Cult Nails: Deceptive Top Coat Collection on Sale Now

It’s a good day when Cult Nails releases a new collection. I say every time it happens that it can’t get any better than this. But, somehow, Maria tops herself creatively with each new release.

One thing I do know…OK, let’s make that two things: First, Cult Nails will always be a trend setter rather than a follower. You will not find anything out this season and into the winter like the Deceptive Top Coat Collection. And second, this collection is going to extend your nail polish wardrobe regardless if you have a dozen polishes or 12 dozen.

This sale is already underway, so let me give you the link to that so you can go, place your order and come back for swatches. Maria is selling the entire 5 bottle collection for $40. This is good until through next Saturday, September 8. Then, they will go to $10 each and will be available separately.

Let me tell ya how you should go about this. Purchase the set now at $40, and add on the ‘Nevermore’ one coat black polish for $10. It comes out, using the regular prices, like getting the ‘Nevermore’ free. And, you will want ‘Nevermore’ because it’s an outrageously awesome one-coater and it will showcase your Deceptive Top Coats to the max.

Here are the deceptives…

Starting on the Left: Alter Ego, Charlatan, Deception, Doppelganger, Two Timer

You might be surprised by the colors these bad babies show, but it is no surprise to find the top quality Cult Nails is known for.

Try these closer looks…

Alter Ego; expect some gold and green shimmers from this one. But, don’t expect that for every shade you use this sly top coat on!

Charlatan; this is one time you will want a Charlatan! From Cult Nail’s website, Charlatan can be used alone. However, you know you want to see how this one pulls the wool over your nails. Will it be a pink shimmer? Purple? Maybe Magenta?

Deception; You will never complain about being deceived with this top coat. It won’t always be what you expected, but it will be what you want! Look for a more muted purple mixed with pink in this top coat. How well does it play with another polishes that have a pink case to it? You’ll want to find out with Deception.

Doppelganger; the name alone is inciting and you’ll swear you ‘know’ this shade. The light catches just the hint of a twinkle at the very far left corner of the photo. As you can expect from the entire line, what you see is not what you get. Doppelganger can change a polish into something with a bit of dusty-ness. And, I’ll let you be the judge of what colors this one transforms into.

Two Timer; don’t be so bold as to think you know where this Two Timer is going. Looks gold and yellow in the bottle but, cast your expectations aside. You are now up against a Two Timer!

I’ve showcased them on a nail wheel over ‘Nevermore’…

Starting from the Left: Nevermore alone; with Alter Ego, Charlatan, Deception, Doppelganger, Two Timer.

However, allowing the light to shine on the polishes at a different angle can fool your eyes…

The Deceptive Top Coats can fool your eyes, but it won’t fool your heart because you KNOW you are going to love these!

Nevermore, Alter Ego, Charlatan

(Charlatan is the first one) Deception, Doppelganger, Two Timer

Now you see exactly why you need to get in on this special price; you will want them all because, you know you want to see what concoctions you can create with your current polishes. It’s OK to let your nails be a bit Deceptive.