Dusty Shopping in My Own Backyard

Do you know what shopping for ‘dusties’ is? It’s where you go to stores that sell nail polish, or maybe did at one time, and you look for those old bottles that are sitting back on the shelves collecting dust. I’ve even heard  it to be asking a store, like Sally’s, to bring up from the back office, any polishes they have pulled that didn’t sell. Think of it as a nail polish scavenger hunt. And the Holy Grail is to find a long-lost hard to find shade. This will not only make you ‘squuueeeee!’ but when you blog about it, all your nail blogger friends will ‘squuuuueeeee’ too and they will give you accolades of admiration at your success.

I’ve done a bit of this myself, early on in my blogging life. But today, I did it in my own home. Yep, I have so many unswatched bottles. I was digging through them a week ago and pulled out all these vampy, dark Halloween-ish shades.

Here’s my first one to show….

Sinful Color’s ‘Rich in Heart’ is just the deep, inky burgundy with a bit of sparkle that looks hot. Smoldering hot. The base is black but there is so much of that dark burgundy shimmer that it all comes together like a cold, dark rainy night…

I have no idea how I got a bit of a finger print smudge on my pinky. I guess there’s always going to be something to keep me from capturing that awesome effect. I had a great thumb photo but there was that one piece of fuzz hair….grrr…if it isn’t on my nails, it’s in my eye; I swear!!! *darts eyes quickly at Libby*

This is just 2 coats. I used a bottom coat and a top coat by Color Club’s Eco set of each. That top coat makes a killer shine. I can almost see my reflection in my nails too.

In the shade, it’s almost totally black. Lady vampire nails, yes? YES!

Down-right saucy!!!

I love vampy, dark blackened shades. What color is your favorite to see blackened?

  • I love all these kinds of dark shades! This is incredible to me! I have blackened greens, reds, browns and blues and love them all!

  • opi midnight in moscow..is my vamp color it cheers me up instantly

  • I love this shade!! SO pretty!! XOXO

  • Jen

    I do that sometimes too. Someone will swatch a polish and I'll think about how I have to have it only to realize I do. :/ Lol.

  • So dark and so beautiful! I need to start digging through my untried! I have way tooo many!

  • I'm breaking out the vampy polishes in preparation for fall and I think this might be next. I love the richness of the shimmer.