Comparison Polishes That Are Haute, Glitzy and Sparkly For The Holidays

Let’s compare a few more Holiday polishes, shall we?

This time we have Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘It’s All In The Cut’ from the Ice Baby collection, up against Sally Hansen’s ‘Be-Jeweled,’ which is from the Gem Crush collection…

Oh, these are sooooo dupe-y.

Take a gander and see what they look like on my nails…

On my thumb, middle and pink, I have SH’s ‘Be-Jeweled.’ That leaves the index and ring nail to show WnW’s ‘All In The Cut.’ All are with 2 coats and no top coat. They are so blingy, I can’t see that a top coat would improve them. I would recommend it if you don’t like the feel of gritty glitter or, if you plan on wearing the polishes longer than just the 24 hours I did.

I’d like to have you look closer and notice some issues…

Both of these had drag and bald areas. In fact, I had to dab the polish on in some spots to try and get rid of the bald areas. It worked in some areas but then would pull in others. See how this happened on my thumb?

Both of these polishes are a red-purple micro glitter with regular glitter and that glitter seems to be the same color or, maybe a bit more red and sparkly. I’m having difficulty pinning this one down.

But, can you tell the two polishes apart? I can’t. They look identical. 

Here’s another pair to check out…

On the left is Sally Hansen’s ‘Glitz Gal’ from the Gem Crush collection. And the one on the right is China Glaze’s ‘Some Like It Haute.’  Both of these have blue-purple micro glitter and then is sprinkled with iridescent regular size glitter. Think of the evening sky where the sky begins to be dark enough for the stars to start twinkling. There you have these polishes’ look.

These are another pair that are so close, I can’t tell…

On the thumb, middle and pinky, that is ‘Glitz Gal.’ And on the index and ring, there you are looking at ‘Some Like It Haute.’ I stuck to the two coats and no top coat. Can you tell that these are beyond sparkly? I had fun twiddling my fingers in the sunlight.


I can’t tell the different. But, again, as with the first 2 polishes, there was drag and patchy-ness. When I tried to fix one area, it would create another. Probably a third coat would have overcome this issue. But it really was only noticeable up close and not at a casual distance.

The easiest to apply was China Glaze’s ‘Some Like It Haute.’ Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘All In The Cut’ was the thickest. But interestingly enough, all were very sheer with the first coat. This could make them a fairly good choice to use as a sparkly top coat. All were OK to remove. It did take some scrubbing with Zoya’s Remove+ to get my nails clean.

I still have these polishes on while I’m writing this post. Even here in my home office, it is dim. However, these polishes are so incredibly sparkly they are shimmering and glowing. I’m easily transfixed on these very sparkle polishes that are available this Holiday season. It is with full confidence that I can tell you, these are my favorite types of glitter polishes.

Do you feel my descriptions are vivid enough? And, how do you feel about them being true dupes?

Wet ‘n Wild’s 24 Carats on Every Finger

My favorite Christmas/Holiday nail collection is Wet ‘n Wild’s Ice Baby. I’m loving these over-the-top glitters.

The first shade from this collection I swatched was ‘Diamond in the Rough‘. You can click here and read about that. Even looking at my photos, I want to go put that polish back on.

However, there are other shades in this collection that are very high on the ‘wow’ factor.  Like this one…

Put your sunglasses on before you look at ’24 Carats’. Brilliant!! This glitter is one that will keep you fascinated for hours. I found it best not to stare at my nails at stoplights; other drivers seem to not like it.

This bright, gold polish has some interesting stuff going on in it…

Here’s what I see going on: this is gold micro-glitter in with copper and gold bar glitter. It is all floating in a clear universe and ready to boldly go right to your nails.

This is 2 coats. I have one coat of Lumos top coat on too.

As gritty and fuzzy as this looks, it wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t getting hung up in my hair when I was washing it. It didn’t snag my blouse either. And what was really, really surprised me is that it didn’t take a jack hammer to remove it. It came off with Zoya’s Remove+. I had to do a bit more scrubbing but I didn’t have to use the foil method. Cheers!!!

It was sad to remove it anyway. I rather liked it quite well.

