Cult Nails: Charming and Happy Ending From The Fairy Tale Collection

Happy June!!! The newest collection from Cult Nails is soon to be released. This one is called the Fairy Tale collection. I adore the shades in this collection because they remind me of one of my new, favorite shows: Once Upon A Time.

Here are the first two that I tried…

This is ‘Charming’ and ‘Happy Ending’.

If you like lavender or a soft purple, you will be charmed by ‘Charming’. This polish has just a hint of magenta flash to it. You have to look deep to see it but it is what gives ‘Charming’ its special spell. I have on three coats here. And man, Cult Nails dries so fast for me. Good thing because I can’t sit still.

And, adding onto that with a ‘Happy Ending’, well, it couldn’t get any more perfect…


 ‘Happy Ending’ is like nothing I have or, have seen. It’s flakies that look like shards of colored glass. And these pieces lay down flat, no roughness. I didn’t have to go fishing for them either. Joy! Happy Ending!

Look forward to seeing the rest of the collection as I will be swatching them as well. But, don’t wait on me; go to Cult Nails and order your collection today.

Don’t you love fairy tale collections?