E Equals M C Squared and My Polish Stash

Organization makes me feel…organized. I like everything squared away. Feng Shui says that if your living space is orderly, so is your life. I need to get things tidied up!

I can only account this photo to being a good shopper…

There are sooo many new polishes out there, well, old too, that I started to be concerned that I would purchase duplicates. Especially on Forever 21’s Love and Beauty polishes, since I had just shopped there.

I got the bright idea to take all the un-swatched polishes and divide them into color groups. Keep in mind, these are just the ones that I haven’t tried yet. (Man, look how puny that pink pile is!!!)

The ones on the rubbermaid file cabinet are shatters and crackles along with some polishes that have been swatched but need to be reviewed. Same with the ones lined up by my printer table, swatched, waiting their turn.

About 1/3 of the way into separating my polishes, I got very anxious. I felt like I did when I cheated took a test in school. What if my hubs came up to my office and saw all these polishes? Oh, he’d have a cow! And sadly, he’d think that these would be ALL the polishes I own, not just the un-swatched. It would get ugly.

Last week I did go to Forever 21. I just can’t help myself. OK, I can, but it’s better than rewarding myself first with a sweet treat.

This is cute…

My last ear buds came apart during a run. I got these to try out. For less than $5, they are not bad at all. I did smell them. Nope, didn’t smell like strawberries. Oh, well.

A very sparkly bronzer and some loose, silver minerals.

It’s hard to see in the bottle how shiny and silver the minerals are. However, a swipe shows it fairly well. Today, I mixed the silver powder with my body lotion and it gave my arms a subtle shimmer.

The bronzer is very shimmery. And it’s more of a shimmery highlighter than bronzer. I dusted it on the apples of my cheeks. It made for a gentle, dewy look. I think the swatch on my finger, albeit blurry, does show that it is more shimmer than bronze.

So, I have some silver and some gold shimmer powders…

The best thing about the bronzer…it helped to get mycolor back when the blood drained from my pallor, thinking my hubs would walk in on my playing with my polish. Shhhh….only YOU know about my stash(es).

Here’s one of my all-time Far Side cartoons…

Do you like your polishes all squared away?