China Glaze’s Safari Collection: Jungle Queen

I think ‘Jungle Queen’ is going to be the one that breaks from the pack from this collection. It’s more than just saucy, it’s sultry…

‘Jungle Queen’ is a purple-ized brown. I just made that up but that’s what I’m calling it. There is a shimmer of magenta too. So that totally freaks out the naming of this color. And I’m not going to worry about it because I’d rather just admire the polish…

I’m delightfully amazed that this shade shows pretty well considering it has been almost 2 weeks since we have seen the sun in, er, sunny Florida.

I have on three coats and that is one too many. I wasn’t giving enough time between coats so some of the nails are not as smooth as they could be. So, don’t blame the polish; it’s doing its job of looking stunning and ritzy…

Sultry is the perfect shade to wear for the Hades most of the country is in. My remedy: stay indoors, drink lots of water and paint your nails.

I used Lumos base and top coat for this mani. I’m going to do a blog on these yet. I want to convert you to Lumos over Seche Vite!!

I played around with this polish with some glitter. Wait til you see that!

Did you pick up ‘Jungle Queen’? Is it your favorite from the Safari collection?

  • Ohhh Jungle Queen is nice!

    • Word!!! It was hard to move on to another shade. Alas, the problems of a beauty blogger, right? ;P

  • This shade looks great on you! 🙂 I also picked up this colour and like it a lot.

    • It’s not a shade I’d typically think of for summer. But I’m open to trend-benders. 🙂