China Glaze: Bohemian Collection

After attending the CosmoProf in Las Vegas last weekend, I was excited to review some of the items I got. Then, I get a call today from my Sally’s Beauty Store Manager that the China Glaze Bohemian collection came in. I got to see these ‘live’ in Vegas so I am very excited to have my hands on them so soon.

I hope this means Fall is coming and soon…

‘Swanky Silk’ is on the left. That’s sort of a gold-ish taupe. On the left is ‘Unpredictable’. I liked the twinkle of light reflecting off it. To the right is ‘Rare and Radiant’. Not really so rare since I have at least 2 very close dupes. 😛

Then, I grouped the purples and blues together…

First is ‘No Plain Jane’, ‘Want My Bawdy’ and then ‘Deviantly Daring’.

The display shows a peacock along with the model. So, you can see that all these shades are inspired by the plumage of a peacock. Pretty cool but, sure to make some red and pink polish lovers feel left out.

I got a free bottle of ‘Diamond Dry’ for purchasing 2 China Glaze polishes. It was only 1 freebie per person though. This is a $6.99 product. I’m looking forward to trying it out…

I shall be swatching these soon…like next year with all the other polishes and products I have for review. (That’s a joke. Maybe not.) There will be no case of writer’s block on this blog!!

Are you going to get any of these?