Milani’s Yellow Whiz Fast Dry Polish

A swatch I did this past weekend…

Milani cracks me up with this name: ‘Yellow Whiz.’ I don’t think I have a brighter yellow polish than this…

I used 3 coats but 2 would have been OK had I applied it a little bit thicker. Being a creme, I wanted to keep the streaks at bay.

And what a fashion statement yellow is; B.R.I.G.H.T…

OK, I cheated with an over-exposed photo but it did look like that bright in the direct sun. ‘Yellow Whiz’ did dry fast too. There wasn’t any streaking problems either. The nick in my thumbnail was my nail getting ready to chip; not the polish.

During the work day, I had two people comment on the bold yellow. Heck, I couldn’t disagree!

Have you tried Milani’s ‘Yellow Whiz’? What do you think about wearing yellow polish?

Who Died And Made You King Nail Polish?

GIRL!! Those nails are STILL skanky!!!! What the…???!

Geesh, light a match, would ya?

This isn’t going to be a post where I show a cute mani and say ‘the polish stinks but it’s still a cute look!’

Scandal Nail Polish Company, YOU STINK! I’m not talking about your business ethics or finances; I don’t know squat about that. What I do know is that your polishes smell horrible. Pee-U! The fumes burn my nose and hurt my brain.

Here is the offender…

I like the looks of this polish. It has a translucent lime green base. And I do like the iridescent lime and gold bar glitter. Add into the mix silver and lime green dot glitter and the recipe is neat. Well, not totally neat; it takes a long while to dry…completely. Too long for my hyper self.

‘Lime Pearl’ doesn’t stand well by itself, in my opinion. So, who COULD stand by it, it reeks so damn bad! Moving along though, it needs a bit of help to be all it can be. I picked a creme base that would showcase it, hopefully, in the best way…

 I chose a medium yellow creme by Color Club. Do I like this yellow? It’s OK. (Insert fake smile.) I don’t apply light color creme polishes very well. And after a couple of re-dos, I finally got one nail looking decent…

 Here I have, on my ring finger, Color Club’s creme yellow which I do not know the name of (Sunny Side of the Road?). I have 2 coats on as I didn’t dare put on a third in fear I would muck it up again. Then I put on one coat of ‘Lime Pearl’.

 Juuuust a bit closer. There’s two coats of ‘Lime Pearl’ on my pinky. This is why I felt the need to use a color base coat for it; the glitters are too sparse.

And, here is how far a regular view would be. So, my point is that this mani isn’t a stand-out. It’s OK. (Insert fake smile.)

And, whatever you do, don’t get your fingers close to your nose!!! Man, it is going to be awhile before I show you another Scandal Nail Polish because I can’t bear that stench.

Enough about stinky stuff! I have a double glitter giveaway going on. Go here and enter and tell your friends.

This Season’s Trendsetter Nail Polish Color

You know about my Cult Nails giveaway, right? You have to enter! Go here to do that.

As you may have surmised from previous posts, I am in love with China Glaze’s Metro collection for this Fall. I haven’t found a stinker out of the entire collection; I love ’em all.

I know this color may be tricky and/or not a shade many would care for, however, I love these drab mustardy colors.

True to my word, I adore this one. It is ‘Trendsetter’…

If you look super hard, you can see that this is not a creme; there are some sparkles in this polish. That adds more to this unusual color.The micro-est of all glitters is a darkened yellow shade, same as the base polish itself. Even in real life, it is more murky than photography reveals. And the sparkle isn’t blatantly obvious.

Now, on the nails…

Only this photo gives you a chance to see how green AND yellow it is, all at the same time. All the other photos showed a terrible application and this polish is way too pretty to have a crappy manicure distract from that. You’ll see a tidier look later on.

I only had to use 2 coats. My foible was that I didn’t allow those coats to dry sufficiently between application. I do have on one top coat of Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker.’ Again, it didn’t hide the bubbling. In no way is the bubbling due to the polish, it was due to the applicator; me.

It is getting harder and harder to find polishes from the Metro collection. So, I wanted to get this post in so you can see if it is one you might like. I wouldn’t risk waiting to get it.

Maybe you have it already? Tell me what you think about it. 

Psychedelic Sunshine Summer Lovin’

This is a fun one. It reminds me of this song.

Finger Paint’s took my black heart and filled it with sunshine ala ‘Psychedelic Sunshine’.

With the new, Fall Finger Paints newly released, I gotta get these Summer ones on here for you to see. Gangway, Comin’ Through….!!!!!!

Just stand in awe at this yellow jelly belly….

There is a whole bunch of iridescent glitter going on in this yellow jelly polish.

Yes, it is true; I still have VNL after 2 coats. However, it is not very noticeable in real life. I think the gummy goodness of the ‘Psychedelic Sunshine’ makes me not worry about that.

On my thumb, it seems like it would be gritty, but again, it’s just an illusion. ‘Psychedelic Sunshine’ is thick, but not gritty. And I like my nails at this length. I’m still growing out the divets from the nail tech driller episode, but am on my way back to this length.

