China Glaze: I Herd That From The Safari Collection

While my nails are in rehab, I can fondly, sort of, go through my photos of swatches and remember some good times. I bought nail wheels this week because I have so many new and old polishes that haven’t been swatched. It’s going to be a marathon on wheels. It will surely do my nails good to continue to recuperate.

I should show more of the Safari collection that China Glaze put out before another collection shows up. However, every one of the shades from that collection were lovely. They were unique for my collection. I had a lot of favorites, unable to pick just one.

How about this one…

This is ‘I Herd That’ and it is a special one from the whole collection. I would think this shade would be better for a Christmas collection but hey, why wait?

‘I Herd That’ has colors in it that do make me think of the Serengeti, as well. It is a micro-glitter with bronze, gold and red. I don’t know how I can associate colors of the Serengeti with something that could be in a Christmas collection but, that’s the fun and quirkiness of the beauty industry.

I still enjoyed the heck out of wearing this color…

It looks gritty because it is. I, actually, don’t mind that. When it makes something look this awesome, I’m very OK with texture. Notice something, though. I only put one coat on my thumb. So, for a more toned down look that could be office-friendly, this just could do it. Let me know what you think because I don’t work in an office setting and I wear anything.

‘I Herd That’ isn’t disco ball sparkly. It’s almost matted. And I think that’s what gives this a softer personality. I didn’t put on any top coat because I liked it just the way it was. And it wore very well. This polish gave a good wear for the 4 days I kept it on. And, ‘I Herd That’ was one that I was reluctant to remove, I enjoyed it so much. It must have been reluctant to leave me too because it took some of that extra ‘get this glitter off’ work. Even though, I could easily bring this polish back out at Christmas.

How about wearing this to work…yay or nay? Do you like the softened glitter look?