Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes…Green?

In the past 15 years, I have noticed that my eyes are becoming more and more green. I always considered them brown; a medium brown. But this week, they had so much green, I had to capture it in a photo…

polishes green eye 279Not too noticeable in this snap. And hey, it’s hard to take a photo of your own eye!

polishes green eye 280 This one gets in a bit tighter. As a sideline: that deepest wrinkle under my eye is actually a scar. However, it used to be right under the eyelid. In 30 years, it has moved, as you can see. I broke the bone around my eye; both top and bottom. That scar was made when the doctor went in and wired my bone together. The top one is hidden in my brow. I think the doctor did a fine job of not scarring me up. Unlike some of the other work I received in that car accident.

But I am regressing. I want to show you that eye colors can change…

polishes green eye 283My younger sister insists that my eyes are brown.She doesn’t see any green there at all. I say they have a lot of green in them. And, there’s no point in asking my husband because he is blue/green colorblind.

What color do you see? Is the color called ‘hazel’ or, is that only from green/blue eyes? What color are your eyes?