CeraVe Moisturizers and A Long Story On How I Came To Use Them

I have changed up my skincare routine for the past 6 weeks. When I am not reviewing or testing a skincare product, I use Kiehl’s. That’s my very favorite skincare. However, two things happened to detour me; one, after seeing an advertisement online about CeraVe, I went to their site and ending up getting a $3 off coupon. And, two; I have gone from running on the treadmill to running outdoors now that the weather has turned warmer.

cerave crop 1


If I step WAY back to the beginning of my introduction to CeraVe, it would be attending a Women’s Show when I lived in Virginia. Walgreen’s had a booth and I received samples for both the AM and PM moisturizing lotions by CeraVe. I didn’t use them right away because I was taken back by the high SPF number and, my past experience was that those types of lotions smelled weird and didn’t absorb well into the skin. Eventually, I tried out the samples and my past prejudices faded.

CeraVe doesn’t have a weird smell, in fact, there’s barely any smell to it at all. And, these lotions truly did moisturize my skin. I used a coupon that I picked up at the Walgreen’s booth and purchased the AM lotion with SPF 30. I moved to Florida and used this whenever I knew I’d be outside for an extended period of time. Then I started running and wanted something that was sweat proof. I purchased the CeraVe Sunscreen with SPF 50.

Jump forward again and, I now live in Colorado. I noticed that the back of my hands were starting to get dark spots. Oh, no!!! I read that folks that do a lot of driving expose their hands to lots of sunlight and the windshield doesn’t give enough protection. Since I had moved on to using Kiehl’s, the CeraVe AM lotion was moved to the console of my car. I applied it to the back of my hands every time for a drive.

Now you’re caught up! I got the new coupon and went to purchase CeraVe’s Sunscreen SPF 50 for outside activities. I couldn’t find it and just figured they had eliminated it so, I picked up the PM lotion instead. As I browsed, I discovered that the CeraVe Sunscreen was in with all the sun products and not inline with the rest of the CeraVe. So, I ended up with both because, it was buy one CeraVe, get the other one 1/2 off and, I had a coupon! Win/win!

This is the AM lotion…

cerave 16


I’m a little over half way done with this. This moisturizer might be a bit too heavy for those that have super oily skin. However, I’d recommend no less than an SPF 30 for every day use…please! Even if it’s not this brand.

cerave 18


Since I already had the AM lotion for some time, I don’t have the box with the list of full ingredients…


cerave 17

When I go out for my morning run, I use the SPF 50…

cerave crop 5

cerave 4

cerave crop 2

cerave crop 4This one is oil-free and water (sweat) resistant. I put it on my arms, neck, ears and exposed parts of my chest as well. This product will change your mind about using a zinc lotion; I love it! Best of all, no funky weird smell!! It says light-weight but, I wouldn’t use that description. It does absorbs in easily…

cerave 7 cerave 8 cerave 9

New to the Vanity fold is CeraVe PM lotion…

cerave 12 cerave 10 cerave 11


This has a lighter formula than the other two. Nary an odor but my skin feels super smooth using this lotion…

cerave 15


The AM and PM lotions have a pump dispenser…

cerave 14



Phew! If you made it this far, I bet you can tell that I love these three CeraVe products. I will admit that I got a couple of pimples when I first started using all three, 6 weeks ago. I don’t know which one would be the cause or, if it was just a fluke. My skin has adjusted just fine, either way.

As I mentioned, I picked these up at Walgreen’s or you can find them at large mass merchandisers and Ulta. CeraVe’s website is currently showing a $2 off coupon and, you can read more about their products as well. I think I’ll get that coupon and try their new eye cream.


Which CeraVe product have you used? Did you like it?






  • I love the PM for my face. The AM irritated my eyes, but it does work well elsewhere 🙂 I didn’t know they made a SPF 50. Sounds perfect for summer!

    • For me, that SPF 50 is perfect since it is sweat resistant. I make my husband wear it too when we are going to be outside.

  • I’ve never ever heard of this brand!! What vanity table have I been living under?