If you like jellies, don’t you think this one is divine? I caught an earworm during this post….this is it. Bucket List for me: Dance with John Travolta. aw haaaaaaaaaaa!

Color Club’s ‘Almost Famous’ Neon Yellow

Care for some sunshine? Sure! Just hold the heat, please.

I have here, Color Club’s ‘Almost Famous’ from the Poptastic collection. In real life, ‘Almost Famous’ is much brighter. But then, it was Almost Sunny when I snapped these photos.

‘Almost Famous’ made me say some infamous cuss words. What a snotty, B-rate actor this one is.  This is 4 coats; all done to get a smooth finish. I stopped counting and started cursing after the third redo. That’s why I’m not showing you a boat-load of photos.

Along with sporting the neon polishes, I have been trying out some glitter sparklies with it.

I saddled up ‘Almost Famous’ with an orange glitter from Color Club’s Pardon My French collection. Since the names of these are not on the bottles but on the package, I didn’t hook up the name with this glitter. (Hee hee! I just found out my cussing seems to fit with Pardon My French. Who says that anyway? Well, I have to admit my hubs does. groan)

 This ‘Prima Donna’ doesn’t photo as well as she truly looks. In this orangy base (which looks like the color of an orange gummy bear) is iridescent and orange glitter. The orange glitter is super micro.


In fact, it barely shows up over ‘Almost Famous’. This look is ‘almost famous’ like a third place American Idol contestant. Boo…

However, I got two unsolicited compliments while wearing this shade. It’s neon, though, and has a very loud presence.

While I’m hanging out at my desk, Sebastian hangs out with me. I turned around and found him doing yoga on my yoga block.

 No, don’t be silly, that’s not Angry Cat pose! That’s ‘using the block as a pillow’ pose.

Do you wear neons? I haven’t much in the past. But this summer, I seem to be gravitating to it.

The Ugly Series: Part 4, How Could I Mess That Up

Why is it ugly…

Well, it’s not. However, outside of nail blogland, there are those that find black nail polish just frightful. There are many parents that would not want to see black nail polish on their child’s Sunday School teacher.

That said, I wanted to take a black polish and juice it up. For my black, I chose Essence’s ‘I Love My Jeans’. Take a look at this black polish. This is NOT your regular, plain ol’ black.

This black has a low-light silver shimmer to it. And truthfully, I didn’t notice it when I picked it up to do an ugly. Here I have on 3 coats. If you notice the pinkie, it is a sneak preview of what I’m going to do here. That’s a test run.

Here, you can see those shimmers. I can’t even say whether it is silver or whether it is holo. It captured many different colors when held my nails juuuust right in the sunlight.

Now to see if I can massacre it..

This yellow is from a 6 pack of…gasp!!! flaky glitters. Oh, my gosh! I picked out the color I liked least to do the experiment.

One coat, boys and girls. The black took care of any of that yellow ‘took vitamins pee’ color. And what appeared…swoonafied gemme!! It has no name. Should I call it ‘Vitamin Pee’?

 Wow. Now I’m inclined to try this again with the other holo glitters. Do I dare tell you there’s a RED one?? One coat…oh, I said that already. I’m sort of dazed by this combo.

I tried to do an ugly and ended up with love. Reminds me of finding love. I had decided I was perfectly happy with being single. And then what happens; I met my husband. Crap! I can’t even get ‘singlehood’ down correctly. (Secretly I’m not bummed about it, though.)

 Can I call this ugly? Nope. I couldn’t do ugly this time. May not be everyone’s dream mani, but it sure is mine.

Did I give this one a fair shake? Shall we venture to call this a ‘pleasant surprise’?

The Usual Treatment; Not the Usual Color

What is the color of sunshine? Maybe the same color as L’oreal’s ‘Yellow Seahorse’?

Great Shades of Sunshine, this is an in-your-face yellow! Pow!

Because this is a jelly polish, it is thick compared to regular lacquers. I took this polish with me to the nail salon. And, the technician (is that title even appropriate/correct?) opened the bottle and promptly ran off to put some nail polish remover in it to thin it out!!!  HORRORS!!!  I did yell out ‘NO!’ but in a milder manner. Well, not so mild. Not mild.

I then took it upon myself to educate the polish applier (nope, that doesn’t sound good either) that it is SUPPOSE to be like that. It is a jelly! Nope, he never heard of that before. I did find that disturbing.

I think you can only get two coats out of nail salons, so that’s what is here. There is even a bit more of a VNL IRL than it shows here. However, I really did expect that. What I didn’t expect was the sparkle that is in ‘Yellow Seahorse’ to NOT show up. Gosh, it has a very pretty sparkle to it too.

I didn’t take a super macro of the polish to show the sparkle but take it from me; it’s lovely.  This had a great shine without the top coat but then the work I get at from the nail salon worker (I think that’s a good fit) is pretty consistent: base coat (however, I am finding that this step is getting dropped), 2 color coats and a base coat, over to the dryers, out ya go!

Here’s a photo of a real yellow seahorse. I can sort of see the inspiration, how about you?

Mardi Gras Mani Madness!!!

