Facial Mask Monday: VII Code O2M Oxygen Eye Mask

I gave my hands a good, fast rubbing when I was asked to review VII Code O2M Oxygen Eye Mask. I was looking forward to the experience.

While the main selling point for these eye masks is to decrease darkness under the eyes, I got my benefit from the plumping up of my fine lines. That’s always a huge plus for me. And, VII Code didn’t fail me.

A tip I was given was to place the pad packages into the refrigerator so that they will be cool when used. Not only was it brilliant but, it was the best part of my day when I did this. I had to have said ‘Ahhhh’ at least 50 times before I fell asleep wearing the pads.

I have gained wisdom in knowing that it is important to read the instructions. And that’s for anything that comes with instructions. When I read these instructions, I had to re-read them a few times. The product suggests wearing the eye pads for 8 hours over night or, for 4 hours during the day. Even though I work from home, I opted, for the first attempt, to wear the VII Code eye pads overnight.

So, the first night, I got the pads on my face and in place. I found the pads to have a very generous amount of product on them. The pads themselves felt very soft too. The product wasn’t tacky but they did adhere well to my skin. I didn’t have any issues adjusting the pads where I wanted them either.

Naturally, I was eager to see the results the next morning. I looked in the mirror and found that one of the pads had managed to get into my hair. The other one was on my pillow when I went back to make the bed. I did get a good laugh at seeing the one on my head. But, I am a sleeper that moves around a lot at night.

The pads did stay on my skin long enough for me to see that I had plumped up my fine lines. I spent plenty of time admiring this small miracle in the mirror. And, my wrinkles stayed at bay all day. Folks, we have a winner!

Wearing the eye pads during the day annoyed me too much and I’m sure it was because I was completely conscience of them. I didn’t leave them on for the required 4 hours. I got in just a tad over 3 hours. I yielded great returns, nonetheless.

So, I give VII Code O2M Oxygen Eye Mask a resounding applause for smoothing out my fine lines I have on the outer corners of my eyes. I can see a nice benefit for using these for 4 hours before, let’s say, an event in the evening.

You can order your box of eye masks at VII Code’s website. I also found them for same on Amazon’s website.


  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I have these pads for review as well. I tried twice, I believe, to wear them at night but they didn’t stay on long enough to make a difference. I’ve been having a hard time finding 4 hours to keep them on during the day or evening, but I’ll try again. Thanks for reminding me.

    • Alison, how about on the commute home? 😃 Wouldn’t that be funny!

  • I’ve tried similar eye pads from a Korean brand and loved them so much that I bought a full box – only for my sister to pinch the lot from me!

  • FabZilla_Kath

    Good to know your positive experience. I move too much sleeping, my guts say these eye pads will just be buried under the sheets 🙂

    • The other two times I did better. But, I agree if you are a person that moves around a lot during sleep, these pads will migrate.

  • marciaf

    OMG I used these all wrong. I didn’t leave them on nearly long enough. Guess I should get better at directions says the former teacher!!!

  • Mai

    I think I might also have a problem with fidgeting too much when I sleep, though I could see myself wearing these on an off day while at home!

    • When I tried it during the day, I found that I just noticed them on me. I kept telling myself that the results were so awesome that it was worth it. It helped, but only a little.

  • These look so soothing! I love a good eye mask, I always get instant results from them.

  • Shelley Polarbelle

    I always wonder how eye pads or a sleeping mask would stay on at night.

    • I laid on my back, mostly to keep them on. But, by morning, I was on my side, slightly, and they had only moved a bit.