Here’s my fun story for the day…Last year I went to stay with my brother and his family at Christmas. My Dad and sister came in too. Before everyone got up Christmas morning, I snuck down to the family room and put a bag of (chocolate candy) coal on the chairs where everyone sat. Later that morning when everyone was up, my family was looking around saying ‘what’s this?’ I announced that they had ALL been bad and since I didn’t have any coal from Santa, then I got all the gifts. Ha ha, they all laughed and they STILL got their gifts.

If you have a friend that likes glitter nail polish, this would make a very cute stocking stuffer.

Wet ‘n Wild Baked Collection Swatches

The new, Baked Eye Shadows by Wet ‘n Wild, have been showing up at Walgreens more and more. There are not too many shadow palettes in the Wet ‘n Wild display so if you find these, don’t hedge on them.

These are the holiday palettes and the theme is baked, which is exactly the method used to make these shadows. At the top is ‘Baked Not Fried’, the neutrals; next is ‘Baking a Cake’, the purples/pinks; and last is ‘Bake-Off Contest’, the blues. Each palette, also, has a coordinating eyeliner pencil that comes in the set.

Here are swatches of ‘Baked Not Fried’…

The top swatch line is the eyeliner pencil. Great pigmentation.

Next is ‘Baking A Cake’…

The far right swatch mark is the slightly shimmery, black eyeliner pencil. These shadows are silky and have great color payoff.

And last is ‘Bake-Off Contest’…

I don’t use a lot of blue eyeshadow. Probably because it can see like I’m stuck in the ’70’s or ’80’s. For me, it would be ’80’s because I didn’t wear makeup in the ’70’s. 🙂 However, these shades are just too pretty to not use. That top swatch mark is the silvery-blue eyeliner pencil. There’s no hiding the twinkle in these shadows.

The verdict I will share with you is that these palettes are sweet. They are so heavily pigmented that I will mention, if you use these, go with a very light hand in the beginning. Work on building up slowly. And you’ll find that these shades blend really well.

This doesn’t please me to show you this, but you need to see what the eye area of a 49 year old looks like (I do think I’ve done a great deal in taking care of my eye area, however)…

I used the neutral palette, ‘Baked Not Fried.’ The colors blended so nicely. And, this shot was taken later in the afternoon. I was working with seeing how long the baked shadows would last using Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I don’t think it did too bad.

Do you think you’ll be picking up any or all of these palettes? They get thumbs up from me.

Wet ‘n Wild’s Ice Baby; My Very Favorite is ‘Diamond in the Rough’


Gaze upon Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Diamond in the Rough’ from the Ice Baby collection.

This polish is worth breaking your ‘No Buy’ rule. The one thing you should go ahead and use your emergency credit card to buy. The treat you should give yourself if you just sorta stayed on your diet. Your gift to yourself for the Holidays. The one polish you HAVE to get from this collection. In other words: GET IT!!!

Dazzle yourself and friends…

Blurred on purpose to grab you and pull you in.

OK. So, it may not be perfect. It does eat top coat. But it could eat everything in the house and I wouldn’t care as long as it stayed…

‘Diamond in the Rough’ has a murky, gray-purple base color. Then just imagine the twinkliest, bedazzlingest micro glitter and regular hex-shape holo glitter jammed into it.

I didn’t use any color underneath. I will wear ‘Diamond in the Rough’ again and I might experiment with layering. However, with 3 easy coats, this is what I got. Well worth going through the foil removal method (as outlined by Pink Sith, a favorite blog) to enjoy this polish. I’m putting it as the top most favorite polishes at the Pink Vanity.

Do you have this or, are you still looking for it?

Why It Matte-ers; Wet ‘N Wild Matte Shadows

November is a crunch month for me. One of the contracts I work with has a client visit yearly cap. Once the company reaches a yearly total of 41K visits, that’s it for the rest of the year. I will bust buttons to get in as many visits as I can before the cut-off. More visits=more money=more makeup and nail polish…somewhere there’s Christmas gifts and all too. Somewhere…

I did my annual Thanksgiving/Fall manicure last night. I got photos of it this morning. I didn’t get them uploaded and edited this evening but, don’t worry. You’ll see them soon.

