Create Your Own Customizable QR Code With And A Giveaway

I love technology. I always have. And I love social media stuff too. There is so much to learn in both areas. And I wonder just who can keep up with the continual up-grades, enhancements and releases.

So, what if new technology and social media came up with something just down-right cool? And cute too? And customizable just for you? I found something like that.

This is what I created with a custom QR code generator by

Yep, I created this all on my own. I picked my colors, pixel shapes, layout, everything. And if you look really carefully, you’ll see that some of those dots are actually little replicas of my kitty logo! How cool is that!!! Go ahead and scan it and it will bring you right back here to this website.

The creative folks at make creating a real and customizable QR code fun. I got a QR (that stands for Quick Read) code for my business cards and that was oh, la la big time for this blog! But, when I moved from Blogger to my own WordPress self-hosting blog, I needed a new QR code made. When I got the opportunity to try this system out, I was excited. And I got more excited when I found out how much I actually could customize. You have to admit, that code is SOOOOO LIBBY!!!

I got to pick my colors and shade them how I like.  I could pick what the corner symbols looked like and which direction I wanted them to go and even customize the colors. I put my own little kitty logo right in the center too. Even the code dots can be changed from round to box to blended together!

There are so many choices of items to customize that it can be very overwhelming. I spent two nights creating my QR code. It was fun to play with the million different looks possible. So,I recommend that you set aside some time to get acquainted with the template and remember, it’s FUN!

Yes, I’m very excited about this. And, I’m going to get you excited about it too. I’m having a code giveaway to one faithful reader, courtesy of You will get to create your own QR code worth $10. Once you create it, it is yours forever.

I’m using mine for my business cards, media kit and whatever else I can think of. How about you? What would you use your own QR code for?

Let me know in the comment box along with your email address. And, if you go to my Facebook Fan Page and leave a comment under the listing of this blog post, I’ll give you yet another entry. One entry allowed on each, please. I’ll pick a random winner on September 1, 2012 at 8 PM EST.  Of course, since it is all done by computer, it’s open Internationally. No spam or links to your own site, otherwise, your entries will be voided and removed. I will notify the winner by email and it must be claimed by 9/5/12 or I will pick another entry.

If you have any questions, let me know. 

I received a custom product in exchange for my honest opinion through Blog Friendly PR, no compensation was received.