elf Studio: HD Blush

Since I haven’t quite my ‘day’ job as a merchandiser and am in retail stores as a JOB, I was definitely going to take advantage of Cyber Monday sales this past holiday season. One particular site was going to be elf makeup’s. I think it was 50% off. I do remember I got lots of goodies! Here are a couple in the blush department and, from their elf Studio line, I purchased…

DSCF0019 DSCF0024That worrisome little HD Blush is going to get all the attention in this post. I’ll save the Baked Highlighter for another day.

HD Makeup? What is ALLLLL the fuss? Well, that would be a GREAT topic for another post, as well but, if it means Heavily Dried-up, then elf HD Blush fits the bill…


Yep. I hadn’t even swatched or opened it when I spotted this during the photo shoot. I was beginning to see what 50% off meant. Grrr…

To start, I thought ‘Encore’ was a pretty color; it still is, of course,…


But, when I couldn’t pump any of the product out, yea….it’s all becoming clear now…

DSCF0032 DSCF0035 DSCF0039

So, by the time I discovered that the blush is all dried up, I’m already ticked. But, when it was a wrestling match to just get the top off, now I’m really pissed!!! Then, I ended up doing this to my backdrop…


My Christmas spirit had been vexed, for sure. Oh, and the top doesn’t go back on either! Ho Ho Ho!!!! But then, look at the color…all sitting in its jar…probably facing abandonment…I was feeling my heart palette melt. I mean, look, just look at that color…


I swatched it and it was and still is very pretty…


It’s a hard working HD blush. Very pigmented and looks well on my cheeks. So, I am keeping elf HD Blush to pamper it and work with it. Heck, I’m only out $1.50. I was able to take a small swipe off the jar and warm it up so it was pliable to put on my face. Seriously, a speck is all I used for the hand swatch!

I can easily purchase another jar but, I’d have less gratitude if the price was higher. However, for $1.50, I ‘m not willing to contact the website and voice a complaint. I am getting some use of it, I just don’t know how long it will continue to stay workable.

Some tips for those that do want to try it out; seriously, a little goes a long ways. I had to give this a try several times before I got to the point I didn’t look like a clown. The HD isn’t fooling around! I warmed up the product between my finger and thumb before using a dampened Beauty Blender sponge to tap it on my cheeks, lightly, and then blend out. With my semi-dry skin, this blush didn’t budge.

I have since purchased another shade but this time I bought it at Walmart where I could not only check to see if it was dried out in the jar beforehand, but also take it back on my next visit if it proved to still be dried up.

A sidenote: I don’t like those types of bottles that have this type of pump. They don’t get down to the bottom of the jar. Again, I think I just gave myself another topic for another blog for another day. Oh, and OxyClean Laundry Stain Remover got the spot out. That stuff is awesome! Use it on your sneakers before washing them and they will look brand-new!

Have you tried elf’s HD Blushes yet? How did it go for you?

  • Caitlyn

    Hello! New follower πŸ™‚

  • Nidia Doherty

    No one can say you didn’t try hard! Geez, that’s a lot of work.. but that is some serious blush!! I think I’d like a lippie in that color, though!

  • MyNewestAddiction

    Man, that is a lot of work! Glad you were able to salvage it though.

  • FabZilla_Kath

    At least you tried and I applaud you for your patience. I could’ve thrown it straight to trash with all ire and might, lol!

  • BeautyJudy

    Bummer! That’s a bright pink blush. Glad you were able to salvage it. I probably would have tossed it at $1.50, but then, who knows, if I saw that pink in person maybe it’d be different! πŸ™‚

  • Anastasia

    Glad you were able to get rid of the spot. I’ve been curious about this blush too when browsing through elf site a couple weeks ago, kind of happy now that I didn’t order it because I don’t know if I would be as patient as you were.

  • Aleya Bamdad

    It’s too bad that it was so dried out but at least it still delivered a lot of pigment. Walmart’s a good idea though.

  • erikatheicyone

    I haven’t tried ELF HD blush, yet but i keep reading good things about them. I may give one a throw, next time I am in Target. (I have attitude about Wal-Mart. ;)) Now, about that highlighter… πŸ˜€

  • I looove the HD blushes but had a hard time getting mine to come out of the pump at first as well… It probably took near 50 pumps for product to start coming out, but now it works fine. Maybe it needed warming up…?

  • Even though it dried out, that color is pretty.

  • WOW that color is sooooo gorgeous! Shame about the container…. I’d have tossed it and tried to rebuy, but if the defect happens consistently definitely contact them.

  • Jessica InTruBeauty

    How disappointing about the product being dried up. It is a gorgeous color. Sometimes you do get what you pay for I guess. πŸ™

  • Noelle

    Wow! That color is so pretty. What a shame it dried out!

  • This is one serious blush! I own it and just a pinprick is more than enough. The container holds too much product for what you need – at least you’re only out $1.50.

  • Ange

    The color really is pretty, I’ve tried it and I seriously use the tiniest amount for it to work. Glad the OxyClean got the stain out for you!

  • Betzy Carmona

    The color is very pretty ! I’ve been wanting to try them so badly

  • marciaf

    Yikes, I bought one and never opened it. I better check. I thought it was supposed to be a liquid. What an experience.

  • Justina

    That is such a pretty blush! It will last you forever! I often wonder why cosmetics companies sometimes give you way more than you can use before it goes bad or dries up.

  • Kartika

    Hi, mine has already dried up so bad too. nothing comes up from the pump. how did you open the bottle? Did you twist it or lift the cap?

  • Kartika

    Update: I managed to open the lid after flexing a lot of muscles while turning and pulling the lid up. The content inside is still a lot (after using it about 8 months) and turned out it is not dried up inside the bottle. I was contemplating to buy a new one because I love the longevity and the colour “Headliner”. I scraped the content as much as I could using a cotton tip, and transferred it into 2 sterile contact lenses (yep, that’s how much left, which could last me about another year or more if that doesn’t dry up, considering you only need a dot each usage) and threw away the bottle. I think the major problem is the pump, the content dries up inside the pump and then it blocks the passage (I don’t know how to clean inside the pump, tried putting make up remover to loosen it up, etc, but it didn’t work, so I threw it away)