What I have prepared for you are swatches of Wet ‘n Wild’s new matte palette…

 It is funny, to me, that about 10 years ago, I was all about matte. I thought shimmer and sparkly were ‘too’ much. I’m glad I got over that! So it was a surprise to me that I actually liked this palette after I did some looks with it. Sorry, I’m not sharing the look I created, the first time, with these. I took it at the end of the day and not in the morning. Even I won’t cross that line. =o

 Here are the first 4 shadows. I’m enjoying the matte white for a high brow highlighter. I can really give my eyes an open look with it. And the beige is working well as a total eyelid base shadow.

These are the last 4. Very pigmented. Mine are not crumbly at all. And I have to cheer for the matte black. It’s not sketchy at all. And all of these work together as well as with the baked shadows I will be showing you very shortly.

Sometimes I have more of a ‘blonde moment’ than normal. When I got set up to photoing this palette, I noticed the front the sticker said ‘Turn Me Over.’ I thought, well, that’s sort of naughty. Then I realized it was actually a direction. Do’h!  The top sticker says the name of this palette is ‘I (heart) Matte.’

If you have been wanting to experiment with matte shadows, I would definitely recommend this palette. And if matte is where it’s at for you, you’ll enjoy this one.

I got this one at Walgreens at the same time I picked up the baked shadow palettes from Wet ‘n Wild.

Halloween’s Starry, Nocturnal Night

The giveaway ends tonight, don’t forget! Click here.

Halloween is tomorrow and I don’t feel I have gotten through all my holiday manicures. Bummer. Don’t be mad at me if I start, like, Tuesday with my Christmas/New Year’s Eve looks.

I wasn’t able to get my grubby hands on Wet ‘n Wild’s On the Prowl collection. Boo! But I did find this polish from last year…

This is Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘Nocturnal.’ It is the loveliest, inky blue. With no top coat, it remained shiny through the next day but, I did get tip wear.

Before I removed ‘Nocturnal’, I wanted to test out a glitter top coat. I like dark base colors to accentuate the glitter so I thought I’d give it a shot…

I went with another Wet ‘n Wild polish, ‘Kaleidoscope.’ If you click here, it will take you to a post by friend Gianna, Nouveau Cheap’s, blog where she discusses a re-issue of some of Wet ‘n Wild polishes. ‘Kaleidoscope’ is one of them. It is called ‘Whose Lips Are These?’ (Like someone ‘lost’ their lips? *scratches head*)

Here is a close up of ‘Kaleidoscope’…


 A gabillion microscopic iridescent and silver glitters.

This makes me think of the photos from the Hubble. Nerdy, yes. But at least I’m consistently nerdy about what subjects I pick. 😉

What got me thinking about using ‘Kaleidoscope’ was a post on Kelly’s Vampy Varnish blog. If you haven’t seen her blog, that’s another one you should follow. So, what Kelly was reviewing was Nails Inc. Special Effects ‘Electric Lane.’ This isn’t a dupe, but it remains me of ‘Kaleidoscope.’ Take a look and see if you know what I mean.

A whispery, starry, nocturnal Halloween night. Perfect for the night when the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world is lifted. 🙂

Hi. I’m Kimberly and I’m a Snoop. (Hi, Kimberly)

I hope you have been paying attention when I talk about finding new stuff at Walgreens. I talked about it here. And then, Miss Mimi, of Makeup Withdrawal, found this information valuable too. Check out what she discovered here.

Now, I’ll show you what I found last weekend….

I found this Cover Girl holiday collection up on that ‘secret’ high shelf at Walgreens. And this was about 2-1/2 hours from my home. See, I went to St. Petersburg/Treasure Island last weekend. My sister and her new husband got married on Sunday, 10/9. This Walgreens was just down a couple of blocks from our hotel.

Since I do merchandising for a living, I’m pretty bold in checking stuff out once it is out on the floor. So I had no problem taking this display off the top shelf, setting it on the bottom shelf and pulling the makeup out and snapping some photos to show you.

