gloss is the scene-stealer of the book. It is highly-pigmented, not a bit tacky and it is super bold…

Elsa Lip Gloss

I didn’t use a primer with any of these swatches. I would, however, recommend using a lip liner with this gloss as it migrated on me rather quickly. I feel a liner would have corralled it and kept it from bleeding.

The highlighter was adorable with its embossing…


However, it is just an overspray. This is what happened when I swatched it…


Nevertheless, for my fair complexion, this highlighter looked nice applied to the top of the apples of my cheeks. I don’t do highlighters much but, with a light application, this one didn’t make me look overly made-up or shiny.

Overall, I find this elf beauty book to be absolutely adorable. For a makeup junkie, I think it’s fun and I can easily recommend it for any age.

Have you spotted the Frozen movie products in your Walgreen’s? Which ones did you get?



I Spy…New Cover Girl EyeShadow Palettes at Wallgreens 5/24/2012

I had to do a double take on the model for this new Cover Girl display…

That’s Taylor Swift looking all saucy! She’s all smokey-eyed with these new palettes…

I love the color combos of these too. I was in a hurry and didn’t spend a lot of time checking these out. But snapped these photos to show you. This display was only set out yesterday too.

Have you seen it yet? What do you think of ‘virginal’ Taylor getting sultry on us?

I Spy…New Stuff at Walgreens 12/14

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With just a few minutes to spare, I can get in a store, find a deal or something new, snap a photo (yea to my new smart phone!) and be on my way.

This is what I found at Walgreens today…

Rimmel has new eye shadows. This is for Glam’eyes HD. I guess because Rimmel is a British company, they made the design look like the British flag? It is a nice, eye-catching update from their regular palette design.

 As is often the issue, my camera doesn’t pick up the colors very well. The colors are much more saturated than the photo picks up.

The shades in this palette are much more vibrant than this photo shows.

I also saw these new press-on nails from Broadway Nails…

They have quite a mixture of crackle looks, lacy, animal, nail art, etc. Even though I don’t wear them but rarely, I’m a fan of press-on nails. It gives you an instant professional manicured look on the fly.

I also saw at the Walgreens that I visited, they had $1 off all Revlon products. There were coupons for this at the cosmetic check out. The coupon says it is only good at Walgreens, and since they were photocopies, I’m confident that you can’t use them anywhere else.

Are you finding any new displays at your Walgreens?

I Spy…Walgreens 11/11/11

These are a few random products I found on those top shelves at a Walgreens…

 New designs from Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Nail Stripes.

Cool, eh?

Then I saw this larger display…

It’s a new display for Revlon. First, I think they are just waiting to make some room for this one because it says ‘Holiday Season’. Next, I was holding my camera over my head to snap these photos. It was too large of a display to take down safely.

But I did take some pieces down to show…

There’s glosses and polishes. Oh, peek!!! There’s a $1 off coupon pad on it too!

I got up on one of the stools that the store uses. So I always feel guilty helping myself. Thus, I hurried and didn’t get any names of these cuties.

I know, you’re surprised to hear me say I’m guilty when I do this. There is a tinge of guilt. But not enough to stop me! Anyhoo, I thought this was a cool murky olive polish. I almost got this one too.

OK, everything I take single shots of I want…

I do NOT need any more clear, glittery lip gloss (repeated until I left the store).

And one last display…

See the first two on the left and how they are not matched up with the same colors in the back row? That’s because I took them down, looked at them, figured they were new, then ran out to my car and got my camera.

This spy project isn’t a good one. My instincts told me that I was going to get asked to stop. That didn’t happen. However, the young lady that was working in the cosmetics department told me to be careful when she found me standing on their stool. I think she remembered me as the ‘nail blog lady.’

Anything here tease you?

I Spy….Target and Walgreens 10/28/11

Time is about up for the October giveaway. Click here if you want to get in on it. Chances are pretty good as there are not over 100 entries as of right now.

This really pains me. And, I am VERY vocal about this subject. I feel like a traitor to my own standards putting this up on my blob. However, I am going to put my feelings aside this one time. I want to be fair to my followers who might care.

