ELF Minty, Sparkly Lip Glosses

When I come upon really decent, inexpensive cosmetics, it brings home the point that for the high-end cosmetics, a lot of the cost is in their marketing.  Or, high profile execs.

Take, for instance, e.l.f. cosmetics.  They are inexpensive but not low on quality.  Best out there?  I wouldn’t say that but, $1 for a really nice, minty lip gloss?  Come on!!! 🙂

Sometime back, I posted about an e.l.f. haul I made at the Dollar Tree.  I got 6 minty, lip glosses for…$1 each!  Of course!!!  Then, this weekend, I was checking out the e.l.f. stuff at Target.  They had more of these lip glosses.  The theme of these are American cities.  So I checked through them and found 2 more cities I didn’t have…

The first one is ‘Crystal Cranberry.’  Not a part of the Minty Lip Gloss collection.  However, look at that, will ya!!!  How could I NOT take that one too. 🙂  The middle one is Nashville, and the last on the right is Miami.

I swatched them out to show you how they look against my skin tone…

‘Crystal Cranberry’ is a light fuchsia with pink glitter.  ‘Nashville, because it’s an ucky town and truly not a trendy place, is a brown, hazy color with tiny flecks of gold (I’ll explain more on that description in a bit) and last is ‘Miami,’ which is a pale pink, becomes more coral with the gold sparkles in it, along with some pink tone ones too.

 True to the label, they are minty.  And, in a nice way too.  If I apply these with a lighter hand, they are not tacky and actually feel moisturizing.  Naturally, they can be worn with or without lipstick and I do a lot of both.  When I apply the gloss, I’m heavy-handed so it is somewhat sticky but, doesn’t bother me.  And, as for the ‘Crystal Cranberry’, I haven’t worn it yet.  It’s up for wear tomorrow.

Can I give you a very quick rundown of my rundown on Nashville?  Let me see if I can explain this in the LEAST amount of words.  Stranded.

I got duped on a photography job and ended up stranded in Nashville (in 1994); no money, no home (traveled exclusively with the job) and naturally, no job.  I got a job in retail really fast because that’s one of the easiest for me to get.  Two years later, I was working in an regional office for a video rental company and had bought a home outside of Nashville.  So, basically, Nashville wasn’t a ‘choice’ but just where I landed.  Don’t go for that ‘grow where you are planted’ crap.  I hated living there.  I don’t like country music, I don’t have their accent, and I don’t like Hee Haw stuff.  Nashville is old and rundown.  That’s all.

So, have I mentioned I live in Orlando now!  LOL!!! OK, these glosses were an easy choice for me.  They are pretty and easy to work with.  If you like a gloss that is made for someone over the age of 18, you’ll end up adoring them too.

Have you tried any of e.l.f.’s glosses?  How about their other products?  I have some of their eye shadow palettes and adore them!