Clear Rayz: At Home Light Therapy For Acne

In the last post, I teased about the product I’m going to introduce you to today. This device is called Clear Rayz. It is red and blue light therapy to eliminate or reduce mild to moderate inflammatory acne…

This is a cool, little hand-held contraption. One side emits red light that promotes healing and heads off breakouts. The other side has a blue light and this one kills bacteria that causes acne.

Included in the kit are the following…

The hand-held device, electrical cord, a storage bag and the instruction booklet.

The light device, is actually light! It weighs about the same as a deck of cards…

On one side of the device is the on/off button. Press in once and the red light side comes on. Press again and the blue light side turns on. Press again and it turns itself off.

The instructions are so simple. The above table shows you the treatment regimen. Once you turn the device on, you begin firmly pressing the lit side against your skin. The instructions separate your face into 4 quadrants to treat one at a time. Slowly, I rub the device around that area. After 3 minutes, the device will beep and that tells you to go to the next quadrant on your face. After the next beep, move onto the next quarter.

A help line is available if you have any questions. I called it and I spoke with someone that was actually at Clear Rayz headquarters in Florida. I like that because I am more confident that I’m talking with someone who has actually worked with the device and is hands-on familiar with it.

Not having to continue buying ointments or drugs to eliminate acne makes so much sense to me. The light emitted from this unit isn’t harmful, well, only to acne and the bacteria!

And yes, it is painless. The red light does get warm but not to the point where you think you’ll burn yourself; you won’t. I pressed down onto my skin, while I was using it, enough that I could still slide the device around. You’re treating your skin, not grinding it. It should feel pleasant and never painful.

Here is my take on Clear Rayz: I have what I call ‘behaving’ skin. I get one to two pimples monthly. Sometimes I can get more when I try out a new skincare product that doesn’t agree with my skin. But, I want to make it clear that I do not have acne-prone skin. However, I started using my Clear Rayz about 8 days before the time I would start to see a pimple or two. I did get one and it was above my top lip, towards the outside. The zit was gone within 2 days while using Clear Rayz. Normally, it would be with me about 4 days. I continued to use Clear Rayz for another 5 weeks; to the point where I was on the maintenance week. The time for zits came and went and I didn’t get a one. Staying with the maintenance schedule, I went through another month zit-free. And then, the following month, I stayed zit-free again..

It doesn’t escape me that this is hardly a miracle. I don’t have acne, I’d say I have a zit or two. But for someone that always got a couple of monthly zits and then not to get any for over 2 months is enough to catch my attention. Oh, and on occasions, I get what I call ‘underground’ zits. The kind that doesn’t come to a head. At the first feeling of one, I bumped up to using the red light on that quarter of my face and it was gone under 2 days. I didn’t pick at it or treat it with anything other than the Clear Rayz. Those zits can stay around up to 6 days normally.

Would I recommend it? Yes. For a completely, non-evasive way to clear up and prevent acne, this is the way to go. It costs $199 and you can easily spend that on an acne skincare line that you have to re-purchase every month. Even a couple of visits to a dermatologist can cost that much and you know the doctor will be prescribing something that will cost too. Clear Rayz is a one-time investment. Light therapy for skin issues is something that has only been available at a derm’s office. Now, you can use it at home and on your own schedule.

What are your thoughts about Clear Rayz?