Elsa’s Snow and Ice Beauty Book

When I saw the exclusive Frozen-themed items at Walgreen’s, I purchased the elf nine shadow palette, which I reviewed here, and I also purchased the Beauty Book too…



I must admit, I have not seen the movie, as I am not a fan of cartoon movies nor musicals. However, it’s easy to say that I love the color-scheme and the makeup that this collection has.

The beauty book is just like the other elf books that have come before…

DSCF0011 DSCF0010

Along with a mirror, there is a two-look tutorial underneath that…

DSCF0037 DSCF0036


With a shadow brush and eight shadows, there is a face highlighter, two eyeliner pencils and a lip gloss…



The brush isn’t my favorite but, it can get the job done. I like to use it if I’m just going to wear one or two shadows. For a more intense look, I use other higher-end brushes for precision application and better blending.

The shadows are neither chalky nor crumbly. I found them to blend amazingly well and the colors tie into each other nicely…


Elsa Book Swatches

The eye pencils are both black. However, one is a flat black and the other has silver sparkles. I found that once I had them on, I couldn’t much tell the difference…


The lip gloss is the scene-stealer of the book. It is highly-pigmented, not a bit tacky and it is super bold…

Elsa Lip Gloss

I didn’t use a primer with any of these swatches. I would, however, recommend using a lip liner with this gloss as it migrated on me rather quickly. I feel a liner would have corralled it and kept it from bleeding.

The highlighter was adorable with its embossing…


However, it is just an overspray. This is what happened when I swatched it…


Nevertheless, for my fair complexion, this highlighter looked nice applied to the top of the apples of my cheeks. I don’t do highlighters much but, with a light application, this one didn’t make me look overly made-up or shiny.

Overall, I find this elf beauty book to be absolutely adorable. For a makeup junkie, I think it’s fun and I can easily recommend it for any age.

Have you spotted the Frozen movie products in your Walgreen’s? Which ones did you get?



  • Bummer that the highlighter design is only an overspray, it would be so beautiful to look at every day πŸ™‚

    • It was still pretty, I thought. And, I bet real embossing is expensive to create.

  • I really love the lipgloss that comes with it. Such a gorgeous color!

    • I would love for elf to come out with more colors with this pigmentation.

  • That pink gloss is so pretty!

    • It is! I was so surprised at the pigmentation.

  • I wanted to get this when i got my other Elsa stuff but the only one available was all opened and used. Bummer.

    • Oh, Grrrr! I am not a happy customer when that happens!

  • That gloss is great on you! I’ve not seen this movie…. should I be admitting that?

    • Well, I haven’t either. But, I don’t have any kiddos to worry about. When I took my Mom to see Cinderella, they had a short story of Frozen before the actual show. My Mom kept asking me, ‘is this the movie?’ I had told her Cinderella was live-action and not a musical. The Frozen short movies was neither. LOL!

  • My daughter is OBSESSED WITH ELSA. Every time she sees her face she freaks out.

  • What a cute kit! I love the shades inside, and anything Frozen-themed would make a great addition to the vanity!

    • I like the shades too. πŸ™‚

  • OMG that gloss!! I would buy it just for that! ha!

    • Seriously! elf needs to jump on this high-pigmentation boat and make more.

  • cindyprimebeauty

    So cute!

    • I am glad it is not dark like the other beauty books. I think this one appeals more to a younger age group because of that.

  • marciaf

    I’d probably buy it and never use it. If my granddaughter were older though I’d have searched for it for her (though my DIL would hate it!!).

  • I’m awful with these ELF Beauty Books. I buy them because they are so cute, and then I don’t use them…because they are so cute. Love that lippie on you!

    • I have them all on the shelf like real books. πŸ™‚

  • FabZilla_Kath

    This is a great palette for teens and tweens.

    • I agree. And, even for an old fart like me!

  • I loved this beauty book. It’s got gorgeous shades! You’ve GOT to see the movie. The story is really sweet and it’s so funny!

    • I am sure I eventually will. A lot of those movies play at my brother’s house. This Easter they had on Despicable Me.

  • Justina

    These are so fun.

    • I am happy to add this one to my growing collection of elf Beauty Books.