Quite honestly, I don’t know anything more about this collection than what I see here…

This collection has a liquid shadow, an eyeliner and a lipstick. Three different sets: Shimmer and Shine, Sugar and Spice and Starry Night.

The shadows…

The eyeliners…

The brown was in two different collections.

Yummy lipstick colors…

And last Sunday, I went on a scavenger hunt for the Wet ‘n Wild Ice collection, their holiday release.

So, you’d like to see how ‘looking up’ at Walgreens can pay off?

I found a full, untouched display of these. I took the display off the top shelf and took it right to the cosmetic counter to pay for it. I was so overjoyed that I forgot to take photos first. And I even laughed out loud when the sales person told me she didn’t ‘think’ she could give me the display. Forget the display, lady!!! Sell me those polishes!!!!!

These where not on the high shelves but, they were on a side panel and almost picked over. Here are the goods…

The top photo is the new Wet ‘n Wild baked collection. And the latter is the new 8 palette matte shadows.

Swatches of the Ice polishes and the shadows will be coming up right away.

Know the moral of this post? Increase your chances of finding new and exciting beauty items by checking the shelves at the very top at Walgreens.

Some Walgreens and CVS stores do not have that top shelf, and that’s sad. But many do. Have you already started peeking up on the top shelves?

Better Late Than Never; Or, Shopping Early

I had some work, Monday, scheduled at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Once I finish my work, I take photos of it, to send to the company I work for, to show what I have done. This time, I took photos of new beauty products first.

I did it mostly because I was stunned….

Granted, Miss SinfulColors is not, like, old but, there is a new display of Adventure Island!!! It only had one bottle missing, it was that new. I thought I’d get one or two from these collections however, they were lackluster to me. No longer in vogue, or trendy to me. NEXT!!

I got around yesterday (watch how you take that!) and stopped in a CVS. I didn’t have hopes for this one either. But I did find something new to me…

I didn’t see any new shades in this 8 pack but, it has a nice color selection. The price is fairly decent too. Keep in mind, they are mini sizes.

 After visiting that CVS, I stopped at one Walgreens closer to home. If you are a nail blogger, you probably know what I was looking for. No luck. Yet this was new to me, as well. I don’t think I’ve read about it either.

More crackle. I mean a LOT more crackle…

 Peek-a-Boo! I see you, Kimberly!

Hee hee…the tops are dusty. 36 different colors of crackle? No way!

  I looked to see if there were duplicates. But I didn’t find any.

 I didn’t get any of these…yet. So, I’m unable to tell you how the quality ‘cracks’ up. It’s named Cherimoya’s ‘2012’ collection of cracked nail polish. And for $2.99 a bottle, 2 for $5; the price isn’t killer. If there is a particular look you want to do with a crackle, you’ll surely find the shade you are looking for in this collection.

EDIT: My dear reader, Shally from Polished and Not Quite Put Together, just posted a nail look using 2012’s Black Crackle. Step over here and take a gander. 

 Today, I went by a Walgreens on the way home (a different one) and even though I wasn’t hopeful about the Wet ‘n Wild’s On The Prowl collection, I stopped in.

I didn’t find them, and I was prepared for that. However, I do want to mention to my faithful readers that sometimes Walgreens puts product out on the floor but, just on the higher shelves waiting to be ‘dropped’…

All these products are shelved on the top level of the shelf. This is the aisle that has mens’ products on the other side, and on this side is the hair care/products. These items are for the ‘first wave’ of Christmas retail. You can still shop for these items; they have to sell any product they put out on the floor. However, they are meant to be dropped, or placed, on regular shelves as the older displays dwindle down.

Most of these items are from Profusion Beauty. I got a set of 3 from one of these collections. I will have photos and swatches for you tomorrow.

One last thing before I wrap up…the display of Wet ‘n Wild that had the duo packs; it is almost empty, so I’m betting another WnW display will take its place. Please, don’t let me get my hopes up!!! *sigh*…too late.

Did you know about looking up on the above eye-level shelf at Walgreens?

Can You Make Your Own Duochrome Eye Shadow?

