Dollar Tree Haul; Hold The Christmas!

Dollar Tree stores, in Orlando, have been rather barren of any good, or rather, new makeup stuff. Just on a whim, I stopped into a new, larger one in hopes that they had some surprises.

Here was my first surprise…

Seriously? I haven’t even finished my Halloween shopping and it’s still 6 weeks away. Have you noticed that retailers just sweep aside Thanksgiving and move you RIGHT into the Holidays…two words: BLACK FRIDAY!!!

Gosh, I sure do NOT need any more shadows, wait…I should just say makeup!!! I’m only fooling myself.
But I really like collections and pallettes with three or more shades. Three is my tipping point. LOL Don’t laugh. Everyone has a tipping point. Let me know what yours is in the comments below.

L.A. Colors…enough said…

 Tiki Punch
 Southern Belle
 Sand Dune

If these shadows are as nice as previous LA Colors, I’m expecting good pigmentation. I’ll get some swatches worked up for you later.

I held off on these palettes…

I truly held myself back on ELF stuff. I don’t think I’ve seen that much in a Dollar Tree before. Here are just a couple that I couldn’t pass up…


And I swathed here for you…

You can sort of see the glitter in the ELF blush. I don’t know if I love it lots, but I’ll try it. Seriously, I didn’t see the glitter in it when I picked it up. But, that  puny container totally stumped me. I worked and worked to get it open. Here’s the best I could do…

I have no idea how in the hell to open this blush!!! I’ve torn it up and it still hasn’t popped open.

What do you see that you like? And don’t say the Christmas stuff!!!!!!

  • Seriously what's with the Christmas stuff? I've been waiting for my CVS to unpack it's Halloween stuff for a week now! lol and from what I remember about ELF blushes they slide open. They aren't the clam shell style.

  • The Christmas stuff. *ducks* Hey, I love Christmas. And I plan for it and start decorating early. Drives my husband nuts! lol

  • lucky!
    I have not seen any of that makeup at my local dollar tree 🙁

  • the elf blushes slide open, the lid slides completely off, actually.

  • the blush cover slides up…you should try it that way.

  • Ugh…Christmas stuff. Already. I think there should be a law that you can't put out for the next holiday until the current holiday has passed! I really like that teal, brown and grey palette. I'm going to have to check out our Dollar Tree – they've been light on the good nail polish for a while.

  • Ivy

    WOW! Christmas stuff already?? I love Christmas, but I just think it's too early for that in stores, lol! It's not even Halloween or Thanksgiving yet, lol!

  • @floresfamily8 I just checked my blush. After a bit of pulling and pushing…poof, it snapped open. *shameful* Tell that store to get their Halloween stuff out!

    @Ice Queen I do start listening to Christmas music 11/1. It's my official day to start. Mostly because I have sooo many Christmas CDs!!

    @Miss.XOXO We have been 'dry' for quite some time. Since this store was a larger one, I was hoping they had something!

    @femputer Gulp. I went and opened up after reading these helpful comments. Thanks!

    @preciouspearl I just did. Thank you. At least I don't have to beat it up anymore. =O

  • @Megan There's no 'soul' to the holidays any more. It's all about consumerism. 🙁 I hope you can find some goodies at your DT.

    @Ivy I have a heard enough time getting into the Holiday spirit living here in Florida. Feels like May during Christmas, doesn't it? Good thing I go to Denver to see family during Christmas.

  • Tracy

    I just saw those at my dollar tree! I also picked up a few! But my dollar tree had like 2 other colors. Yay for bargains! 🙂

  • @Tracy Yes, ma'am.

  • Haha, I worked at a Chicagoland Dollar Tree a few years back, and they're ready for Christmas so far in advance, it's not even funny. Then comes the Dollar Tree Radio (yep, there's a Dollar Tree radio station) Christmas music. I swear, I must've heard 'Feed The World' about fifty times a week for about a month and a half.

    Nice little haul, though. I love stocking up on goodies at the ol' DT. : )

  • That is insane that they had Christmas stuff out already! Southern Belle is not a typical color palette I gravitate to so I am looking forward to see what you do with that!

  • @imfeelingnail-venturous Oh, you are challenging me to an eye look, eh? I think that will be an easy palette to do. I'll give it a go. 🙂

  • UGH. Hold the Christmas indeed. I'm liking the look of the green/yellow e/s you didn't get. 😛 Hey, did you know DT is selling GitD polish? I saw some on an endcap but didn't pick it up but now I need to go back because someone said they're pretty glowy.