Don’t Wait! Get Your Halloween Stuff NOW!

Amongst my travels today, I stopped at 2 CVS stores and 3 Walgreens. I didn’t find any of the Wet ‘n Wild products I have been longing for. But, I did find some other stuff. Also, I got some goodies at Bath and Body Works.

I saw this Sally Hansen display at Walgreens about 2 or so weeks ago…

And, I purchased ‘Teal-y Cool’…

I swatched that baby right out in the parking lot before I even got into my car…

This is over a blue from Color Club’s Poptsatic collection. (Damn, no names on the bottle!)

If you look at the display, there is a dark polish in the middle, next to a blue. That is ‘Pumpkin Spice.’  I photographed it but, didn’t buy it. I really figured I had something like that already. And, I was trying not to purchase every polish color that strikes my fancy.

That is until Scrangie swatched it on her blog. I haven’t swatched this one yet, so please, click on her name/link to jump over there and be in awe.

Ohhhhhh, Halloween, why do you have to be so far away! And, by the way, Happy Lammas: celebrating the first harvest of the year, August 1.

Next, I snooped the $1 bins at Walgreens. When you were a kid, did you like to put your quarter into the candy/cheap toy machine and get a luck of the draw jawbreaker or a rub-on tattoo? Well, I get that same feeling looking through the $1bins at Walgreens.

Here’s what I got for one buck…

Constant readers will know that I am a merchandiser. I get to make things look pretty in stores so you will empty your wallets be enticed to purchase. So, I get to go to malls every week. Yea, this job sucks….NOT!

I got a few of the little Fall candle samplers at Bath and Body Works last week. I loved them soooo much that I got 6 more to share with my blogger girlfriends when we had lunch. I noticed the second time I went back, they had even more fragrances. So, today I wanted to pick up some more.

Now I have a total of 6 different minis to tide me over until I get the biggies! But, what did I Spy at the counter when checking out…

Yes!!! SIX different body lotions!!! The store had just put out the first 6 as samples when I yelled politely asked when they would be available. The sales associate said they had boxes of them right there, just delivered. Yippeee!

Are these little Halloween themed-bottles so stinkin’ cute!!!!…

I am so glad to see all these Halloween-themed items coming out so early. This way all the Christmas stuff will be available in October. (sarcasm)

Do you have any of these items or, are they on your wish list?

  • Oh, YUMMMM on the lotions! *swoon* And how does the Leaves candle smell?? I'm ready, I swear it!

  • I saw a display of the Sally Hansen polishes the other day. I was eyeing Pumpkin Spice! And yay for BBW having their fall/haloween lotions out already! Thats awesome!

  • PUMPKIN SPICE! Must have!

  • I am so happy to see all the fall stuff coming out! I really want Pumpkin Spice!! AND B&BW? YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

  • Haven't been to B&BW yet, but that's the only place around here with halloween out.

  • I've bought that xtreme brand before and I liked it a lot. This is such a cute post and you got an amazing deal on that bracelet, hehe. It's very cute. Nice post!!


  • MissMidnightBlue

    Ooh! I need to go to B&BW soon. 🙂

  • Wow, those lotions look so tempting! And yeah, what does the leaves candle smell like?

  • I'm heading to Bath and Body Works ASAP ^_^

  • ah me want all these!!!!

  • Cat

    Halloween? Already?! I'm not sure if I should be excited that the adorable Halloween collections are starting to be released, or depressed that summer is ending…

  • ooow those bottles!!! neeeeed more body stuff, sad we don`t have Halloween here :S

    Sally H. polishes look amazing ofc

  • Swatching in the parking lot? That's the sign of a serious polish-head! 🙂

  • @Nicole I love Leaves. It has cinnamon and orange. It reminds me of mulled cider. 🙂

    @Peach You better go snag that Pumpkin Spice. Sounds like the run-away from that collection.

    @kittypolishnbags Yes, you must! It's right up your alley. 🙂

    @Megan You will not be disappointed with the B&BW minis. I don't know how many different fragrance Fall candles they have. I have 6 different ones and there are still more!

    @The Nailaholic I honestly saw a Hallmark store putting up their Christmas ornament wall last month! Yankee Candle store said they are having their Halloween party at the store on Sat. 8/13.

    @Dale You are a sweetheart! Thank you. 🙂

    @MissMidnight You bet you do!! Go!

    @purplegreenpanda Hi, doll! The lotions are nice because the fragrances last!! The Leaves are like spices for mulled cider. Which, I love!!

    @Forever '92 You will have to tell me what you get. 🙂

    @chell Well, I got all of that for under $30. Not too bad.

    @Cat Without a doubt, I can say…'Bring on the FALL!'

    @Martje That would be sad to not have Halloween. Are you able to purchase B&BW online?

    @KarenD You think? 😉 I clutched onto my receipt in case anyone got suspicious.

  • nope, not even that is available 🙁 so mean!! I have mentioned it before…I just have to move 🙂 Too bad my hubbie isn`t into that.