((Pssst…before we start in, I’m having a Cult Nails Polish giveaway. Check it out here.)

Once I get new makeup and have taken photos of the pristine, unused look of it, I start to experiment. I play around with shadows, mixing them and swatching them. Yes, a grown woman playing with makeup. But I know I’m in fine company in this community. 🙂

I posted about a few L A Colors palettes I picked up at the Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago. You can see my haul post here. My experience with LA Colors has been positive and I couldn’t wait to work with this palettes.

This one shade from the Sand Dune palette got me to thinking and, the wheels started turning. I was thinking, can I make a duochromatic shadow?

Here’s what I started off doing…

The purple shade on the far right is the one I concentrated on to make other shades seem like a duochrome.  The shadow, itself, is gorgeous…

(Let me know if photos of used makeup skeeve you. It does for me.)

 It’s got some duochrome effects all by itself. These photos are taken in front of the sunny window. I’ll point out the few that were not.

Here’s the teal shade I swatched first…

Now, together…

The next one is a blush. I’m really embarrassed to tell you that this blush was from my makeup artist kit, and it is old; I’ll just leave it at that.

First, a simple swatch of the blush…

And mixed with the purple shade…

Next, I wanted to see how it would look mixed with a pink. So I choose this purply-pink from the new LA Colors palette, Tiki Punch…

Gorgeous palette, don’t you think? Here’s the purplish-pink I swatched by itself, then with the purple shadow mixed…

This one shows more of the duochrome effect. Here are some different angles and various lighting looks…

 Non-direct sunlight from the sunny window.

Then, I wanted to try it with a bronzy-gold, so here I used that shade from the Boardwalk palette…

 The gold swatched alone…

And here, with the purple shadow…

One last experiment. Remember the must-have palette of last Christmas, Wet ‘n Wild’s Night Elf? I wanted to give that ‘rad’ red and matte black a try…

 Swatched alone…

Now adding in the ‘catalyst’…

That the pink swatch at the top of the above photo was a swatch from the light pink from the Tiki Punch. Here is it with the purple shade mixed with it, as well as all the swatches.

The very bottom swatch was using a lighter hand with the matte red. It made a softer version and less blotchy swatch then the first one, that’s second one down on the left.

And that was my franken shadow swatches. Some gave off more of a duochromatic flare than others, of course. However, that’s what experimenting and playing with makeup is all about; creating, mixing and enjoying the fun.

Do you like to experiment with your makeup or do you just use straight, as is? Do you think the purple shadow made the second shadow swatches look duochrome? Share your thoughts, I’m always reading and listening.

One of the Most Annoying Orange Polishes

This month’s work has been slow. That will all change with the last quarter of the year coming up. However, I have made the best of it with sharing blog posts, swatching lots of polishes and makeup, reading all my favorite blogs and socializing on Twitter. It doesn’t matter what the nay-sayers think about social media, I have met people and made friends that have truly enhanced my life.

So there!

I tried out ‘Creepy Pumpkin’ polish from Wet ‘n Wild’s 2011 Halloween collection. When I mentioned it originally here, I stated that this orange polish was not annoying. (Get it?) However, it isn’t an annoying shade, but it is an annoying orange polish to apply. 

Let’s start here with a photo….

It’s got teeny, tiny orange glitter in an orange base jelly.

Here it is swatched and a total of 4 coats…

One thing I have to mention, this is my fourth attempt at doing this manicure. What a finicky jelly this one is. Where I found the patience, I just don’t know. But, I had all sorts of problems with this ‘Creepy Pumpkin.’

Even with 4 coats, I see VNL. It had wicked drag, both at the cuticle line AND the tips. It dried slow and after an hour I would ding it, ruining the manicure’s look for a swatch. It was gritty, but I really don’t mind that at all. The fact that it didn’t apply fluidly is the main issue, for me.

However, if I only pull this polish out for the Halloween season, I guess it will be OK…maybe. Oh, but I did find a really great prop to use…

I got an entire bag of pretzel M&M’s just for this prop; it was so perfect.

What? You don’t believe me? Boy, that’s just plain annoying.