So, I’ll be as brief as I can…

Pseudo-celebrities. Media whores. Pointless.

By now, you probably have seen the cute, round lip balms from EOS. If not check out my friend, Mary’s, Swatch and Learn blog. She reviewed one right here.

So, this is a new item by EOS, to me. EOS shaving cream…

I saw this at Walgreens and man, is that not a good deal?

Probably tomorrow, 10/30/11, Halloween stuff is going to be dirt cheap in order for the stores to clear it out. (Gain-way for Christmas items!!) So, be on the lookout if you want to stock up on Halloween decorations and candy.

You might buy this, but I bet you don’t save it…

 I LOVE this! It’s hot chocolate that you mix right up in the cauldron/cup. However, I’m not too keen on the idea of orange hot chocolate. Maybe that’s just the color? If you check my klout influence, it would probably be beer in my cauldron!!!

I buy a lot of my clothes at Penneys. I stop in about once a month because I’d blow my entire ‘just for me’ budget for the month in about 2 hours.

These two young ladies, at the register, had just been given a lot of grief and rudeness by a woman over her ‘not yet valid’ discount coupon. I wanted to make them laugh right when I got up here. So, what can I talk about? Nails!

One of the young ladies was sporting this darling nail art. She told me that her mother is a nail tech. I, of course, encouraged her to talk her mom into starting her own blog.

Are you looking forward to purchasing Halloween items on clearance?

Hi. I’m Kimberly and I’m a Snoop. (Hi, Kimberly)

I hope you have been paying attention when I talk about finding new stuff at Walgreens. I talked about it here. And then, Miss Mimi, of Makeup Withdrawal, found this information valuable too. Check out what she discovered here.

Now, I’ll show you what I found last weekend….

I found this Cover Girl holiday collection up on that ‘secret’ high shelf at Walgreens. And this was about 2-1/2 hours from my home. See, I went to St. Petersburg/Treasure Island last weekend. My sister and her new husband got married on Sunday, 10/9. This Walgreens was just down a couple of blocks from our hotel.

Since I do merchandising for a living, I’m pretty bold in checking stuff out once it is out on the floor. So I had no problem taking this display off the top shelf, setting it on the bottom shelf and pulling the makeup out and snapping some photos to show you.

Quite honestly, I don’t know anything more about this collection than what I see here…

This collection has a liquid shadow, an eyeliner and a lipstick. Three different sets: Shimmer and Shine, Sugar and Spice and Starry Night.

The shadows…

The eyeliners…

The brown was in two different collections.

Yummy lipstick colors…

And last Sunday, I went on a scavenger hunt for the Wet ‘n Wild Ice collection, their holiday release.

So, you’d like to see how ‘looking up’ at Walgreens can pay off?

I found a full, untouched display of these. I took the display off the top shelf and took it right to the cosmetic counter to pay for it. I was so overjoyed that I forgot to take photos first. And I even laughed out loud when the sales person told me she didn’t ‘think’ she could give me the display. Forget the display, lady!!! Sell me those polishes!!!!!

These where not on the high shelves but, they were on a side panel and almost picked over. Here are the goods…

The top photo is the new Wet ‘n Wild baked collection. And the latter is the new 8 palette matte shadows.

Swatches of the Ice polishes and the shadows will be coming up right away.

Know the moral of this post? Increase your chances of finding new and exciting beauty items by checking the shelves at the very top at Walgreens.

Some Walgreens and CVS stores do not have that top shelf, and that’s sad. But many do. Have you already started peeking up on the top shelves?

Three More Shadow Palettes from Profusion Cosmetics

Walgreens has been putting out their Christmas items and that means the makeup/beauty sets too. I mentioned, previously, seeing makeup sets on the top, upper shelving on this post. Now, I’m seeing the items dropped down, at eye level and on the promo endcaps and modulars too.

I reviewed 3 compacts of shadows by Profusion Cosmetics on this post. I also mentioned that there were 3 other color sets that I found on their website. So, when they brought down the display, I found that in the back row, they actually did have the three missing compacts. This made me a happy shopper.

