Claire’s Green and Gold Flakie Polish

There are not any nail bloggers I follow that do not like flakies…

I found a little set of flakies on clearance at Claire’s.  Ohhh, I almost missed out on them.  This was the last one.
So, this is a continuation of my green Heaven post from earlier.  I used the green flakie over that mani…
and got this…

The flakes are gold and green.  They seem to be a bit bashful.  They are on there but, just don’t show up in the super-bright sunlight.

I have on two coats as I was trying to get the larger flakes to adhere.  They are on there, just very sparse.  And this polish is rather thick.  Hey, I don’t care!  It’s still really pretty and just because it doesn’t photo well doesn’t make it a loser. 🙂

So here I have the original polish, Heaven’s ‘Too Turquoise’, then China Glaze’s ‘Matte’ polish, and now I have Claire’s Flakie glitter on.  I have no idea why I stopped there; I still could have applied OPI’s ‘Black Shatter.’  Overkill….yea, I know.

Are you able to get at least a tiny sense of the flakies on this mani?  Do you like using flakie polish?

  • Ahhh!!!! I didn't know about these! I'm gonna have to stalk my stores better!

  • You could have done black shatter, then CG Crackle Concrete or Lightning Bolt…and more matte…omg overload, am I insane?

  • Aww super cute! Love the sunny outdoor pictures x

  • @KittenMittens I sure didn't see them before they went on clearance!

    @elizabeth Overlay overload! Maybe I'll have to try that just for kicks? ;P

    @G A B Y Thanks, doll! 🙂

  • Pretty! I forgot about these.

  • On clearance?! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • these are really cute, love the Pink and Green color 🙂

  • @MissMidnight I didn't know they were out there, or, if I did, I didn't pay any attention. I'm glad it got it when I did.

    @kittypolishnbags Yep, one of my favorite words: clearance 😉

    @Christine Yep. I'm looking forward to trying out some more looks with them. I just wish those flakes wouldn't be so…well, flaky!!! 😉