Dante’s Makeup Brush Cleanser

While I got to meet and talk with many vendors at the Cosmoprof NA 2012 I went to in Las Vegas, there are a couple of vendors that stick out from the rest and leave a good impression on how their business and products are.

One such vendor was Dante Disposable Products. I met with Linda Skene who is Sales/Project Manager/Problem Solver. Yep, says so right on her business card. I don’t know a lot about makeup brush cleaners but I came away from my meeting with Linda with a whole new mindset and understanding. Linda educated me; she didn’t sell me. She knew her product was good, its history and popularity among the cosmetic counters speak volumes.

This is Dante’s ‘Makeup Brush Cleanser’…

I like the byline this company has: ‘A premium product developed by cosmetologists for cosmetologist with the consumer in mind.’  Linda told me that it is the Dante Cleanser that is used behind the makeup counters of Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clinique, etc. She said that they have been using Dante for years and there is a very good reason too; it protects the clients and the brushes as well.

Not to get all gross and buggy on you but your makeup brushes can get icky stuff on them. A strain of staph infection can cause acne and worse. Because brushes can get wet from water and liquid products, mold and mildew can take up residence. And if you, by chance, use your brushes when you have the flu or a cold, (you are staying home and makeup-free when you’re sick, right???) you can give those germs right back to yourself.

Unlike tossing your toothbrush when you are sick and starting with a fresh one, makeup brushes are not that cheap. They are an investment. And not only is keeping them clean for health reasons important, you want to take care of them so they last too.

Dante’s Makeup Brush Cleanser works on 4 different levels: it is a cleanser, first and foremost. It sanitizes, disinfects and prevents bacteria and viruses from settling in. The second level is that it is clear. The product is colorless, odorless and won’t interfere with the smell or color of the beauty products you use your brush for. Thirdly, this cleanser conditions your brushes. In a gentle, yet very effective manner, this cleanser is keeping your natural and synthetic brushes in prime condition. And lastly, it is convenient. When you are finished with your makeup brush, spray it, wipe of off and you are ready to go. Simple!

As I posted here, I bought some very nice Sephora makeup brushes. They are an investment. I want to take good care of them, as much as I do with my not-so-expensive brushes. Dante’s Makeup Brush Cleanser is a product that helps me take care of my investments. And, I don’t have to be as concerned about my health, my eyes’ health and any of those icky viruses and germs that could end up on my adorable brushes. If I’m wearing makeup, I’ve used a brush. And so, I’ve used a brush cleanser. That would be Dante’s.

If you happen to be going to the Orlando Makeup Show in November, Dante Disposable Products will be there. You can also check out their website on how to order.

Do you use a brush cleanser?


This product was provided for me for my review. This is my honest and own opinion.