The missing 3 from the entire set of 6. Bronze, blue and pink (yeaaah!).

The bronze set has such cool shades…

These are swatches of all the colors, from left to right in the compact, and then top to bottom on my hand. The vertical stripe I did on my hand is a .swipe of all of them together.  The top white looks very sheer. But I can load it on pretty good on my brow bone. These are all shimmery and luckily, I love shimmer!

Iz got the blues…

I switched the order of the shades here in unison. Both are left to right with the horizontal stripe on my hand one of blending them all together. (It’s bad enough to have age spots cropping up on my hands but the bumps are really bugging me…grrrr!)

And here are the pinks…

The hand swatching does not represent the pinks well at all. They are not rusty or orange colors. Maybe there is a lot of blue in them and my camera didn’t pick it up??? The horizontal stripe on my hand is with all the shades together. As the colors in the palettes themselves shows up more accurate, I couldn’t help but take a photo once I finished swatching. I have no idea why that photo fascinates me.

I have been using the shadows, all 6 of them, for about a week. They are very pigmented save for the lightest shades. These shadows, on the bronze and pink, got shiny from my brush strokes. That’s a telltale sign that the shadows are cheaply made. Since I paid only 99 cents for each, this is no surprise. But I just scuff it up with the handle of my shadow brush and that loosens up some to apply.

The investment, not going to break the bank. Pleasure level, happy. What does this create? Cheap makeup porn….here….

Total spent, $6 for 6 palettes with 5 colors each; that makes 30 shades total. Nice stocking stuffers if you have someone who’d like something like this. I’ll consider it one of the many gifts I will get…from myself, of course.

Profusion Brightening Eyes Shadows for the Upcoming Holidays

Here are the swatches I did of the Profusion Brightening Eyes shadows I got this week at Walgreens…

 There are just 3 pans from this collection, currently being sold at Walgreens. I couldn’t lose for only $.99 each. Now, some snooping investigating turned up this on their website; There are also a pink, blue and neutral (or it could be bronze-since they are numbered rather than named, I don’t know which one is which) pans. And the discription states that these can be used wet or dry. I’m only showing dry today. I think the Profusion shadows would look awesome as wet eyeliners.

The ‘greens’ pan was one I just about passed on. But I’m glad I didn’t!

Here are swatches for the green one…

I did not swatch all individual shade. The very top one is a swipe of all of them together. Then I did just 3 individual shades. The lightest shade came out the least pigmented. However, when I wore it over UD Primer, and used it as a highlighter, it was very pigmented. I just used a cotton swap for these swipes here.

Next, this is the ‘purple’ pan…

 The mixture of all of them together is the swipe at the bottom.

And, finally, this is the ‘bronze’ (?) pan…

 I knew right off I was going to go for that burgundy, second to the last, in the pan.

The top swipe is the mixture of all colors. The bottom swipe shows the burgundy that has some serious flash of purple and brown. I am eager to try that one wet as an eyeliner.

My two cents: if you want some cheap makeup, this will work. The highlight color from the purple pan got shiny after just one look’s use. However, I was still getting enough powder on the brush to transfer onto my browbone.

If you want to take just one palette/pan for a trip, these would work very well and you could create many different looks with just one pan. I’m taking the purple one for a weekend trip to the Gulf Coast this weekend. My sister has flown in from Texas, and her and her fiance’ will get married on the beach on Sunday. 🙂

Having purchased Profusion Cosmetics in the past, this this collection is very vibrant, shimmery and trendy color coordinating. Considering the price, I think you get better than your money’s worth. I had expected these to be $3.99 each which, by the way, is exactly the price they are on their website.

Now for some virgin makeup porn…

Profusion Cosmetics Holiday Gift Sets at Walgreens

Yesterday, I teased about some upcoming makeup at Walgreens. I would have purchased more but I am trying to refrain from having the largest makeup palette collection in North America.