    • 😉 It’s been around for a while however, it’s one of those skincare lines that doesn’t get much attention and hardly any advertising.

  • I seriously love CeraVe, it’s one of the best drugstore brands out there.

    • I’m looking forward to trying more of their products.

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I haven’t tried CeraVe yet though I have looked at the products many times. One night when I was studying the ingredient list, I thought I saw that the products I was considering contained parabens so I passed. I should look again. Plus, I will buy the sunscreen especially if I can find the spf 50. I do have dark spots on my hands from years at the beach coz I never thought to put sunscreen on my hands, silly me.

    • I’ll have to look again about the parabens. Thanks for the heads up on that.

  • I love CeraVe their products have always been a fall back for me when I am having skin issues. I haven’t tried their sunscreen and that makes me very curious!

    • It was the high SPF that reeled me in.

  • I have never used CeraVe products, but I’d love to try that SPF50 sun screen.

    • Look for it with the rest of the sun screen products.

  • I’ve used samples of CeraVe but never a full bottle. I’ve heard really good things about their products for eczema (which I have), but I have had a super hard time finding their products here in Canada!

    • Boo on not being able to get CeraVe in Canada!!

  • BeautyJudy

    I have never tried this line but I’ve heard of it and have seen it – I am so curious to try it!!

    • Just today I was in Walgreens and their buy one get one half off goes through May 16.

  • Cindy Ingalls

    I need to try their sunscreen. I’ve been looking for sunscreen that doesn’t have so many ingredients, and this looks promising.

    • I’ll be honest, Cindy…these products have a lot of ingredients in them. But, it’s worth a try.

  • I LOVE Cera Ve PM as my day lotion. It is so hydrating and it’s beautiful under makeup. I need to check out the zinc oxide sunscreen. Is it all mineral or is there chemical in there, too?

    • I failed to put up the list of ingredients for the Sunscreen 50. I added it into the review. There’s a lot of ingredients in this one too. Let me know if this is something you could use or, what doesn’t work.

  • Mai

    I haven’t used any CeraVe products actually but I might need to pick up that AM Lotion

  • marciaf

    I haven’t used CeraVe in a long time but I love that it’s not fragranced.

    • That’s a win for me. I can’t deal with a fragrance I don’t like on my face. Blech.

  • I like that it doesn’t have that weird fragrance. It’s why I rarely use face sunscreens. I really don’t like heavy, smelly sunscreen.

    • I begrudgingly would use sunscreens because I knew I needed it. So, it was easy for me to jump on the bandwagon after I tried my samples of CeraVe. It’s still a bit heavy but, easier to deal with.

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Come to think of it, I never tried anything from this line yet.

    • Ahhh…you’ll have to put one of their products on your wishlist. 🙂

  • This has always been a line I hear great things about but for whatever reason I have never tried it! I need to give it a go!

    • I hear great things about their facial cleanser. I have it on my wishlist.

  • Justina

    I should get more into this stuff because it’s way cheaper than what I’ve been using!

    • I have tried the high-end and the low-end on everything from makeup to shoes to clothes to food. Sometimes I put all the costs aside and just use what I like. I used Clinique for years before I admitted I just didn’t like it at all. It burst my bubble that high-end had to be the best.

      As a beauty blogger, I have more fun jumping around trying different brands. I have my few loyalties however, it has been a grand adventure to widen my views.

  • These products sound awesome! I love when moisturizers are fragrance free.

    • I am feeling more and more that way. It the fragrance dissipates quickly, I’m more inclined to let it slide. But, so many have a lingering smell and I just don’t like that.

  • I need to give this brand a try. I use Cetaphil a lot and hear that I would love this brand as well.

    • It has been decades since I used Cetaphil. Maybe we should trade products. 🙂

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    I like having fragrance free options around. I’ve never tried this brand, but I’ll have to keep an eye out for it

    • I don’t mind a mild fragrance and, I like it to disappear soon. But, I have never found any other skin care products that have this high of an SPF that doesn’t have a fragrance. It’s because it is practically fragrance-free, I can get my husband to wear it.