Ooh, I almost missed any part of celebrating Mardi Gras!  Well, if I insist on a few more days of celebration, Universal Studios carries the theme til April 23.

This is one of those designs I have swirling around in my brain looking for a way to manifest.  Here’s what I used as my inspiration…

This is a pin I got when I was working in Louisiana, one year, during Mardi Gras.  I didn’t GO to Mardi Gras but I was around New Orleans while it was being celebrated.  In many of my travels, I will purchase a piece of jewelry to remember the event or the place.  I have had this pin for about 10 years and still wear it during Mardi Gras.

The color scheme is yellow, green and purple.  And I added in OPI’s Black Shatter to the look…

Here’s Cosmetic Arts’ creme yellow, BB Couture’s ‘Caterpillar’, Cosmetic Art’s creme purple and the OPI Black Shatter. 

Send them to a party and this is what they come up with…

Mardi Gras Mani Madness!!!

I painted on the colors in a diagonal stripe alternating directions on each finger.  After drying, I put on a layer of Shatter.  I liked it so much, I had to run over to my hubs and show it off.  I got the gratuitous ‘oh, ah, yes!’ from him.

Well, I think it’s cute! I just wish I would have thought of it last night instead of tonight.  I’m still going to wear it tomorrow.  No one handed me a rule book!

Last weekend was the 70th anniversary of the Daytona Bike Week.  My hubs and I went as he had never been before.  And we had a blast.  Here’s the thumb ring I got to commemorate the event…

Do you have any objects that you like to collect during your travels or life events?

Seizing My Golden Opportunity

It is a great pleasure to show you a swatch in GOLD!  Not just a regular gold but, a gold holo…

I got this at a new to me Beauty Supply store…you know, the ones that sell hair.  Hee hee!  This is Kleancolor’s ‘Holo Yellow.’  I quickly scanned the polish rack for other Holos and found 4 more.  I checked online and I got all from this collection except for a pink.

I’m not a fan of yellow polish at all.  Not that I don’t think it looks OK on me, it’s just not a color I gravitate to.  Not even in clothing.  But ‘Holo Yellow’ is a yellow with gold in it that got me to say ‘it’s doable!’

Here’s why I couldn’t resist…

A gold-ish yellow with enough glitter to keep the Tooth Fairy flush for a couple of years.  Lots and lots of gold and iridescent micro-glitter.  It was soupy the first couple of coats but, I got it in line after the third coat and gave it a ‘wow, glad I tried this’ nod.

Morning sunlight is sooo gorgeous to photograph with.  Too bad I’m not a morning person.  But I have been capturing some swatches first thing in the morning before I go out there and work.  My work tends to be very rough on manicures.  However, this is my ring finger and I like everything about this; the length of the nail, its shape, the way the color looks with my skin tones, and it doesn’t seem to be a finger I choose to chew.  If my cuticles were cigarettes, I’d be smoking 2 to 3 packs a day!!! 

I have Seche Clear and then a coat of Nailene’s Miracle Maker as a top coat.  ‘Holo Yellow’ didn’t need much help to be shiny though.  It held up to shine all by itself.  Reminds me of gold lame pants.

I’m not sure this is a true ‘holographic’ but, what do you think?  Do you wear yellow polish and if so, what brand?

Nailene’s Miracle Maker was sent to me for review. These are my honest opinions on the product.

Summertime Banarama Split

It may be a good problem to have, but I think I need a better way of tracking polishes I have purchased, need to swatch, swatched and have blogged about.  I think I spent about 30 minutes checking to make sure I haven’t blogged about this one before and then looking for the photos I had taken.  If I’ve done this one before, well then, enjoy my rerun!

About 2 months ago, Sally’s had two new collections of Savvy in.  And, these two had a lot of new colors.  I can’t believe I only got 4!  I was careful that I didn’t get the same colors twice…but I still did. Ha ha! Some upcoming giveaway winner will profit on that one!

Here’s one that I did pick up: Banarama.  Not like bananarama.

This polish reminds be of a lemonade slushie.  It’s a pale yellow with a yellow shimmer.  And I mean SHIMMER! Only the most uptight workplace would find this inappropriate. 😉 It isn’t a screamer. It’s much more of a demure, spectacular shimmer.  But you can see from my photos, taken outdoors, just how shimmery this fun color is.

This, actually, may be my first ever yellow polish. It seems to have been a color I avoided because I didn’t want my nails to look like I smoke 2 packs a day.  But, not going to happen with this friendly yellow.

This photo does a very good job of showing off the color.

Here it is in the sunny window.  Just so CUTE!!!  It was rather sheer, as I expected it to be.  But this is my mani with BS, 1 coat Seche Clear, 2 color, 1 Seche Clear and 1 Seche Vite. The brush isn’t anything special and neither is the top.  They are not ‘perfect,’ nor ‘meh,’ but just right.  Hmmmm….could this be the color Goldilocks likes?

Again, in the sunny window, Banarama looks half way decent on me. Not what I was expecting.  But then, I love pleasant surprises!!

Do you wear yellow polish? If so, what’s your favorite? I might want to try it too. What was your last pleasant surprise?