Christmas Dance Nail Stickers

I got these cute Christmas stickers at Sally’s. The stickers I used on my thumb made getting these a given…

These remind me of the kids dancing on the stage in the Charlie Brown Christmas Show. Do you get up and dance with them?! What….no? I do.

You so know you dance like ‘Yellow Shirt’!!!!

I used a green creme from a Fall collection Icing put out…

No name, just awesome murky green. I have three coats on.

Then, I put on an assortment of Christmas stickers…


I used a coat of Seche Vite to protect them. However, these stickers are thin. I don’t even feel them when I rub my finger over them.

They’re so sweeeet! And just when I think no one notices my nails when I’m out working, I ended up with 2 compliments on them today.

Tomorrow, I’m going to an all-day workshop, so I’ll be sporting these. This workshop is, actually, to learn how to use something that I will be doing a giveaway on!!!! Yes, it is that detail-oriented so before I review it and have it for the giveaway, I have to learn how to use it too. That’s all I’m telling you…BWHAAAAHAAAHAAAA!

These stickers were fairly easy to apply. I did use a pair of needle-nose tweezers to remove them from their backing and place them on the nails.

Do you wear nail stickers? If you like these, you can find them at Sally’s.