Did I Just Pull This One Out Of My….Head???

Here is one of those manicures that I dream about and then, actually, am able to create it…

This is Savvy’s Femme Couture ‘Andrea’s Mint.’  I do not have a clue what that name means.  Anyone??  Bueller??

This color is truly Shamrock Green.  It’s a frosty medium green that, actually, performed better than I expected.

It’s only a little bit streaking and I can see, now, there is a bald spot on the upper left corner.  But, here’s the look I actually dreamed about…

I’m not saying I ‘invented’ it, I just dreamed about it and then made it.  There is one thing missing, however…

In my dream, there was a thin line of gold between the black and the green.  I decided against doing that step since I did a half decent job with the black; I didn’t want to ruin it!!

I taped off all but the side slant and used my Migi nail art pen to swipe on black.  I have several of these Migi sets and I do NOT use them enough. 

Let me go back to ‘Andrea’s Mint’ for a moment.  I used 3 coats and was surprised by the opaqueness of just 2 coats.  Savvy’s have been really watery for me, in the past, so I didn’t expect this one to fair any better.  In fact, I was going to pitch it in the ‘get lost’ pile.  Talk about a sleeper!

My Migi pen was more than a bit on the thick side.  I had to let it dry a long time before I removed the tape mark-off.  Even then, it did pull on the green polish some.  But it all dried quite nicely and I think I’ll wear this one, one more day.  I wish I had some gold foil stripes; that would tidy this one up just the way I wanted it.

This look is chic, to me.  What do you think?  Would you wear something like this?  Do you have or like the Migi nail art pens?

  • its an amazing green!

    In Palace ♥

  • Beautiful color. 🙂 I love black and green manicures, the two shades just really compliment each other.


  • @In Palace It's a great 'stock' green; perfect for a well-rounded color collection. lol

    @Lace Escapades Something about those two colors seem uber chic. I'm glad you like too.

  • WOOT!! Great green and great mani. I would (and have) worn nail art very much like this. I think it's perfect for St Patty's Day!

  • Awesome! A great green! And fun nail art! Good work on the mani!

  • Wow! I love it! Black and green work so well together. I never even heard of those pens before.

  • Your nails are getting so long. Nice color 🙂 Love the black you used too. Kewl!

  • @Megan Thanks! And I adore your water marbling St. Paddy's manicure!

    @Peach You know you are a DEAR! If I could only have one green, I think this would be the one.

    @MissMidnight You have to check out Migi pens! I have like 6 or 7 sets of them. They are on Facebook as well.

    @SammieDoe Even though I have resorted to gel overlays, all but 2 are my own length. Natural nails were not holding up to the work I do.