elf: Disney Villainous Women Palettes

These elf palettes are causing quite a stir in beauty blogsphere…

This is a fast and furious posting as I will do a more, in depth review this weekend. I wanted to get this up so you can see what they are all about. I picked these up at Walgreens yesterday. I found them on the checkout counter in the cosmetics department.

Shall we start? This is Maleficent: Sinister Smoky Eyes…

Wickedly wonderful, right?!!!

Check out the Evil Queen: Devious Dramatic Eyes. She must be so horrible, she didn’t get a name!…

I think the Evil Queen gives a whole new meaning to ‘drop dead gorgeous’.

Lastly, is Cruella: Evil Everyday Eyes. Did anyone else see the similarities when they watched ‘The Devil Wears Prada’?…

Luckily, her look doesn’t have to be so manic on you!

Each of these palettes has the following:

8 Shadows; 2 Lip and Cheek Pencils; 1 Shadow Primer; 1 Liquid Eyeliner; 1 Set of False Lashes; 1 Tube of Lash Glue; and they state ‘1 Mirror’…

Yikes! I have enough issues using a regular makeup mirror, much less this! But, in all fairness, I left the plastic covers in place until I do a proper swatching. So, maybe there is a protective film over the mirror part.

On the opposite side of the makeup, the overlay that shows two different looks: Ingenious!! And, the looks are very doable. Also, I like the idea of the pencil doubling as a lip liner and cheek color. I hope that does a great job.

The young woman that was in the cosmetics department, when I found these, went to get another worker after I told her about the sensation these limited edition palettes are causing. She wanted me to tell her too. I think I had them both in my spell!!!  Bwaaahaaahaaaahaaaaaa!

More details this weekend!

  • I got mine..lol!

  • I absolutely love the face charts!!

  • Polarbelle

    these look cool. they don’t carry Elf up here tho for some probably stupid reason. I’m relieved to know that you don’t have to have boomarang type of cheekbones to wear these. The first palette looks fab to me.

    • Do you have Walgreens? Most, if not all, the Walgreens here don’t carry elf. But, within the past month or so, I have seen a few stores carrying the portable/switch-out palettes. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen elf there.

  • wanttttt

    • I know you’ll love these, Brooke!

  • these look like such fun + halloween is right around the corner!

    • They did great on the presentation, indeed!

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  • ward660

    these are so cute, dang would love a Walgreens nearby.

    • No Walgreens?! Very, very unfair!!!