Facial Wipe Wednesday: Beauty Concepts’ Tickled Pink Detoxifying Wipes

I have never heard of the department store Gordman’s until I moved to Denver. This store is like a more organized Marshall’s. Or, similar to Steinmart’s but trendier. I’m glad I stopped in because I found some makeup, scarves, purses, jewelry and purchased a swingy cardigan while shopping there.

It was time to pick up a new facial wipe and I was open to try something new. When I saw the pretty pink packaging of this one by Beauty Concepts, I was ready to start…

DSCF0379 DSCF0380


This package of 30 wipes cost $4. I was eager to see if they smelled like grapefruit but sadly, I was disappointed. It did smell OK but it didn’t remind me of anything grapefruit. Here’s the list of ingredients…



And the second part of the backside…



I like that it hasn’t been tested on any beasties. I wonder who is checking to make sure only those that are over 18 use these, though???

The total size of the wipe is standard…

DSCF0384 DSCF0386


And, the texture is run of the mill…



Here’s my thoughts on ‘Tickled Pink’: these made me pink because I had to really scrub my face to get my eye makeup off. It was a combination of the ingredients not being potent enough to dissolve my makeup and, the wipes were not moist enough to emulsify. The top tab that opened and closed was solid enough however, I wonder how old these wipes could be that they could have, possibly, dried up some? There’s no way to tell. I do know that my eyeballs weren’t too happy with how hard I had to press to remove my makeup. Too hard for me to feel OK about it. The wipes did alright with removing my foundation but, I still felt like I was scrubbing rather than wiping. I would rather wipe!

Despite the vibrant pink packaging and listing some natural ingredients, I don’t feel my skin was detoxified. These wipes just didn’t cut the muster for eye makeup.

Have you heard of Beauty Concepts before? Have you shopped at Gordman’s?

  • Ew, sounds like wipes to be avoided. Having to rub too much is bad.

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    A lot of wipes don’t work for my eye makeup. I have to use a cleansing oil first every time :/

    • I hear ya. I want facial wipes that do it ALL!!!

  • Noelle

    I rarely use wipes for my eyes. What a bummer that you had to scrub!

    • Just say no to eye scrubbing!!!!

  • Aleya Bamdad

    It’s too bad that it was so dry.

    • I do wonder if they were more moist if they would have been more effective.

  • Anastasia

    Eek, I really don’t like when wet wipes don’t have enough moisture to them.

  • cybelesays

    Detoxifying wipes? Huh? Like the others said, too much work and scrubbing it bad on the face. Too bad as the price was right on these!

    • You got it; too much work for poor results.

  • Nidia Doherty

    more like tickled red and raw! No good.

    • Scrubbed hard like Grandma used to do to our mouths when we were done eating chocolate!

  • Yikessss I hate when you have to really rub with wipes– no bueno!

  • I will be skipping these!

  • Yikes! Total skip for me!

    • Yes. Do heed the warning! LOL! These might work if you got cupcake crumbs on your fingertips. That would be about it.

  • Ange

    Skipping these, although the packaging is super cute lol so I wish they worked!

  • Ye-ouch. not good!

  • MyNewestAddiction

    UGH! Hate when they are rough on my skin. That is what the Pacifica wipes did to me, turned me pink.

    • I don’t think I knew Pacifica made a wipe. Probably shouldn’t go there.

  • marciaf

    Skip!! I rarely use wipes on eyes anyway since I’m afraid of irritation.

    • So many can be irritating for some folks’ eyes.

  • Justina

    I hate makeup wipes, because I have yet to find a brand that doesn’t force me to rub my skin raw!

    • You might want to check some of the wipes I have reviewed in the past. I have found several that are quite nice. Forever 21’s love & beauty is my favorite.

  • What a bummer!

    • Since it was a ‘no name’ brand to me, I didn’t have high hopes.

  • It’s a shame it didn’t perform better.

  • Jade

    Did you try another pack? These are the only wipes that have actually worked to take all my make up off, and they have not irritated my skin, which is hard to do. (I have eczema)

    • Kimberly Purcell

      Jade, this package was such a disappointment that I never even sought out any other of their formulas. I am really happy to read that you found something that works just right for you, though! 😀