Digital on My Digits

It’s nice when a nail polish company tells your right up front what type of polish it is.  Milani’s 3D Holographic….

This is ‘Digital.’  This is awesome.  This is so mine.

It is on the sheer side.  I have 3 coats here.  But I’m forgiving…THIS time.  I just love staring at it.  Along with a base coat, I wrapped up this manicure with 2 coats of Seche Clear and one of Vite.

It’s the gold, pink and iridescent micro-glitter that holds my fascination.  All floating in a pink, almost mauve, base.  I can fall in love with colors quite easy.  However, I’m gonna put myself on the line by stating that this is pink, it’s got glitter and it’s shimmery;  all the makings for a nail polish I’ll fall for.

The bottle size is easy to hold on to, but Milani has shrimpy tops.  The brush is long and just about too skinny.  The polish, itself, laid down well, albeit watery.  And the micro-glitter did cause it to dry with a fine grit.  I don’t care.  Seche fixes just about any of those issues.

Outdoors it comes alive!!!  Now you can see more of the gold glitter.  What can I say but, stunning!

So, here’s a polish that’s called 3D holographic.  And you don’t even need to wear the funny 3D glasses to enjoy the beauty.

Now, if you made it reading down this far, and I can’t blame you if you just want to stare at the polish color, then I have got to remind you of my giveaway.  There’s only 3 days left.  I think the odds are on your side with this one as there are not a billion entries.  But then, there could be by the end of Saturday night.   Quick, go enter before I decide to giveaway Halloween candy instead and keep the prize for myself!!!!