elf Studio: Eyebrow Lifter And Filler

Creating groomed and artful brows is a skill. I’ve gone from the full brow to the thin line look and allowed trends to show me the way. However, almost 2 years ago, I got tired of having what I call ‘slashes’ for brows. No arch there. Just a somewhat straight line. I got this inclination to start pulling and see if I could create an arch. Something that would ‘open up’ my eyes. I like what I’ve achieved, but my eyebrow threader says I have over-plucked. I don’t care though.

But in order to have that arch, I did have to pull enough that I have a thin patch on the outside of the arch peak. No biggie. I now use brow filler makeup.

elf has a brow pencil and I thought I’d give it a try…

I chose the light (brown) shade because I already have darker fillers. This one seemed to fit the bill…

Shoot, they thought of everything. The cap is even a sharpener. It works very well, too.

The other end of the pencil is a highlighter. By adding a lighter, contrasting shade, right under the brows, it creates the illusion of the brow’s arch intensified.

The color is called ‘Ivory’ but it has more of a peachy shade to me. And I only need just a hint of this otherwise, it looks like clown makeup…

Even though I prefer a powder brow liner, I found elf’s Eyebrow Lifter and Filler does a great job. I like that this would travel well. It is one step rather than applying powder then setting it with brow wax.

And for a measly $3, it was an easy investment. The Vanity is going to give it the seal of approval.

Do you groom your brows with a pencil, powder or a liquid liner? What’s your preferred method?