Here are some of the goodies I saw…

Before there is room on the ‘regular’ shelves, Walgreens will house products on the upper levels of the shelves. This is where I have been looking for Wet ‘n Wild’s On The Prowl display. However, I think that now it is Halloween season, they would be at eye-level.

Profusion Cosmetics looks like the first company to get their stuff to Walgreens. This is a makeup bag of 5 vibrate colors of lip gloss. Since the plastic reflects the light, I can’t show the shimmer that are in each of these. And, I seem to be having another love affair with lip glosses, so I’m sure I’ll end up, at some point, with this set. Price point: $4.99

Here are the ones that I could NOT pass up…

At 99 cents, how easy is that?! I’m going to do a swatch post for you very soon, however, here is what they look like…

No names, just numbers. I almost didn’t get the green set. But let me say, I’m glad I didn’t pass it up! Just wait for the swatching!!

Palettes galore!!!


Three different bling palettes have a collection of a dozen colors all together. Probably some dupes but it is virgin makeup porn and I like it!!!!! And did you notice that the display says that the cover is a reusable card holder? I’ll have to see if my pink blingy card holder is the same as this one.
Price point: $4.99

Look forward to my swatches of these…

I wore a combination from all three palettes today. Some of the shades are more pigmented than others but I liked what I created. There a could of shades that I’m happy to have.

Does anyone like Profusion Cosmetics?

Better Late Than Never; Or, Shopping Early

I had some work, Monday, scheduled at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Once I finish my work, I take photos of it, to send to the company I work for, to show what I have done. This time, I took photos of new beauty products first.

I did it mostly because I was stunned….

Granted, Miss SinfulColors is not, like, old but, there is a new display of Adventure Island!!! It only had one bottle missing, it was that new. I thought I’d get one or two from these collections however, they were lackluster to me. No longer in vogue, or trendy to me. NEXT!!

I got around yesterday (watch how you take that!) and stopped in a CVS. I didn’t have hopes for this one either. But I did find something new to me…

I didn’t see any new shades in this 8 pack but, it has a nice color selection. The price is fairly decent too. Keep in mind, they are mini sizes.

 After visiting that CVS, I stopped at one Walgreens closer to home. If you are a nail blogger, you probably know what I was looking for. No luck. Yet this was new to me, as well. I don’t think I’ve read about it either.

More crackle. I mean a LOT more crackle…

 Peek-a-Boo! I see you, Kimberly!

Hee hee…the tops are dusty. 36 different colors of crackle? No way!

  I looked to see if there were duplicates. But I didn’t find any.

 I didn’t get any of these…yet. So, I’m unable to tell you how the quality ‘cracks’ up. It’s named Cherimoya’s ‘2012’ collection of cracked nail polish. And for $2.99 a bottle, 2 for $5; the price isn’t killer. If there is a particular look you want to do with a crackle, you’ll surely find the shade you are looking for in this collection.

EDIT: My dear reader, Shally from Polished and Not Quite Put Together, just posted a nail look using 2012’s Black Crackle. Step over here and take a gander. 

 Today, I went by a Walgreens on the way home (a different one) and even though I wasn’t hopeful about the Wet ‘n Wild’s On The Prowl collection, I stopped in.

I didn’t find them, and I was prepared for that. However, I do want to mention to my faithful readers that sometimes Walgreens puts product out on the floor but, just on the higher shelves waiting to be ‘dropped’…

All these products are shelved on the top level of the shelf. This is the aisle that has mens’ products on the other side, and on this side is the hair care/products. These items are for the ‘first wave’ of Christmas retail. You can still shop for these items; they have to sell any product they put out on the floor. However, they are meant to be dropped, or placed, on regular shelves as the older displays dwindle down.

Most of these items are from Profusion Beauty. I got a set of 3 from one of these collections. I will have photos and swatches for you tomorrow.

One last thing before I wrap up…the display of Wet ‘n Wild that had the duo packs; it is almost empty, so I’m betting another WnW display will take its place. Please, don’t let me get my hopes up!!! *sigh*…too late.

Did you know about looking up on the above eye-level shelf at Walgreens?