China Glaze’s Westside Warrior is My Hero

China Glaze has my heart this Fall with their Metro Collection. I got them all because I liked every one.

I reviewed/swatched ‘CG in the Cityhere and loved how it applied. Then, I chose ‘Westside Warrior’ next…

Man, I LOVE this green creme!! I have several pieces of clothing this color because it is a shade I can put with almost any other color. A red plum purple looks really great with this shade of green.

I have worn this mani for the past 3 days. I usually swatch every day or at least every other day. But, if I’m in love, I can rock it a lot longer…

I did this in one coat. It did bubble on my thumb. And sadly, I ruined it with a smudge on my middle finger. With an expert hand, someone else would find ‘Westside Warrior’ a breeze. I have one coat of China Glaze’s ‘Fast Forward Top Coat’ on. And 3 days later, this polish is still shiny. Cremes are hard for me to work with. But I am finding, or rediscovering, that darker cremes, such as ‘Westside Warrior’ are easier for me than lighter shades of creme.

As always, I’m sorry for the horrible cuticles. They look like Zombie nails. 

China Glaze’s ‘Westside Warrior’ is a Fall winner for me. Do you like the army green polish shades that are dominating the season?