Continuing Saga of The Woman That Binges on Cheap Jewelry

Haul posts are like adult ‘show and tell.’ Since I don’t work in an office setting, don’t see the same folks every day and my hubs doesn’t give a hoot about fashion and beauty, I share here with you, my readers. It’s not meant to brag or flaunt anything; it’s just sharing fun, cool stuff I like. 🙂

Typical of me, I lost my photos of some of the haul I got at Forever 21 and Icing yesterday. No prob. I just redid the photos here in my sunny window.

More whacky stuff from Forever 21…

This is the bracelet that started the binge spending spree fun at Forever 21. I like the goth/cutie-pie mixture of looks. When I was very young, around 21, goth was coming onto the scene. But you would NOT have been spotted wearing anything PINK! Gads! I moved onto the ‘New Wave’ look (think Cyndi Lauper). That was a bit softer. 🙂

And, I found this ring to be a bit funky, a bit intriguing and a lot of WTF…….

I have to wear it a while to see if it is comfy though.

I showed the necklace in the last post, but I got earrings to match, as well…

With this star ring, I’m hoping I can open it up a bit more to make it a thumb ring. But, I’m not sure it will 

I’m hoping that cooler weather is right around the corner. I wear my hair up almost all summer so I’m looking forward to wearing it down. In the meantime, these ponytail bands are ritzy, there’s some gold threads woven through…

What would be a Forever 21 shopping spree be without checking out the polishes?

This is ‘Silver’, ‘Rust’ and ‘Red’. Very mysterious and controversial names…

This one is called ‘Silver’ however, it has a purplish hue to it that the camera didn’t pick up. Think of a very, very shimmery, pale lavender. 

I don’t think I have these and if I do, well there are 3 Bath and Body Work sacks by my office bookcase full of giveaway items. They won’t go to waste!!

I also got this powder blue polish…

It’s the one on the right. The one on the left is a bottle I picked up early this spring. But, I was in a conversation with Stephanie of Imperfect Painted, and she had commented she liked a blue with some gold in it. I was looking to see if I could find another polish for her. But, as Forever 21 can be, they move stuff quickly.

The teal tone looks to be a bit watery. I bet I will have to use a ton of coats on this one. Maybe even do a base color before using it…

The darker shade is ‘Navy’ and I posted about it here along with its cousin, a purple with gold shimmer. The new blue is called ‘Blue/Multi.’ Whooopiiieeeee! That says it all, folks.

Do you think I’m done? Well, that question will put you on alert. I actually went to Icing before I went to Forever 21.

I was on the prowl (ohh….bad subject since the entire beauty/nail blog world is looking for Wet ‘n Wild’s ‘On the Prowl’ collection) for Halloween polishes.

Here is what I got…

‘Tiger’s Blood’!!!! It’s been out for a couple of seasons but, wouldn’t you agree that this would be a nice Halloween or Fall polish?

Next, is a Halloween shade, for real…

‘Vampire’s Blood’ may not be new, however I took the chance that it has been tweaked just enough to be different. I’ll check as I go along.

And, ‘Witch’s Brew.’ Reminds me of ‘Living Water’, but not as pretty. Oh, I got one more polish called ‘Pumpkin’ but it’s set to have its own post. Stay tuned, ghoulies!!!

So, finally, the very last item for this post, I leather bracelet I got at Icing…

I won’t look like some soccer mom wearing this bad-ass bracelet!!!! Hee heee…..right.

Phew! If you made it down to here I’m going to believe I didn’t bore you too much. And, I want to know, what item or items, do you like for yourself?  Are you stocking up on your Fall jewelry?

  • WITCH'S BREWWWW Oh my goodness that looks awesome! And you found a Tiger's Blood, I want that one. Haha, indeed we would never have found anything pink in goth items back in the day. *lol*
    That teal polish looks like it might possibly be duochrome?? Maybe layered it might show up. Hrm, that would be an interesting experiment.

  • I'm having trouble describing the “red” and “rust” polishes. The words escape me…X3

  • STARS?! OK…now I *have* to go in to Forever 21. I wouldn't normally be caught dead in a store like that, but for stars, I'll make an exception!

  • @Nicole Hmm…I'll have to layer it and see. You've got me curious now. I was surprised to find Tiger's Blood too.

    @Peredita The rust looks like a semi-new penny. LOL

    @Megan I might not be allowed back in this Forever 21 store. I saw a size 1 (!!!) pair of jeans and this young woman was looking at it…I beat her senseless with them because who wears a size 1?? They need to go shopping in the little girls dept!!! I want them to make a size 14, dammit!!! ;P

  • Love everything you got! Cheap jewelry rules!

  • great haul!