‘Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap’ Manicure

In theory, lots of things should work out.  However, I find plenty that just don’t.

Here is a polish from a few Christmas’ past, China Glaze’s ‘Golden Enchantment’….

I got this really cheap off a Sally’s clearance shelf.  I couldn’t snag it fast enough!  One hot, sparkly holographic glitter!  Yep, all at once.  Look at them sparklies…

I didn’t kid myself this time; I knew this was not going to be opaque with a hundred coats.  This is the color I chose to use as a base coat…

Out of the Alter Ego collection is Color Club’s ‘Revealed.’  Don’t let it escape you, this does have a very, very slight pink pearl/shimmer to it.

Added together, I got…

Dirty Nails, Done Dirt Cheap.  Blech!  I look like a have failed to wash my hands and nails.  Worse than mannequin hands.

Dirty. And Cheap.  Definitely a mani I wasn’t going to keep.  NEXT!!!

Just for kicks, the hyperlink is a parody; check it out.  Rock on, Angus!!!

Some of those light, dusty pinks make my nails/hands look dirty.   Does anyone else have that issue?