Even Better Than Pushing Up Daisies

Today I added the Nailene Nail Art I received in a package for review from Nailene.

 This set of nail Bedazzle stickers is called ‘Fashionista.’  The different styles are white, two different shades of blue, and green daisies.  There are some Greek letters (would be awesome for any sorority sisters), Greek icon symbols (like a jug, warrior, etc.), white snowflakes (I am so eager to try this on a greige!!), pink and white butterflies, floral swirls, and diamond dots, stars and hearts.  For just one set, there’s a lot of variety.  The package says over 300 stickers.

I had on the French mani that I did with the Nailene French mani kit, so I figured that would showcase a nail design in elegance.  I chose to do some daisies…

This is two days of wearing the French and, as always, I beat the heck out of a French.  That’s why you see some wear here.  I put the daisies, in random order of blues and greens, on a diagonal.

These tiny Nailene stickers were a lot easier to work with than when I had tried stickers of the past.  I used an orange stick and it made all the difference.  The stickers release quite easily from the sheet too.  Then, as you put them in place on the nail, you can actually manipulate the sticker to get it just right.  Next, press down and it stays.

After placing them all down, I topped it off with the ‘Miracle Maker’ clear polish that came with the French Manicure set.  Next, I put on a coat of Seche Vite to help give my nails strength.

Here you can see just how teeny the daisy design is.  Great for very intricate designing.

The only difficulties I encountered were operator ones.  I had to use my reading glasses to work with these.  And, to be fair, I use my readers when I paint my nails anyway.   It helped to work in a well-lit area.  And when I did drop a sticker off the orange stick, I had a hard time relocating it.  Again, that’s a user issue and not one of the product’s.

One thing, for sure, this was a lot easier and more fun than stamping.  I’m still working on mastering that art.  But with stickers like this, I didn’t have any frustration at all.  Well, maybe just one thing…that was deciding on what stickers to use first.

You can check out these sticker sets, as well as other Nailene products here.
I know I’m looking forward to trying out the butterflies maybe next, as well as the snowflakes come cooler weather.

Now it’s your turn…Have you tried Nailene stickers before?  What designs do you like?

This product was sent to me from Nailene to review and give my honest opinion.