elf: Python Collection Nail Polishes

I surprised myself when I saw the new elf polishes from the python collection. I didn’t think it would be anything new. Well, whether it is or isn’t, it didn’t matter. I got 4 of ’em anyway…

The silver nail, to the far left, is the Studio M that I reviewed here. The purple shade that is next to it is not part of the elf collection either. So the third nail in starts with the new elf collection. Silly, elf…they didn’t name their polishes. There is a blackened green with green micro-glitter; a dark red with an orange/gold shimmer; a blackened green (again) but with teal micro-glitter; and a dark eggplant purple with dark magenta and blue micro-glitter.

These are the shades that I love to wear…

And this is with just two coats. However, I think someone that is very skilled at polishing nails could get away with just one coat. There’s no need to apply a top coat as these are shiny all by themselves…

The two photos above are the best that captured the elusive purple, on the far right.

It’s easy to be gushy on elf’s new collection. I adore these shades.

Did you get any of the elf python pattern topped polishes? Which shades do you like?

  • I had the grey one of these!

    • I bet it is lovely on you too. 🙂

  • Beauty Thesis

    The green is grabbing my attention oddly enough and I’m glad I’m not the only that gets a bit miffed when products aren’t named.. lol.

    • They are all pretty and that green….whoa!!!!